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'08 strategist sees Utahn as '12 candidate

Published: Wednesday, May 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To Ted & Scarecrow: Huntsman did graduate from college but only with Daddy's help. He did not graduate from High School though. The only business experience he has is with daddy's companies. Romney built his business experience from the groud up.
Please research before you speak.


Huntsman is too much like McCain for my liking but without the experience. He caved on global warming, signing an agreement that I'm confident our Legislature would not approve. I admire his working on the alcohol issue, but his approach to cutting the budget was the most chicken-livered way to approach the problem, make a standard cut across the board rather than keep the essential programs untouched and make cuts in nonessential programs. I think he's a moderate, and no moderate will win the Republican primaries or generate the type of support needed to get out at least 60 million voters. I would support Romney or Palin. Neither is perfect, but I would trust either one over the Socialist we have in office now.


I would love to see Romney win in 2012. Playing devils advocate, can someone explain to me why Huckabee does not seem to be a big threat to Romney in 2012? He finished 3rd in 2008 and has strong support from the South. Why is he not considered more of a force?


The chances of Huntsman or Romney being elected president of these here united states of america is equal to the chance I have of making the Utah Jazz team next year. I am 63, somewhat in shape, have a vertical of 6 inches maybe, and wear tri-focals.

Putting such fantasy in the newspaper sells papers, but please put it in the weird news column or page, right next to 4 headed woman reads 16 books at a time with super vision!!!!

ain't gonna happen, g.i.


With a candidate like Governor Huntsman I may come back to the Republican Party. We need a different voice than Rush Limbaugh


Conservatives are like the Taliban, oppressive and rule by iron fist. The republicans are through unless people like Huntsman can gain traction and turn the party to another more moderate direction. Conservatism is dead!


to steve: do you not know who romney's father was? he wouldnt be anywhere without his dad's business connections. Both romney and huntsman rely heavily on their family connections for their success and power. That said romney has shown me that he has no real ideals or solid policy convictions, he is in it strictly to be elected and will say and do whatever is necessary to get elected. Huntsman and people like him are the only way i would even consider returning to the republican party


Hooray for liberal ideals!!

ernest hemple

It's not going to happen. Huntsman is a liberal. Support for homosexuals is undermining our society. Romney is going ot be the next Republican nominee for president and hopefully he will win. Huntsman is an embarrassment to the state and party.
I for one will work to defeat this egotistic, power hungry liberal. He is a fool and will one day face his creator on will have a lot of repenting to do. Where much is given, much is required. By the way, the Republican party needs to change by sticking to conservative values: family, less government, compassion and lower taxes.


Who needs Huntsman when we already have a liberal in the White House?


If this country won't elect a Mormon from Massachusetts, why would anyone think this country would elect a Mormon from Utah?


If Huntsman does end up running he shouldn't hire any of the McCain people for his campaign, they did a terrible job presenting McCain and Palin.

Guv Gone Wild!

Hey, this guy has flipped into the ozone. Can you spell R-E-C-A-L-L?

Big Pete

Not only are Huntsman's positions wrong on so many issues, he is a political lightweight. He has a very average IQ and isn't a very good speaker. I wish he would just get out of the political arena and go run his father's business into the ground, which is about all he is capable of. I can't stand the guy. I won't say he has been a disappointment as governor because I didn't expect anything when he was elected. I must say his very liberal positions have surprised me, though. A very bad governor!

Dixie Dan

Choosing between Palin or Huntsman is a no brainer.

Don't Worry Red Ones

The intelligent,business guru from Alaska will more than likely be your candidate, then all of you can back another puppet like your last president was. I can't believe how radical your party has become. You remind me of the Jazz basketball team-all talk, no action or plan.

This is Hilarious

The former campaign manager for Barack Obama acts as if he's scared of Huntsman, and the DesNews reporter eats it up.

As if he didn't have ANY ulterior motive in talking up a squishy Republican moderate like Huntsman for Obama's next opponent.

If we had a truly unbiased media whose members were really interested in finding out the truth, then it wouldn't be so easy for con men like Plouffe to pull the wool over a reporter's eyes.

But alas, most reporters covering the Obama Administration are like teenage girls in the presence of the latest hearthrob; they'll say whatever he wants them to say.


As a Democrat, I have pleasantly surprised by Huntsman's ability to speak his mind, not an easy thing to do for a Utah Republican who is so concerned with what the church thinks. I don't see him as a viable candidate on a national stage right now, but his approach as a Republican is the only way to revive the Republican Party. When Rush Limbaugh is your current voice, something needs to change.

The Utah Test

If most of Utah does not like Huntsman or view him as too moderate then HE IS THE MAN FOR THE JOB!! This country is a huge majority moderate. Utah still clings to their far right, paranoid, Hannity/ Beck/Rush views that DO NOT represent the majority of this country. Take heart Huntsman - the more you are criticized on Deseret News blogs the more you know you ARE in touch with the majority of this reasonable, compassionate, moderate country. But please learn from Romney and do not feel the pressure to run right in a national election. Your thoughtful, inclusive, moderate views is what will help you develop large appeal. And the only type of Mormon that will ever be elected to national office is one who is NOT considered far right.


@ Anonymous 1:41 - Conservatism is far from dead. It is alive and well in America.

I didn't vote for Huntsman for Governor, since I felt he was more liberal than the Democratic Choice for Governor. Apparently I was right on that one.

What the Republican Party needs is a uniter, not some RINO like Huntsman who will pussyfoot and pander about on issues. Someone who will stand for conservative values and unite the party. Huntsman isn't that guy. Conservatives who have given up on the party won't rally around this guy. Conservatives will listen to someone like Reagan. He made conservatives proud to be conservatives again.

We'll find someone like that again, just like BYU will eventually find a winning quarterback again (much to my chagrin).

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