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Published: Monday, May 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Deseret news is not going to be happy until Salt Lake City becomes Mexico city with crime and Disease. Do they not understand they are supposed to be a Conserative Paper. They will contine to lose readership from conservatives and will have to print in Spanish editions.


Kudos to the editor for being willing to take an unpopular stand and to put facts above bigotry. Illegal immigration is a big issue that needs to be addressed, but the flu is not the fault of Hispanic immigrants, legal or otherwise, and to blame them is either ignorant or racist.

Philly Ledezma

Good for you, you are a "true Patriot"
but why you do not use your name, are you afraid of something or just plain ignorant
are you unable to analize the importance of the Hispanic comunnity in our State as the other minority groups.
are you afraid of the diversity?


All Humans carry disease. Some diseases are more contagious than others.

When a person immigrates into another nation LEGALY, part of that process is a medical evaluation to determine if a person is bringing highly contagious viruses or pathogens. ALL National governments set these protocols to protect their citizens. STDs to Drug resistant Tuberculosis are a threat to every nation.

When a person is smuggled and trafficked into a nation, there is NO MEDICAL EVALUATION. This is one reason Many nations are enforcing stringent anti illegal alien laws.

This is the point that the minute men were drawing attention to.

Good grief Deseret News get out of that west side castle and do some solid journalism on what a LEGAL immigrant has to comply with. Use those banks of computers give us some accurate international news on immigration. Start reporting on the rights of LEGAL immigrants. Why are you not speaking out for them?

U.S. Discriminating about flu?

China is enforcing their immigration protocols. Some 70 Mexicans have been detained and quarantined.
El Presidente de Mexico says that is discrimination and is dispatching an airliner to return them back to Mexico.

El Presidente, there are MANY of your citizens here in the United States who feel they are being discriminated against because they are with out proper valid documentation. Will you please send airliners to pick them up and bring them home.

RE; Patriot

I dropped my subscription last Wednesday. No more money from me to Des News. Just free Internet reading once in a while.

Sam Jackson

Unfortunatly, the Deseret News has become a political backer for illegal aliens and illegal crime. I suppose it is now "politically correct" to support crime and lawlesness and the DN is taking every opportunity to advance their agenda. My subscription is cancelled as of today.

Vacination excuse

A reason to get everyone to run and get vaccinated.

Any reason to why nurses wont take the vaccinations after seeing more harm they cause.

How about getting a list of everything in our vaccinations.

Swine flu just another way for the drug companies to get at us.


@Patriot & re: Patriot: Seeing the big illegal sobs stories on the front page in my driveway was the reason I stopped buying the hard copy. There is no balanced journalism on this issue in the DN.


"Don't let facts get in the way of anti-immigration rhetoric that has erupted since the swine-flu outbreak began."

Look in the mirror Deseret News, your pundits refuse to separate illegal immigration from legal immigration. Big difference.

The media campaign favoring certain ethnic groups over others is deplorable.

Now explain why closing borders including air traffic and ports for a week does not help to isolate the problem, but closing the schools in Park City does? Maybe only the rich and their servants are worth protecting?


"Never let a good crisis go to waste". Both sides do it.

good editorial

Good grief, as if xenophobes respect solid thought. Once infected with their brand of fear and loathing, the only innoculation is a good editorial. It is good see healthy thought in print.

The Deseret News has spoken the truth - again. Thanks for having the courage to do so. I'm going to give gift subscriptions to clients.


Some of us conservatives know that the swine-flu hype is ridiculous and simply want the only thing we've ever wanted - that the law be followed and "undocumented" workers not be allowed to work here until they become "documented" again. (And even more important, that "undocumented" criminals be deported).

Be careful pointing fingers at overreacting conservatives when the Obama administration has been doing absolutely everything they can to hype up the swine flu in order to have something for the ever-heroic Obama to battle for us (so we wouldn't focus too much on the pathetic reality of his 100-day report card).


Seems like China at least took care of the problem in the right direction, if just a little too extreme. If you want to stop the disease, you have to stop the people who have it and quarantine them. As it is now, the US is watching while people indiscriminantly travel back and forth, with little to no verification. No wonder we have such a high number of cases. The only good news seems to be that this is not a major flu (and, no, vaccinations are pointless, since this flu isn't covered by them).


I want to thank the Deseret News for encouraging a reasoned dialogue on this issue. We need to hear from more than one side. We are not going to get a balanced understanding of an issues from our beloved talk show intellectuals that make million of dollars a year raising peoples blood pressure.

Immigration neither good nor bad

It's not the immigration...it's the people. If immigrants wish to come to the US, carry their own load (pay taxes), learn the language (English), adopt the customs of the land THEY have chosen, and ADAPT, then and only then is immmigration good for the country. I wish every Mexican immigrant who wishes to do the former ALL THE BEST. I wish every immigrant Mexican or not, who doesn't wish the former to kindly return to their own country.

Des News again

Again the Des News shows their attitudes on illegal immigration. It's true that travelers and vacationers to Mexico spread the disease in the US but to claim or ignore the fact that illegal immigration doesn't contribute is ridiculous and uneducated. I'm canceling my subscription also...

More Red Herrings from the Left

Dishonest and immoral people will sometimes tell lies in an effort to deny, conceal, and divert attention away from the truth. Such lies are sometimes referred to as "Red Herrings." For example, illegal aliens and their supporters will FALSELY accuse those opposed to illegal immigration of being hateful, ignorant, racist, zenophobic, anti-diverse, and discriminating. These are LIES designed to conceal and deny the true issue at hand, which is immigration by the proper, LEGAL process, which includes medical screening, and the OBVIOUS fact that such screening helps prevent the spread of disease into our nation.

bogus arguments from DN

Don't enforce immigration law lest illegal aliens be less likely to report crimes and seek medical care, we're told.

Hmm. Kind of like saying don't preach sexual abstinence before marriage lest teens fail to use "protection."

Of course, we're also told that enforcement of immigration law is impossible anyway, just as abstinence is "impossible."


The DN does not address the immigration problem other than to state that it really has nothing to do with the spread of swine flu.

Swine flu is in the United States because of legal travel BY US CITIZENS to Mexico.

China (supposedly) has had no cases of swine flu and is trying to keep it that way by isolating people coming into the country from Mexico. Will it work? Who knows - and we probably never will know if it worked or how well because it is in the best interest of the Chinese government to claim success even if it fails miserably.

Are Chinese tourists going to bring it back to China from Mexico? At this point no, because their government controls all their travel and won't let them go to Mexico.

We already have people whining about the US government being a nanny government and now you want them to tell you where you can and cannot go on vacation?

As the editorial stated - swine flu in the US has absolutely nothing to do with immigration, legal or illegal.

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