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Published: Wednesday, May 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Totally Awesome

Is it Governor Huntsman's liability to be a republican or a Governor representing the people of Utah? There are many who reside in the state who are not staunch republicans, and I don't really understand why he is in such "hot water" for representing them in addition to the conservative Utah base. He has not been bound by his party, but has given voice to the majority and minority. Perhaps the republicans should consider Super Dell if they are looking for a staunch conservative.

Party Platform

Gov Flip Flop signed that he supported the Party Platform. Did he lie or did he flip flop? Those are the only choices. I am a state delegate and I will be boo-ing him.

John C

Why would the Governor attend a Repulican convention?


If the Governor appears at the state convention, I certainly hope he won't be booed. That would be REALLY BAD FORM. Anyone who speaks at the convention should be treated with respect.

However, he has disappointed a lot of people in Utah. His positions on Civil Unions and so-called "climate change" are really out of step with most of his constituents.

Ronald Reagan

The Republican "Big Tent" has become the Republican "Pup Tent" occupied by the two people left in the state who can agree on absolutely everything!

County Delagate

I am a Davis County delagate and If I go I will boo him too. Showing respect where respect is due is one thing but you don't have to support someone who does not share your same beliefs. When someone lies to you you need to call them to the table. These conventions are a place to show our representatives that we can't just go along with everything they say because we trust them. Thats what the Democrats are doing with Obama. Maybe some of them are seeing a guy that they don't recognize anymore.

Our Mr Rogers--er, Huntsman

is too busy promoting himself nationally. Besides, he's a flippin' Democrat.

Republican Conventions

Why do GOP delegates think they have the right to BOO anyone? Staging a protest march outside the event would be more proper than actually attacking/booing the elected speakers inside the auditorium!

It really is a big risk for any elected GOP to speak at any county convention.

Collapsing tent

Boos: The sound of Reagan's big tent collapsing and the GOP digging it's own grave. I'm a life long Republican and I don't even feel welcome in the party anymore. I wouldn't boo the far right conservatives because I RESPECTFULLY disagree with them on SOME issues. I see their value in the party and I share with them many views. But I don't feel welcome and I'm feeling more and more inclined to vote for conservative Democrats like Matheson and Pat Jones. I disagree and agree with them about as much as the far right delegates but at least the Dems don't boo me when I disagree with them.

GOP Delegates

Dear GOP Delegates,

Please get off your high horses and your perceived pedestals of power and realize that your fanaticism is what is hurting the Republican party. You may think that you are helping, but you aren't. All of your ranting, raving, and booing are going to do nothing but further isolate the party, forcing the Republican party into further minority status. You claim to be followers of Reagan but you push many out of the Big Tent and rather than "enlarging the tent" you choose to shrink it. Please, if you wish to live in a little tent and a small world, join the Libertarian Party- it is really where you probably belong, and leave us Republicans alone. We are tired of being associated with you.

Young Republican


I would not be surprised if Gov.pulled a "Specter" and switched to the democratic party. It would actually would be the honest, logical thing for him to do. He is a democrat at heart (and a liberal one at that!)and has used the republican party for his own personnal interests and ambitions.


The Utah Republican Party needs to save itself from the lunatic fringe of Eagle Forum types and return to true conservatism, not the current version of hate, self-interest, and convenience.

It is just me

Dear Young Republican:
You are not even old enough to know what Reagan stood for. Reagan did not start a "Big Tent." Reagan spoke of values and those who believed in those values joined him. It was about values. If you are tired of being associated with us then go join the "Big Tent" where you can believe in anything. It is called the democrats. Don't let the door hit you as you leave.


Guv a Democrat? I don't think so. I think he's just Ambitious with a capital A. No one around here is fooled. He takes stands of convenience, and thus he may go far. I'd like to like him, because I'm a moderate Repub myself. But I draw the line at redefining family. He does not draw that line, but rather will hint at it or do the opposite if it will get him a nomination.

We do need a third party in Utah representing moderates, since the far right truly does control the Republican party here. These tend to be very religious in their politics, failing to see politics for what they are. Politics will never answer the country's problems. True solutions are anti-political.


Gov. Huntsman is setting a great example to the entire COUNTRY as a moderate centrist political leader. Utah's GOP is dominated by total extremists. Huntsman is a very compassionate and intelligent leader with a good track record in a state where no one recognizes his contributions. He has combined fiscal responsibility with international trade promotion with health care reform with innovative energy solutions with centrist social policies. I feel sorry for Utah because it is dominated by extreme cultural conservatives that have no clue.

I just wonder

why Huntsman couldn't have told the voters BEFORE he was elected that he was in favor of gay rights, no immigration enforcement, etc.

I don't have near as much of a problem with his position, but, rather his DECEIVING the states' voters.

Say one thing to get elected, do another thing AFTER elected!


If you voted for Huntsman because you expected him to act in line with your thoughts and passions of the moment, you have a right to be disappointed. If you voted for him because you expected him to use his judgment and his moral principles, you have reason to be proud of him.


Any delegates who would boo Gov Huntsman or anyone else are not representing themselves very well and should not be sent as a delegate the next time. There are better ways to present your disagreements toward the govenor. Sending a letter stating your disagreements maybe, booing no.

It's me too

Yea, it's just me. I'm with you all the way. I'm sick of the "big tent" crowd. Sort of the unitarian vision of politics; you can believe anything you want. I sense a lot of "kick them while they're down" by Democrats, liberals and other sympathizers. But their time is limited. They own our government (unfortunately) now. They have to either put up or shut up, and so far, it's not looking good. Trillion dollar stimulus loaded with pork and ridiculous spending; saddling our grandchildren with unprecedented debt, and not a single elected official had read th bill when it passed? The Republicans will rise again when Americans get tired of the oppression of socialist/fascist policies, enorous tax burdens, and $1600 average increase in utility bills under the "cap and tax" scheme.

Dear Old Person

re: Is it just me...

That's the problem with "older" Republicans- they have selective memories. They tend to only remember the things they want to. Yes, Reagan was a great leader with incredible rhetorical skills but Reagan also tripled the national debt and was very moderate on many social issues. He expanded the scope the Republican party which is something you oppose. So maybe clean out some cobwebs and stop the venemous rhetoric that is destroying the party at a time when we need unity more than anything.

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