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Published: Wednesday, May 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah Conservative

These five people are really deserving of the recognition. I've been to some Sutherland events and they do a good job of thinking through the issues and promoting great values. Congratulations to all those who will be honored that night.

Full Quiver

Gee, how many times you can honor the same families for the same thing?

Oh Please

Don't go. The Sutherland Institute wants your money so they can keep up their local bigotry campaign. Nothing against Osmonds, Edwards, and Bishop Wester, but Sutherland is nothing you want to support.


If you don't want to support personal responsibility as the basis for self-government, family as the fundamental unit of society, religion as the moral compass for human progress, private property as the cornerstone of economic freedom, free markets as the engine of economic prosperity, charity as the wellspring of a caring community, and limited government as the essence of good government, then I could see why you wouldn't want to attend.


I would have thought the Sutherland Institute would be more aligned with the views of the National Review and the late Catholic William F. Buckley than the policy initiatives of the post-conciliar and Neo-Marxist apparatchiks of the USCCB. [See: The bishops' borders: a question of principles and practicalities (National Review, 04/24/06) & The bishops and the laws (National Review, 04/24/06)]

Bishop William K. Weigand, the seventh bishop of Salt Lake City, is a better fit as an award recipient more closely aligned with the values this organisation vigourously defends.

Did the diocese or Bishop Wester support the Sacred Ground Initiative? On the contrary, a Catholic quite close to the bishop, Mayor Peter Corroon, is such an enthusiastic advocate for Planned Parenthood & Equality Utah that the Mayor was Equality Utah's 2007 Ally without clarification from the bishop or the diocese articulating the unequivocal Catholic teaching about homosexual "rights", same-sex unions, or the duties of Catholic politicians not to support any policy that attacks human life or the integrity of the natural family.


What I don't understand is why Sutherland believes that the state should not be the fundamental unit of society, yet it counts on the state (or national government for that matter) to pass laws that restrict people's personal freedoms. If you are a true conservative, you would have to oppose much of what Sutherland does, even if you believe in the issues they champion. Groups like Sutherland just harm a true conservative cause.

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