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'08 strategist sees Utahn as '12 candidate

Published: Wednesday, May 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I can see a scenario where Huntsman wins primaries coast to coast, but not in Utah. Huntsman represents the future of the Pub party...the middle. Utah Pubs are like the "ghost of Christmas past"...creepy!


"conservative," "moderate," what mindless terms. Huntsman supports gay marriage? there is an issue that is bad for everyone, no one benefits, it's a dumb, silly, notion.

And "climate change?" Are you kidding me? This is the biggest brainwashing scam in history, it doesn't exist, yet Huntsman and other bandwagon hoppers are using it for political gain. I find that highly dishonest on his part.

I will never vote for Huntsman again, he doesn't know straight up, and he isn't "trying to build the party." He's trying to build himself.


This is just another example of the Dems trying to get whole they want to run against. Dems were saying the exact same thing about McCain about how he would be the best candidate, he would attract so many independents. And then the second he gets nominated, they jump all over him. Huntsman is not electable on the GOP side...he is too liberal and that is the last thing Republicans need right now. It didn't work with McCain. GOP needs to go back to its Reagan roots and actually nominate a true conservative.


Of course Obama's man would like Huntsman, he more a democrat than a republican.

Repeal the 16th amemndment.


Romney was pro-gay-rights when he was a Governor of Massachusetts. Neither one is a true conservative. Newt Gingrich would eat both of them for lunch.

The Golden Ticket

Huntsman Jr. & Doug Wright. Two local Democrats who profess being with the majority party.


My how the MSM distorts. Remember how they gushed over McCain until he won the Republican nomination, then they crushed him. Same thing for Huntsman. He would be the eaisest for Obama to beat, so the MSM is promoting him to the top, then would drop him like a hot potato if he got the Republican nomination. Actually, they fear Romney the most. Look for the MSM to distort Romney's character. Be wise and second guess the Main Stream Media for you own good and the good of our beloved USA.

Not Utah

Who cares what Utah thinks. Most will vote GOP/LDS no matter what, there are hardly any electoral votes, and its influence in a Democratic nation is pretty much zero. Ya'll can get worked up all you like in your isolated sphere, but it stays there.


The far right are a bunch of paranoid nuts, full of hate, predjudice and out of touch with the majority of Americans. All they ever do is try to scare people by labeling every government program as socialism, a word most couldn't even accurately define. It's time true Republicans dump the right and elect some like Romney or Huntsman. Enough of Hannity and his lies and distortions. If the Republicans don't reverse course the next election will be a repeat of Johnson/Goldwater.


about Ron Paul for President and Huntsman for VP?

4 Years

A new president just took office. Are we going to be subjected to daily endless political speculation and articles about the NEXT election for the next 4 years???? This is worth than advertising for Christmas the day after Halloweeen.

The Rock

Democrats, who want to destroy the Republican Party, are busy telling the Republicans what they need to do.

What person in their right mind would take advice from their enemies?

Bush Sr. Bob Dole and John McCain were all moderates and centrists. They only paved the way to defeat. If the trumpt gives and uncertain sound...

Moderates have no solid core beliefs or principles. Everything is negotiable.

I want a Republican party that understands freedom and the principles that make freedom possible. Anything else will lead to the destruction of our freedoms and liberties.

The next Presidential election will not be about winning or losing but the survival of freedom and the American nation. Put a moderate (like Spector, McCain or Huntsman) in and freedom will be over.


To huh:

You obviously do not know anything about Mitt and his father. Mitt went to Harvard and graduated near the top of his class the same year with degrees in business and law.

Mitt went to work with a business firm in Boston (Mitt's dad did not know them) and in a short time was one of their stellar business men who was making most business men look like slow pokes.

Mitt went on to start his own business and ran it for several years before taking over the winter olympics in Utah. He ran the olympics in the same way he ran his businesses and all the people of Utah know of Mitts business capabilities and the way he pulled the Olympics out of the mire.

I've known Mitt for 20 plus years and know him to be one of the sharpest individuals I have ever been around.

PS: Mitt has never relied on his family to get him ahead; to the contrary, he is the one who helps others with their problems. And, reading your input makes it known to me that you know absolutely nothing about Mitt and his capabilities.


Have you forgotten that our GOP candidate for the last presidential election was a moderate, green, pro immigration at all costs Republican? John Mc Cain! And what a winner he was....Do we want to repeat the same mistake in 2012?


I know John Huntsman Jr. is true. Even though his resume is basically a creation of Senior, I still know Junior is true.


This is not news, I said this when Huntsman backed McCain, WHEN WILL THE D-NEWS LISTEN TO ME! I Said it over a year ago!!! Now he is lining himself up with the gay activists and wants to be the liberal GOP guy. WATCH AND SEE! It's a ploy, liberal social views and conservative economic views he thinks will get him elected. But don't listen to me, I'm the guy that get's it right over 90% of the time.


For all of you who suddenly dislike Jon Huntsman because of his support for civil unions... GROW UP!!! Our wonderful governer is doing what the republican party needed to do long ago. He is not being an uptight, religion driven dictator. He is supporting all human beings and fighting for their rights. That is a much more respectable thing than trying to push your religion and morals upon everyone. Remember how Jesus wanted free agency for all and Satan wanted to make everyone follow exactly as he said??? What do you think you are all doing??? Disgusting.

Lime Light

We are in the 13th of his 15 minutes.


All of you have your faces so buried in the Book Of Mormon that you are not realizing that Mitt Romney won the governer of the most liberal state in the country and he supported civil unions their. So no matter if you pick Huntsman of Romeny... civil unions and eventually gay marraige will be legal in all states! Finally we have some republican candidates who are smart enough to realize that all people deserve to be given the same rights. Go back to your books of mormon and keep reading so you can continue to live in your little bubble. The gays are going to get their equal rights weather you like it or not! Here we come!!! :)


Here in Utah, the GOP has gone way too far to the right and the conservatives are falling all over themselves to see who can be the "Republicant" of the moment. Huntsman and his move from the extreme right is a breath of fresh air. However, I doubt he will have made enough of an impact on the country to be a viable national candidate for 2012. Sounds like the Democrats may be attempting to set him up as an easy target, like McCain turned out to be in 2008.

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