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Economic conditions at their worst since at least 1994, gauge indicates

Published: Saturday, May 2 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dixie Dan

Not to worry as we have a Rpublican controlled state that will save us from economic ruin.

Get Real

Amusing how people polarize every issue: Dem vs Rep, Anti Mormon, etc.. We've got very real and huge problems in this country and this childish bs will never lead to a solution. Easy enough to point fingers but tough to find real solutions. So everyone on each side keep pointing fingers as we crash and burn. The most amusing part is how few comments are about the articles whether they be good or bad. Just so you know I'm a former Republican who is now an Independent since neither party has any solutions whatsoever. Dixie Dan what is your solution? Don't even dare tell me a "Party" has a solution because if you do simple enough to point out lots of examples of both parties being worthless. Look at California, boy the Dem's have done them a great service and George W roamed around aimlessly for years. So offer solutions and drop the continuous barbs!


Utah has always been a state that relies mainly on four areas of economic activity, the federal government, computer programming, lds church, and transplants from other states who have brought their aquity and settled in. The last eight or so years has brought an unprecedented era of prosperity to the state mainly fueled by lds members from California where families were able to cash out and by cheaper homes, lower property tax rates, less teraffic, etc. When immigration to Utah slowed down it was only natural that the economy would slow down with it. When the cycle of the economy starts on the upspring I am sure Utah will once again benefit from the largess of out of staters who see the state for what it is, a good place to live and raise families. The key for business owners is will they be able to provide jobs that will enable people to afford to here in spite of the high inflation that is sure to come. I don't fear for myself but fear for the next generation most likely like my parents did for me.


Change for the worse. The national depression will continue to severely hurt Utah. Hope and vote for a smaller government, less taxes, and more freedom and flexibility to grow and prosper in the private sector. Utah can and should reward for work.

I'm with Get Real

Neither the Republican or Democratic party has helped tge average american. Both parties continue to dig us in a deeper hole of debt. I'm not sure the independant party has the answers either but I'm going to give them a shot. As a long time Republican I refuse to vote for ANY incumbant. Maybe the tea party is the right answer.

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