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Published: Wednesday, April 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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arm chair asst. coach

Did you watch the same playoffs I did(and most other fans)?
You think Booze had a "Karl Malone type" showing?
Karl played defense. Karl didn't wave at Lakers as they went in for dunks.Karl layed them out.No easy ones.
Whiskey was more akin to Hornacek. score 20 give up 40 a game.
Boozer should be returning 30% percent of his pay to the Jazz.
Whiskey is like a government worker, calling in sick all the time but still getting paid with taxpayers hard earned dollars( except you Brad).
Drop the dead beat and spend money on Millsap and others who want to play TEAM ball.

Paul by a landslide

Boozer or Milsap? Milsap or Boozer? One who works, fights, scraps, hustles, and one who spends most of his time convalescing, talking, getting burned on defense, or daydreaming about "a raise".

Based on their effort and performance, of the two candidates in question, only one is deserving of a raise. He is the same one I'd give the starting job to.

If Boozer opts out, do a sign and trade for a big man and a serviceable backup to Milsap.

If Boozer doesn't opt out, trade him for a big man and a serviceable backup to Milsap.

I can't believe this!

When you need a player the most....Boozer goes AWOL. Is this the kind of player we want? This story is crazy....sure let's pay him another gazillion dollars and see if we can get another half season or less out of him with a so-so playoff run....Sounds like a great idea!

The judge and jury say. . .

. . . guilty as charged -- Boozer is a fraud. This is a guy who talks big, but will never be a champion in the NBA. He's injury prone -- a proven fact. He's in it for the money -- a proven fact. When called upon to perform melts down -- a proven fact. The judge and jury throw the book at him -- he goes somewhere, anywhere but Utah. Best thing that could happen is Detroit offers him more, the Jazz don't match and he's gone in the opt out year of his contract. Nightmare waiting to happen: The phone doesn't ring with a better offer and Utah is stuck with this loser.


Boozer needs a realty check. His stock went down, Milsaps went up. Go ahead and opt out and when you show the Jazz your pay "decrease" maybe then and only then will you "decide" to come back, albeit for less money.

You agent, aka Lawyer, is a faceless jerk.

I love Paully but ...

He is too undersized. He has had a great time as a back-up, but I don't see him beeing a legitimate starting PF on a team whose offense focuses on the PF. Whenever teams actually focus on him in their defensive strategy, Paul has a rough time.

At the same time, Boozer doesn't have enough passion for the game. I want to keep Millsap, but not as a starter.

Who would you trust more?

A guy named Carlos?


A guy named Karl?

RE: I love Pauly but...

What about the stellar performances Milsap put forth when he was starting? In my opinion, that is when the Jazz were playing their best basketball of the season. His heart and desire make up for his size. He is a franchise player, and fits perfectly into the organization as a person and a player.

Go away Boozer, far, far, away!!


Boozer gone to free agency. Okur plays the four with SAP and sign shack to a one year deal= Championship


If you read between the lines Boozer holds the cards whether Milsap resigns or not. If Boozer does not opt out as well as Memo and Korver then they are right at the luxury tax. With Milsap demanding from his play around four to six Million a year do you think the Jazz will pay a luxury tax of four to six Mill to keep Milsap? The new installed son/owner has said like his father they will not pay any luxury tax so this could get real interesting. Utah might have to pull a Cleveland and behind closed doors tell Milsap they will sign him for one year at a low price until all the money comes off the books next year and then they will reward him. Should be interesting to say the least.

Lorz B.

I find it completely incomprehensible that you can be paid millions of dollars to play a game and not be motivated to win. I hate to lose for free! You can get offense almost anywhere, it's time to lose this Albatross. Boozer just brings this team down.


If that freaking Loozer is back on the Jazz next year I am cashing out my season tickets. I will not pay to see that selfish mercinary one more game. I am serious - if Boozer the freaking Loozer is back I am done attending games.

We need a Big Guy!

Even if Boozer leaves we still need another BIG Man!
Millsap is a great player, but he cannot take the place of a big man! The Jazz just do not match up with the best teams without a front line big guy!

Milsap should stay with the Jazz hopefully, but he can't take Boozer's place consistently !


As much as I love Milsap, and have since his rookie year, unless you all are happy with heart and hustle from your undersized PF and no chance at championship and fighting just to get the 8th seed in the playoffs than Milsap is your guy.

He's a great 3rd big coming off the bench but he is not ready to carry the load as a starting low post presense. I wouldn't build my team around him any more than David Lee. I would love to keep him coming off the bench and adding energy and hustle. And at mid level money I think he is a keeper.

Also did anyone else notice how Milsap wore down playing starter minutes. We need Boozer or another low post presense to go along with Milsap. Be careful what you wish for!


Charles Barkley had the best comment about this after game 5. He said he wouldn't pay that kind of money to any player unless they can put the team over the top and get a championship. Boozer has not proved that. I don't hate him and I would love to keep him for a cheaper price - but that is not going to happen. My guess is that he will opt out and sign with Detroit. This will save the Jazz some money for an actual difference maker.

My opinion changed about Memo Okur - he needs to be the one that we really can't lose - besides Millsap.


I agree. I have seen this Jazz team have their chance at it and I do not want to see money wasted on another long term deal for Boozer. He was injured for half of his contract, seems to lack integrity, and most importantly he cannot get the Jazz to a championship level. Time for change. I will also cancel my season tickets if Boozer is back on the team next year.

Booz h8tr

I hate Carlos Boozer. Yes, I know hate is a strong word, but I really do hate that man. Don't let the door injure those delicate hamstrings on the way out. WE DON'T WANT YOU IN UTAH!


IF you remember when the Jazz signed Boozer, it was very controversial because he'd promised the Cavs that, if they released him from his last year, he'd resigned with them long term. He obviously lied and didn't follow through.

My point is that Boozer is a deceitful, expedient, self-serving person. He doesn't care about his team, teammates, the city, or anyone except himself. Why pay a guy like that to be on your team? I find that kind of behavior to be despicable.

Memo and Millsap

Lose Boozer, start Memo at PF, Millsap at SM, continue to bring AK off the bench and either get a big man with the money you get by divesting Boozer, or give Koufous a chance. I thought he showed promise in the middle at the start of the year and has touch around the basket if need be, in addition to being another floor spreader.


Robinson would make a great PR man for Boozer. Both are alike: condescending, aloof, self-serving, money hungry elitists. All Robinson needs is the diamond-studded ear rings and the shaved top. WHO-RAW, grunt grunt. You go Dougy.

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