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Published: Wednesday, April 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What a tough year for the Jazz - on the court and definitely off the court. As human beings whats gone on has to wear on you .... i'm proud of how well they did. Hope they get healthy, get the distractions out of the way and get on to a better year next season!


Somebody tell Derron to stay away from the tattoo parlors this off season, and work on his shooting. He needs shooting practice way more than he needs more ugly tattoos plastered all over his body.

Hey, Anonymous

DWill averaged just under 20 points a game this season and is the team's leading scorer. Maybe if he had some help on defense, he wouldn't have to try and do it all every game. And you need to learn how to spell his name, troll.


I didn't know funeral arrangements kept him from replacing Collins and Knight as backups.

Sloan is the Best

I love the fact that Sloan is a hard nosed no nonsense get're done coach. He never makes excuses, he takes credit when things don't go well, and he never gives up.

To have survived 20 years as a head coach in any professional sport is amazing in and of itself. I get tired of all the whiners. The Jazz are a good team in a small market. The Jazz are not that far off from being a great team. Time to reload, not explode the Jazz. Now get're done Jazz!


I would dearly love to see the Jazz do something really great. But year after year, they fail to perform up to their capabilities. If this is how I did my job, I would have been demoted or replaced years ago. Everybody has problems they have to deal with. We are expected to roll with the punches and stay productive. Where's the incentive for pro ball players? Though they may be missing that coveted "ring," they still rake in their multi-million dollar contracts without blinking an eye. What a racket!


You're a coward.


jerry sloan may be a lot of things, but, he's not a coward.

casual fan

I think the coach ought to go back to Illinois to the farm and get as far away from the Jazz as he can for a few weeks. He deserves some time to rest and relax. I would also say it's vital to his well-being to do so. Basketball just isn't that important.


I am not sure why everything has to be bitter or disappointing. I love the Jazz...love watching them play and and glad to have players that are basically good citizens setting good examples and doing good things in our community. I don't care if they win a championship...yea...I like it when they win...but they bring much more than just winning to the table. This is not a bitter season for me...they have provided much enjoyment and I will continue to support them. Go Jazz...and thanks to all the players and coaches...please know that you are appreciated at many different levels...not just as ball players and coaches.


The biggest disappointment this year was AK. His play all season, until the last playoff game, was lackluster and uninspired. For being the highest paid player on the team, he brought absolutely nothing to the court. It was his bonehead mistakes in the Miami game that cost us the game. I don't know what happened to the AK of 1 and 2 years ago, but he showed the team and the fans this year that he just didn't care, so I think the fans and management need to return the favor and let him know that we no longer care, and he can take himself and his big salary elsewhere. And he can take Okur with him.



Appreciate being a Jazz Fan

The whiners need to stop. Be grateful for having one of the winningest franchises in history in what could be the least attractive market to big names. As long as the "Jerry" style ball is being played in Utah they will continue to have a chance to be great, to be Champions! Every player on this team has benefited from Jerry Sloan. Boozer would be like Drew Gooden without Sloan and even D-will would be more like Andre Miller without Sloan. He makes these guys great! Stop whining and realize success comes long term and not in one year, we have had lots of success as Jazz fans!

todd from santa ana

My thoughts...

Jazz need to:

Re-sign Knight to 5 years
Re-sign Collins to 3 years
Re-sign Boozer to 5 years

Fire Okur
Fire Millsap
Fire Brewer

That's our key to the Glory Road

so close

Jerry's system is built around having a strong point guard/power forward combo.I think they have that with D-Will and Booze. What is lacking is a true center and a consistent SG. If we can get the right fit at those positions, we're a legitimate contender.

Win or lose, I love watching the Jazz!But I'd much rather win.


Put on 30 lbs so you can actually survive in the middle


@ Cleetorn

So what you are telling me is that if your closest family member and best freind in the world died and then your Boss, who gave you your job and was also a good freind, also died.... or say your wife left you and took your children and you were caught in an ugly divorce... or just say you got injured and where physically unable to work for several months....

you honesly think you would just "roll with the punches" and be the same productive person you were before any of those thing happened?

Right, sure you would.

@ Deadweight

Actually, I thought AK was playing really well and looked happy until his ankle injury got so bad it required surgery. He was a warrior and came back form surgery in 3 weeks!!! Unfortuantely after that he seemed to have lost some fire.

Furthermore, if you honestly think he brings nothing to the Jazz you need to learn a little bit more about the game of basketball.

@ Answers

Boozer probably will leave, but the Jazz won't be better for it. Quite the opposite, Boozer is the second best player on the team, and losing him will hurt.

todd from salta laka

My thoughts...

Lakers need to:

Re-sign Adam Morrision for 50 years
Re-sign Andrew Bynum for 30 years
Re-sign Phil Jackson for 50 years

Fire Kobe
Fire Pau
Fire Odome

That's our key to the Glory Road

Todd from SA said....

Re sign Boozer to 5 years!!!! Why? Who is going to defenbd for him. Boozer does not get it. He is injury prone, lacks heart, and cannot deal with the defenders in his area of assignment. What can it take to make a great and dedicated player out of him???? Work on that one Todd. Tell us. I think you are off target and maybe working for the Lakers.

Sloan is DONE

Sloan is the Best | 8:25 a.m. April 29, 2009
"The Jazz are not that far off from being a great team."

That's like saying AIG, GM, and Chrysler are not that from being great companies again.

Sloan is stuck in the 80-90s basketball its time for new leadership just like at AIG, GM, and Chrysler.

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