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'08 strategist sees Utahn as '12 candidate

Published: Wednesday, May 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This is the left wing media, redundant I know, attempting to pick another GOP candidate that's not electable. Just like McCain in 2008. I wonder if you can fool enough GOP voters again, to make this strategy work again?

To Utah Mom

If you are withholding your vote from those who engage in name calling or personal characterizations, you won't be voting for anyone anytime soon. I appreciate that there are very good people in every political category. But many who tend to share your more conservative views often lead the way in this behavior. You only have to turn on the radio or tune into cable news to see for yourself.


The Dems picking our candidate reminds me of the saying about coaches. "If you make your coaching moves by listening to the crowd, next year you become one of them."

It seems to me that McCain was loved and supported by the Media as a great candidate who, with his pro amnesty and other moderate views failed to attract the base and get out the vote.

Why do we give any creedance to a group of Communist/Fascist Democrats who are out to take us back to feudalism or slavery? These Democrat leaders hate freedom and hate anyone who believes in God. The first time I heard a "Lib" say that the feared Religious people I was dumbfounded. My response to the young woman who said this was, "What are they going to do, pray for you?" To this she had no answer except to regurgitate the Commie propaganda she had learned from other "Cell Libs." If you really want to understand todays Liberals read "The Many Faces of Communism" by J. Edgar Hoover. He was an imperfect man who had a perfect understanding of Communists and their methods. NOW THEY HAVE A PRESIDENT!


HUntsman`s got it right. He go`s to the Jazz and my dog goes to the NFL. Like him or hate him...Irrelevant. Never going to happen..not with divine intervention...NEVER. We go through this every cycle. The Utah fantasy candidate. 63 years old too.
Been around this for a while.

No Mormon President

Conservatives and liberals don't agree about much, but they do agree that no Mormon is fit to be president. Whether it's Huntsman or Romney, there is no chance that either will ever be president. There is no way that GOP primary voters will nominate a Mormon, and there is no chance that the evangelical conservatives in the South or the liberals in the Northeast and coastal West will elect a member of the LDS as the Commander in Chief. Not gonna happen.


Dave, do you really think any GOP candidate will be electable in 2012? This country does not need a Rep. for some time to come. Thanks, anyway.

Hey Utah Mom

See scotwright's 2:51 comment to see what I mean about both sides engaging in name calling and characterizations.


Dr. Tom Coburn - Huntsman 2012 ... to confront bio-medical catastrophes and have someone fluent in Mandarin Chinese to learn the ropes of Washington under ueber-Patriot Coburn - who actually created and grew American jobs with his Virginia company- Coburn Optical and is a Giant on healthcare reform coupled with Cost savings v-like no other on Capitol Hill


As much as I want to get rid of Huntsman, I don't want him running this country. He caves to special interest and money on cue, such as Energy Solutions. He balances the budget by cutting programs to the poor, elderly and disabled. Some parents have had to leave this state to get help for disabled children. Last year Utah was #46 in spending for these groups on a per capita basis. Then there is his stand on human trafficking and helping the rich stay that way through illegal workers.

No thanks.

Friend of a Neighbor

I have a friend who lived in the same neighborhood as Huntsman before his election as governor. Let's just say that neither that friend nor I will EVER vote for Huntsman as governor, president, or ANYTHING!


To: No Mormon President.
I suppose you like what we have better? Sadly the day may come soon that you would welcome a Mormon President. Principals and values go a long way in this world. Lets see how the world is in 2012. Write again then...if you have the freedom to do so.

Definition: hypocrisy

Utah Mom | 1:42 p.m. May 6, 2009
"It is funny how Liberals resort to name-calling, i.e. "Taliban", "paranoid", and assume as liberals they are the only ones who are reasonable..."
Thanks for the laugh Utah Mom about your name-calling "Liberals."


Huntsman as President and Palin as VP. A nice balanced ticket to capture both the religious and fidiciary conservatives. Palin is still young enough to be President later.

Vote Mormon?? Are you kidding?

Interesting how we never heard Ronald Reagan's religion mentioned when he was running for President.

I wonder how many Presidents have had their 'religious preference' voted on in an election.

I thought we were voting on a Person, not a Religion!!


Huntsman and Palin! What a great ticket! Both are attractive to look at. Huntsman would get the femal and gay vote, and Palin would get the male and lesbian vote.

Great idea!

OR, you could just have Will Smith and Halle Berry! Or Smith and Palin. Or Huntsman and Berry. Mix-n-match, it doesn't matter, as long as they are big on looks and short on substance!



Folks, the Guv may be causing a local stir, but he really isn't on the national level. We will see if he truly rises to that level, but for now, it is way overstated, and I'm willing to bet the Guv would agree.

Dear Utah Test

And Ed Schultz or Schulz (however you spell it) speaks for America. He has as much hate in him if not more than Hannity or Limbaugh ever had or ever will have. We listen to him at night on the AFN network. All three spew hate and contention.

They are very selective in what they report and skew the meaning most of the time. Schulttz reported that no President has ever had such high ratings in the 1st 100 days of their administration, yet the papers reported there has been only one President with lower ratings. Schultz was using the report that many people like Obama as a person, but disagree with his politics. All 3 twist the truth to make their point, and it is no longer the truth.

It is not the liberals who are pushing to force radio stations to hire liberal tak hosts.
Washington had it right at his farewell speech. When the party wins the people loose. In six years we could change this nation by voting out every single incumbent. In six years we would not have anymore political cronies, but new breath. American's don't have the backbone to do this.


Huntsman needs to go.....he's an idiot for supporting CAP and Trade..must be in bed with the Obama polititicians

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