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State plans campaign to raise awareness of chlamydia, gonorrhea

Published: Friday, May 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Abstinence wurked for me

All those kids doing the deed are giving abstinence education a bad name.


Wow! Pushing sex ed into the shadows is really working out, isn't it?


All is not well in Zion...


Self-respect, restraint, moral decency seem to be outdated in today's society which is a real shame. Delaying sexual activity until marriage is not impossible, millions of us managed it without any permanent damage. Maintaining one's dignity is still an acceptable concept to some of us.


No, all is probably just fine in Zion - this article didn't say there was an increase in members of the LDS church, it said in the State of Utah. there is a huge influx of non-members moving into the state over the same time period as was tracked in the article.


Isnt it just amazing that WHEREVER the topic of "sex" comes up, the most vocal blabbering to jump in and sound off are those who delight in belittling and snickering at any segment of the population who ATTEMPTS to retain the HIGHEST standards of behavior? "Abstinance" receives gigantic belittlement in every imagionable form.

If the same standards given the "sex" question were used in other areas of life...."education", for instance.... the tactic would be: Anyone, at anytime who sticks to serious persuit of an excellent education (studies hard, puts test preparation before the weekend "party", sticks to it and BELIEVES he/she is on the right road) would be attacked, belittled and excluded from everyday activities as much as possible....

And we would HAVE a shrinking of well educated in our nation, just as we have a SHRUNK (almost into oblivion) moral youth to run our nation in the future.

LOOK at what`s running our country! How did they GET that way? The standards are gone, the lowest common denominator emerges.....that`s HOW! Snickering and belittling helped it along big-time!!

Wasatch Front

Please note that the article measured most of the increase along the Wasatch Front (read "SLC"). This is the area where all of the liberal, gay-loving, out-of-staters are now congregating, bringing the plague of sexually transmitted diseases with them. There have been companion articles about the huge increases in the gay community in SLC. If you don't see the connection, look just a little harder.


As a child of the "fifties" while people were more polite and had manners, sex did happen. Sad thing is, kids are exposed to so much more now LDS or not that parents had better educate their sons and daughters, yes sons too. I told my own I'd rather you wait but if you don't PLEASE us a condom. Protect yourself, value yourself and if your partner doesn't want to walk away. They don't care about you and certainly don't love you. It was chlamydia which was my greatest fear because my daughters may never know why they couldn't have children. No symptoms but fallopian scarring nonetheless. Be realistic parents for your child's sake.


"Wasatch Front" That's pretty small-minded and bigoted isn't it? What kind of Christian attitude is that? Get real. A number of my own LDS young women family members were pregnant when they got married and they're not criminal just human. It's just nature. Please. Funny thing, our own LDS community was more than happy to sell off all of our beautiful farmland to the "out-of-staters" for a premium profit weren't we? Hm? Remember, ye reap what ye sow. We've been jumping on the land for $$$ band-wagon just as fast as the rest of the country. So, this isn't "mecca" anymore. Oh and STD's existed even before mass media get real.

John Charity Spring

It is no wonder that the number of STDs in up. Our public education system has been so terrorized by those that preach political correctness that the schools have abandoned teaching the old fashioned values that made this Country great and made society strong. There was a time when schools were not afraid to teach values such as chastity, morality, honesty, and respect for others. Now that the schools are afraid to do so, disease, drug use, and crime are increasing at an alarming rate.

Love child

It might help to lower the number of STD's in Utah with some education. In Southern Utah we have high school students, who do not know what the term STD means! And abstinence is literally as efficient as "JUST SAY NO," talk about beating a dead horse. I am not telling kid to go out and fornication with multiple partners, but, abstinence is not the solution. One question, that proves it all, is abstinence education working.?

Why is sex such a demon anyways? Is there a difference between unmarried sex and married sex? Because married or unmarried you can have a child, catch and STD, its the same action same risks married or unmarried. I am here today due to premarital sex, and I couldnt be happier. So maybe I wouldnt be here if my parents were abstinent..


