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'08 strategist sees Utahn as '12 candidate

Published: Wednesday, May 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kenneth in Texas

Touting Mitt Romney's win in "Utah's Republican primary last year with a whopping 90 percent of the vote" isn't really news. But, it would be interesting how Romney vs. Huntsman would turn out in a Utah Republican primary.


Huntsman is not a viable candidate. he has no business experience, just political jobs he got through his father. he did not even graduate from college. he is not a true conservative. once his environmental positions and gay rights positions are vetted, he will disappear as a republican contender.


Good thing he is going to run for something other than govenor, as he would have a hard time wining that. I am conservative and Republican and I definitely will not vote for Huntsman.


Did you vote for him last election?


I would never vote for someone as liberal as Huntsman. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing if I have ever seen one.

Sorry folks but it is still Romney all the way as far as Utah is concerned.


I wouldnt vote for him. He no longer even represents the views of Utah citizens anymore. He is a wayward duck that is conforming to liberal views just to get more publicity. Not at all for him, wouldnt even vote him governor.


Have you all forgotten the "LDS" factor? Doesn't matter how good Huntsman, or Romney for that matter may be, as long as the country is filled with LDS bigotry and ignorance I doubt you'll see one of them elected.

Besides, the liberals will be fully enjoying socialism by 2012 so President Obama will likely get to repeat for a second term anyway, regardless of the competition.

Common guy

Don't you realize the GOP got kicked in the gut last year. I like Huntsman's views. It is about time someone led this state to be more "green". The civil union is the only position that removes sympathy without compromising marriage.

Governor Huntsman is right. We need to move the party more to the center, we need to be the rational party and be more palatable to moderates so that they will not empower the liberal left to move on with their agenda.

Huntsman or Romney

I think either would be better than what we have. Romney has a better business backgroud, but then again Huntsman has done an excellent job with Utah's budget and has shown he can run an office.

Huntsman should get the nod over Romney, as long as he doesn't start changing his views (even if some think they are too liberal).


I'd vote for Huntsman and admire him for sticking his neck out there when most of the GOP is busy seeing who can tick their heads in the ground furthest.

I hope not

I've had enough of the republican party

Political ANIMALS!!

That is what they all are and people on BOTH SIDES ought to wake up and take note. These people are using and abusing the general citizenry for votes so they can gain POWER and PRESTIGE.

Term Limits is the only way to keep these corrupt power grubbing animals from trashing our country with the back-room deals.

Politics, money, lobbyists, special interests first.....THEN...if there is any time left over they might consider the needs of the average citizen.

That is how it goes and don't pretend it doesn't. Both sides ought to realize their candidate ought to be in office for as little time as possible. After that they just "settle in" and start taking care of themselves and setting up some "consulting or lobbyist" deal after they leave office on a LIFETIME PENSION at taxpayer expense!!!!

Don't let it continue people.

RE: pro-Huntsman

Hunstamn has shown penchant for speaking up on an issue like vouvhers,

but when it comes time to truly stand up and fight for something he disappears. just like with vouchers,

so just like that he talk good game on civil unions,

but he will disappear like he always does when push comes to shove.

Hunstaman will talk for political expedience, but he is a coward and will not actually fight for anything.

Do you see him actually fighting for civil unions?

To Common Guy

you hit the nail on the head. I agree, we need more moderates in government who think for themselves instead of following party lines.




If it is like this last election, the announcements will start in 2010. Hold on to your seats.

just mine

Common Guy got it right... It's Moderates like Huntsman that are going to help revive the Republican Party. As opposed to the religious far-right that seem to be in control of the party now...


To Scarecrow: Whether or not you like Huntsman's politics you should get your facts straight about his personal life. He HAS had a great deal of business experience, he IS a college graduate and he IS a fiscal conservative. He's also an honest, self-term-limiting politician who will get my solid support regardless of what his next step may be.


David Plouffe is just trying to push a liberal republican to divide the party. It worked with McCain and it will continue to work with other RINOs. The future of the party is conservatism only.

For the pestimist republican or optimist democrat remember we were in the same position in 67, 75, and 93. All three times it was the Democrats that let America down that allowed the republicans to jump right in. It happened then and it will happen again. History always repeats itself and politics never stays the same for very long.

John Wicks

The governor is a real loser. I would never vote for him. He should spend his time letting his hair go gray or dye it all. Gray on the sides only just does not cut it. I guess he is a slave to fashion.

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