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'08 strategist sees Utahn as '12 candidate

Published: Wednesday, May 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Captain Kirk

What we need is a real conservative party. Enough moderates. The Republican party needs to stand for something.

@ "How | 8:49 a.m. May 6, 2009
about Ron Paul for President and Huntsman for VP?"

Ron Paul would never share a ticket with a big government liberal like Huntsman. Ron Paul would make a wonderful president but he is not in a position to win. He was truly the best candidate in 2008. Sadly ... He is a pariah in in the current Republican Party. Which shows you how far left the Republican party is. At one time, Ron Pauls positions were mainstream.

@ Neil | 8:46 a.m. May 6, 2009
Your words indicate that you seem to be the one with prejudice and hate.
I certainly can define "socialism". However it is a term that represents some very broad ideas.
One version is the complete nationalization of the means of production and distribution of wealth.
Others advocate state control of capital within the framework of a market economy.

We are certainly a "Mixed Economy" and when about 70% of our 2008 budget went to support various redistributions of wealth and subsidies ... we are well on our way to socialism.


Huntsman is a breath of fresh air in the Republican Party. Someone who says what they think despite the right wing ideologues that control the party's thought processes. McCain got nominated in 2008 because he was the only one with a chance of winning - and he lost because he still was too far right for the country as a whole (and picking Palin sent him over the edge for good). Huntsman appears to have a brain and common sense - something that seems to be lacking among the party faithful in Utah.

Doesn't Matter

Most Americans these days favor socialism. It is quite obvious. The only way Obama can loose is for another socialist to run against him. And if we are choosing between two socialists who cares?

re: Mikey and Sally

Those who practice homosexuality already enjoy all the same rights as everyone else. Can you please name one right they don't have (FYI- there are no such things as the right to marry the person you love, the right to marry the person you are attracted to, or the right to marital bliss in heterosexual marriage)? Don't call me names, just name one right homosexuals don't have. I await your replies.

Common guy

I read some comments that say Huntsman is a poor speaker, that he supports gay marriage, and is a liberal.

What are you talking about?

I have never heard any support from Huntsman for gay marriage, he supports civil unions. There is a big difference. If we want to keep marriage intact civil unions is the position to take.

He is a good speaker and not liberal to most of the world. I am afraid if we vary at all from the deepest right leanings of the party we label that person as liberal. We need to think for ourselves sheeple.

I fear that in Utah we might have gone too far to the right and we cannot find our way back to being rational. If we maintain this narrow minded focus we empower liberals and the result will be that we will awake and find ourselves striped of our civil liberties and living in socialist state.

To that I say no thanks.


I always find it interesting that if I am against gay marriage, then I must be stupid, a homophobe, unrealistic moron. But if I am for it, then I am labeled intelligent, free-thinking, cool. Well kids, the fact of the matter is that 60% of America do believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. By Gov. Huntsman giving his endorsement to gay civil unions, he is just giving us one more step against what the majority of Americans feel is appropriate. Just because someone can scream something is right - doesn't necessarily make it so.
Frankly Gov. Huntsman, I am deeply, deeply disappointed in you. You have most certainly lost my vote.


Collin Powell gets it. Rush Limbaugh and conservative extremism has murdered the GOP. Goldwater wouldn't be a republicans today because of the nuts that have become it's talking heads.

Mitt has leap over jaws. He's a joke nationally.

It's classic game strategy. You you keep betting on a loser or do your look for a better bet?

Conservatives believe they can keep doing the same old thing and get a different outcome. As the caravan is pulling away only their barking gets louder.

Melba Megensik

Heck, Huntsman needs to stay out. Mitt Romney is the man for the job.

Huntsman and sincerity

When it comes to sincerity, Pouffle's is irrelevant. Huntsman's is the question. Keep after him, regardless of your affiliation. He comes across to me as an opportunist.


to RE: Mikey and Sally at 10:48

It also is not a right for you to get married in the LDS temple. Would you like it if the government would no longer allow you to be married in the temple? I don't think so.

Just because it isn't a "right" to marry whom I love, doesn't mean that it isn't wrong for the government to not allow me to do so.

What happened to freedom in our country? I am not asking for anything horrific here. I am asking to be treated equally. All I want is to be "allowed" to marry the man that I've been with for 3 years whom I love very much. I don't see how people find that so horrible! Get out of your ugly little shells and see what you're doing. You're telling me that I am not worthy to marry the person I love, but you are. That is wrong. That is discrimination. You can tell me all you want how it is "morally wrong" but obviously we don't have the same morals. So let me live my life and leave me alone!