To Educator, Thank you

"Be realistic parents for your child's sake. "

Midwest Member

Disease and the loss of family structure are sad examples of the consequences of today's moral standards, for which all of society pays, in the long run. But let's not over-romanticize the past. People in the "fifties" may have seemed more polite on the surface, but don't forget that those were the "good old days" where racial prejudice was alive and well. What could be more rude and immoral than devaluing and demoting a people based on the quantity of melanin in their skin? Every age has it's own set of sins to repent of. It was the post-war boomer generation that helped raise the current crop of rude waywards. Let's all try to clean up our acts in what we say, do and support on tv & in the movies. A good example is the best way to promote a healthy, happy, moral lifestyle.


yeah, it's all those "outsiders"..hahahahaha

grow up and turn the lights on.

Joe Moe

I do not want some random teacher talking to my kids about sex, using curriculum selected by the state. I could agree to implementing an OPTIONAL course, because there are frankly a lot of ignorant parents who don't know anything, and aren't going to be able or willing to teach their kids. Depending on the teacher and the curriculum, I might sign my kids up; but I'm not optimistic. Too much PC in academic Kool-Aid.

Just don't go shoving it down my throat, or my kids'. We'll handle it in-house, thank you.

Human sexuality is a big deal in life. Healthy attitudes about sex and health are important. Parents ignore this at their children's peril.

Last but not least: lest we forget and be alarmist over the statistical backbone of this article, realize: there are only about six states in the US (mostly Northeast) with a lower rate of chlamydia than Utah. The increase here is troubling, but we're doing a lot better than most. So those of you on your soapbox about the "repressive" Mormon culture causing problems, think again. Statistically speaking, the opposite would seem to be true.

Screen Age

Interesting... first comes the story about how Utah has the highest per capita consumption of online pornography, then the story of STDs spiking in Utah... apparently all that "education" isn't working either, is it?

The truth both sides of the issue rarely mention is that abstinence is very realistic in homes with good parents and strong values.

The trouble is so few kids today come from such homes (despite the delusional claims of parents to the contrary).

Consequently, BOTH messages need to be out there (abstinence and safe sex).

Anyone who tells you differently is pushing a political agenda rather than caring for young people.

Speaking of caring for young people, how tragic for those who have now learned the hard way. Their lives are irrevocably altered.

Please people, get off your soapboxes and be part of the solution, not the problem.

Just me

Why did the comments on this article change??? I commented a couple of times yesterday, they were posted, and now they are gone... with several other posts from other posters... I mean there was close to thirty posts yesterday now there is only eight??? What gives?

abstinence v. abstinence ed

There's a HUGE difference between teaching abstinence and the school program called "abstinence only education." Utah has a law saying that health teachers have to focus on abstinence only rather than teaching the public health principles that have been shown to reduce pregnancy and STDs.

The science is in and the results are bad. Utah made a political choice to forbid certain topics, like condoms, and the result is a higher STD rate.

The story says that chlamydia rose by 50% in five years. An earlier post blames non-mormons moving into the state. For the sake of that argument lets ignore the fact that most non-mormons also believe in chastity and abstinence as important life principles. Did our non-mormon population increase by 50%? If it didn't, the increased disease rate includes our LDS kids.

Sex ed in school isn't going to convince a kid to have sex or not have sex. That important work happens at home and in church. If school can convince the kids who aren't being raised to make good choices to at least avoid disease and pregnancy, lets let the school do it.

Reading comprehension is down

Did anyone READ the article?

STD's are up -- gay and straight.

No religious affiliation was documented, ANY conclusions therein are biased

The diseases mentioned can ONLY me transmitted through sex.

Editorial: I got married for the first time in my forties. I dated hundreds, had sex with none. I had opportunites. I got NO STD's, and gave none to my spouse or got none back.

Abstinence is best

Those who think that sex education is the answer to this problem are dreaming. Who in their right mind doesn't think that all kids in the state, LDS or not, are more sex-educated than any generation in history? Just turn on the TV for a few seconds, for crying out loud. Or get on the internet.

The answer is abstinence, restraint, and monogamy, as outdated and conservative as those ideals seem.

All sex education, urging use of/handing out condoms, and similar logic does is throw fuel on the fire by stimulating young minds to go exploring. Even those who are 'educated' have little restraint when passions get hot, and condoms, along with prudence, are left far behind.

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