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Published: Wednesday, April 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I could support Huntsmans stance on civil unions if it also applied to polygamists - but it doesn't - so I judge him as a silly political opportunist and an embarrassment, not a leader.


Now is the best time to splinter on issues and push away those in the GOP that have different views then yourself. Get rid of the RINOs and watch the party die. No room for difference of opinion in the Grand Ole Party........


Props to Kent County for standing up and being counted. We need more who will stand for what is best for our country.


Atleast he's going to listen to education reform! He could use some help on that.

Self-imposed limitations

Couldn't that Michigan group have listened to what he said and asked questions about it? Are they really that threatened by the idea of listening to someone who only agrees with them 99%?


Ideological purity. No wonder the GOP is becoming marginalized by its own actions. So much for the big tent. The GOP really is pathetic.


Their loss. What a bunch of idiots. Though I'll always support Mr. Huntsman, I can't say the same for the GOP in general.


One could almost coin the term "ideological cleansing."

GOP Shrinking Tent

Who would have thought the party of Lincoln and Reagon would implode so quickly. Keep it up GOP, only the extremist will be left and hopefully a moderate new party will emerge leaving the Grand Ole Party as irrelevant as their "anti-everyone who isn't like me" party platform.

Voice of Reason

Anyone that actually looks at the recent fall of the GOP will immediately recognize it is because the GOP has lost its conservative foundation, and has moved to the left of where it's historically been in modern times. The GOP will not revive by making itself into "liberal lite", despite the wishes of many lefties. It will only revive by returning to its conservative roots, and reflecting the core values which remain fundamentally conservative for the silent majority of Americans.

Liberals, do not mistake conservative anger at what Bush and the recent GOP Congress did as a "shift to the left." This anger stemmed from the fact that Bush & the GOP Congress moved too FAR to the left with their deficit spending, cozying up to destructive liberal social ideas, and unwillingness to stand up for what is right.

Spencer W. Morgan

Wow that's just what we need in 2012. Yet ANOTHER CFR member, Socialist Republican weenie.


Liberal's are the biggest ideolog's there are and have no room for anyone who disagrees with them. Harry Reid is a prime example. Remeber he knows someone who has a gift.


Hmmm... A very counter-intuitive thought... This may be a way out for the GOP. All the fuss will continue generate attention and elevate Huntsman as a moderate Republican nationally. If he were to become the leader of the national party... It could happen. I doubt this is a conscious strategy.

Conservatives Win

Look, the Republicans tried the whole "big tent" philosophy in 2008 by nominating a very moderate Republican. Then the election was a disaster. The U.S. is still a center-right country, despite what is portrayed by the loud voices on the left and in the media. Repuplicans win elections when they nominate Reagan conservatives. Huntsman is a joke. He is an embarrassment to the party and to the state. He's a lightweight who is trying to please everyone, and he doesn't stand a chance at getting nominated now or ever....unless he pulls a Specter.


I hope Huntsman doesn't gain the national stage. I'm one Utahn who doesn't like him. There's just something false . . .

As for why the GOP is failing, it isn't only because it's moving right, it's because the culture is moving left, and how can politician survive without someone to vote for him?

Huntsman can't deny that giving gay couples more and more of the rights of heterosexual married couples will indeed undermine marriage. For me, the biggest issue is children, which gays can't have except by adoption or artificial means. Huntsman needs to address this if he's going to throw his support to civil unions. Marriage is made for the rearing and protection of children and families. Two men or two women can't make a child, and shouldn't be raising them. They made this choice when they decided not to curb but instead give in to homosexual urges. How can the inching toward legalizing of this relationship avoid the support of rearing children in these unions, and ultimately calling it marriage? That's the issue Huntsman needs to address, but will assiduously avoid to promote his presidential agenda.


If he thinks he is going to enter national politics, this is a good dose of reality. The guy is pompous and sanctimonious.

I don't like civil unions in Utah because then it will be only a matter of time until polygamy is legally samctified which would be rather devastating on numerous levels.

the great cycle

I remember well when the Republicans squashed the dems and the Time Mag cover showed an Elephant squashing a donkey and the the whole Clinton shrinking president cover. Republicans gloated and Newt was the king. Dems became Republicans as Specter yesterday and the rolls were reversed from today. The dems didn't win this latest round by becoming more like the Republicans and the Republicans won't take control back by becoming more like the dems. Guaranteed, it will cycle back and if there are any lessons learned, the cycle for the Republicans when back in power will be extended. Just as Obama is undoing the work of Republicans, we will undo him and the dems. Hide and watch!


I really regret voting for Huntsman.

Florien Wineriter

The Michigan GOP rejection of Huntsman explains why Utah is the Reddest of the Red States,the majority of Utah voters apparently are economic libertarians but cultural reactionariess.

Michigan Money

So where is Mitt Romney's Michigan political machine in all of this? Apart from the Romney family legacy in Michigan, you can't dump as much money as he did in the last election cycle without building some type of county influence.

Is this just a preemptive strike to take out moderate Huntsman before Mitt tacks hard right, and announces his perennial candidacy again?

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