Huntsman in '12 or '16

I can't wait to cast my vote for Huntsman for President! I think Romney will probably beat Huntsman to be the nominee in '12 but Romney will get slaughtered by Obama. By '16, my fellow Republican's will be humble enough to accept a more forward thinking candidate like Huntsman and he'll be pres in '16. Go Huntsman! Way more qualified than flip flop saying whatever he needs to the extreme base Romney.


On display -- is Jon Huntsman, Jr. His views and policies lack any real base; they're based on "him." No recognizable philosophy of governance there, either on fiscal or social issues. You never know what you're going to get with him. I guess he thinks he's so wonderful that he can get away with it? Not this voter. I want to know where someone stands. His ecclectic positions on environment and civil untions have left me and other conservative voters in the dust.


RE:Common Guy @ 1:31

Ah in case you forgot the GOP nominated a Moderate Centrist Maverick last November. And guess which way all the moderates/independents voted? Well I guess I don't have to tell you.

And to all these people give Huntsman props for "sticking his neck out" on these issues. Why in the world didn't he take these positions before the November election? Yeah he is sure a man of real integrity.

Utah Lady

Re Neil:

You paint with a pretty broad brush. Behavior like this is what is wrong with this country. You can't disagree without it resulting in name calling and incorrect generalizations. I don't think either party has all the answers, and I personally know many great people who fall into opposing camps. It would be great if we could work together to make our country strong, rather then continue to pull it down.

Kenneth in Texas

re: "Political ANIMALS": The article is about two potential future candidates for President. We already have term limits for the presidency. So, what is your point?

Utah Mom

It is funny how Liberals resort to name-calling, i.e. "Taliban", "paranoid", and assume as liberals they are the only ones who are reasonable, compassionate, and moderate (Yes, you, Utah Test). Not all of us conservatives, who aren't represented by men such as Huntsman, are not living our lives by or even listening to the talk show hosts such as Rush and Hannity. Maybe we are providing service for 6 weeks in South America. Perhaps we are working to pay for our and other's health care. We might even be busy recyling, clipping coupons, or getting a doctorate degree, and doing what ever it takes to support our large families and the others we now get to pay for, outside of what we already donate on a regular basis. It would be nice to have some representation for beliefs and values, but until that happens, conservatives will continue to give--time, money, and support of others in need, not forced by the government, but voluntarily. Until liberals/moderates, and who ever they support, stop the name-calling and stop assuming they have a corner on the market as far as compassion, they will never have my vote.


Huntsman seems to be a competent administrator, and would seem right at home as a CEO or department secretary in someone else's presidency. Idealogically he'll be found wanting in Republican primaries. In addition, he doesn't seem to reflect any sort of agenda or ideas that excite voters. I think he lacks charisma, particularly the kind strong presence we like to see in a president. Of course Obama doesn't have a forceful presence either, but he does have charisma


Moderates have no core beliefs? Who has the stronger core beliefs, a moderate who applies their core beliefs issue by issue, or someone on the far left/right that points to someone else and says, "I'll have what they are having." I deeply distrust anyone who never strays from hardline positions... Rational people will never agree on every issue.

Speaking as an independant, we currently have a Rep party that preaches less government/spending (but has a recent history of practicing something else) and encourages more governent interference in social matters (the term "family" is often code for legislating morality-not a true conservative ideal). Reps are going to have to choose between independants that do not want government in our day today lives or the religious fundamentalists.

Oh captain my captain...

Gov please don't leave us. You are a rare breed among Republicans. For an independent like me, who has trouble swallowing the uber powerful LDS governmental platform you make life here in Utah very tolerable. I know you've said you won't seek re-election but feel free to flip flop on that promise. Government should be bringing us together (you) not driving wedges in the fabric of society (Butters, LDS Church, Eagle Forum; I've separated them here but they all get invites to the BBQ). Save us from ourselves!

Gay Marriage versus Civil Unions

Yes, the majority of this country does not support gay marriage. But the majority does support civil unions and the rights and benefits that flow from that. Huntsman is in step with the majority of this country while the majority of Utah is in step with- well, Idaho.

And the position of the LDS Church is actually much more in step with Huntsman (no gay marriage but other legal equalities for gay couples) than the far right (wrong) majority of LDS members. But the political views of many members have been much further to the right of their own church for years now.

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