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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The players in the game during the fourth quarter were the ones who should have been playing the most minutes in this series all along.

I know Okur has been injured but I would have played Koufos in his place.

Even Fesenko would have given the Jazz a big body to bang with LA's bigs. So what if he fouls out, that would have been preferable to the non-defense Boozer played.

Here's hoping the Jazz fix the problems in the off season.


where was price this whole season?

Com' on Coach! Price got game. I think it's too bad that he only played 2 minutes a game (and that's being generous with my estimation) because he's a much better offensive player than Knight and his defense makes guys work like mad. I thought Sloan liked hustle players.

When I see Knight I think, slow, deliberate, boring, no jump shot (Brewer may not get attention for his shooting but Knight's shot is atrocious.) Am I the only one wondering why Price wasn't getting more minutes all year?


I hope you are back next year... without knight and without sloan.

Loved the effort and wish the rest of the guys could play like that all the time.


I think Ronnie Price showed what most of us knew all along: he should have been the backup point guard instead of Knight! I like Sloan, but I don't understand why he is so intent on a prescribed formula for inserting people into the game. I would have gone with Price long before the last game. All the evidence one needed was to look at his performance early in the year when he started in the place of injured D-Will. Oh well, "gone fishing" early this year. Now I can watch the playoffs in peace and not worry about who wins. Maybe next year??????????

Id Jazz Fan

RONNIE FREAKING PRICE!!!!!! What a total Stud!!!!
I was thrilled to see him get some playing time finally and then for him to almost pull off a comeback for ages was awesome!! Kudos to you man for being the ultimate hustler we needed in game 5. We needed you ina ll the games and I'm sure Jerry now sees that!!! See ya Brevin... it has been real...a real lot of nothing but turnovers, poor clock management,stupid shot selection and lack of hustle!!! Ronnie is the perfect back up and spark off the bench!!!
And can I say in closing... Javy...even Reggie Miller agrees... Javy swallows his whistle when the Jazz play anybody...Jerry I thought you were going to take off his head!! Wish I could have been there to help.

Hanging Chad

Sloan: "Oops. Maybe I should have tried Price earlier, such as November through May."

So what if he's 6'1". That cat can out hustle, out jump, and out play anyone on the team. You can't tell me you couldn't find 10 min per game for this guy. Put him in the 2nd quarter with the second unit and the Jazz wouldn't have gone down 10 pts in 5 mins. Oh, well.


Ronnie price did a heck of a job a year ago it was hard to believe they forgot the job he did running with Williams at 2 guard . Knight should not have got his time just because years in the league.

zoo mom

I've preferred to take the positive spin with the Jazz all year, despite their problems. But I must agree with many others who have posted this in the past--we need a new attitude in coaching. Koufos and Price have played with real determination instead of lackluster performances as we've seen from others. Let's hope big changes over the summer will reap greater rewards next season.


Does anyone else see the irony in Boozer saying that if "others" had played with the energy and given the defensive effort shown by Price, the outcome might have been different? Hello, Carlos, can you hear yourself?


The article should have been named "Sloan has no pulse on own team"

I have not been on the bus that Sloan has to go but as of late I am driving that bus.
Prices play shows how much better he is than Knight. Something many have complained about on these boards for months.
We all knew that the Jazz were not going to win the series so why not dress Koufos and Fes and get them some playing time to so they have a feel of the playoff intensity and the experience of it so next time the Jazz hit the playoffs they know more of what to expect and do.

If this is somewhat of a rebuilding year with all the free agents and those who can opt out. WHY, WHY, WHY then let Sloan coach a year then dump it to someone else and they have to start learning from a new coach. Would it not make sense to let the new coach mold a newer team into what he wants and not have those players have to break Sloans predictable habits.


I'm the acting president of the Ronnie Price fan club. All of your comments are appreciated. Now, let's do what we can to make sure that the Jazz bring Ronnie back next year, as D-Will's backup. Ronnie's got game!

Jazz Cop

It's too bad. That's all I can say. Next year. How did price get displaced so easily by knight, what was the reason for that?
The question next year, will the Jazz really be comitted to defense, williams is a stud, maybe it's time to give the youngsters a try, it'll be interesting to see what happens this offseason.


Was the cancer on this team all year. Opt out now.

Invisible Hand

Why do you people think the bench guys were able to play so great? Might it have had something to do with the fact that the Lakers were in cruise control? If the bench guys started and played that hard at the beginning of the game it would make no difference because the more talented Lakers would match their intensity and blow them out. There's a reason they're bench guys.

An Asian Perspective

It is inexcusable Sloan waited until 4Q of the elimination game on the road with 22pts deficit to finally let Price play longer than 2 minutes.

It is inexcusable Sloan started 3Q with Knight in lineup, allowing 8-0 run.

During regular season, I wondered if Price had somehow upset Sloan like Arroyo or Giricek did. I even wondered O'Connor told Sloan not to play Price so Jazz can sign him cheap for a longer term this off-season. Looks like Sloan simply didn't see what Price can bring on the table, unlike many Jazz fans.

A few years ago, Jazz had an undersized but quick and athletic PG just like Price who always gave energy to the team and sometimes orchestrated a comeback like yesterday's. Jazz let him go when they could have kept him and now he's the starting PG for the team with best record during regular season.

Price may well be second Mo Williams. Unlike Mo, Price is an unrestricted FA. As much as I want Price to stay, I wonder if he wants to. Why does he wanna risk spending another season in Sloan's doghouse for no reason?

The Truth

Here are my post season grades:

Sloan D (as in no Defense.)
D-Will B + But I was expecting more.
Booz B- at least he showed up for a couple games.
AK C+ he seemed to get better every game.
Harp C+ had one good game
Brewer C- decent defense vs Kobe. No offense.
Korver D no D, hasn't shot well in the playoffs.
Milsap B- bad matchups but he played hard.
Price A- showed Jerry what everybody already knew.
Collins C had some good minutes
CJ F regular season minutes didn't do much.
Memo I injured.

The Truth

knight F and it would be hands down an F. Here's my take on Jerry's blunders vs the Lakers.

1 Jerry starts Korver after having him come off the bench the whole season. 2 games in after the Lakers are shooting what 60,70 percent in the first quarters he suddenly changes course for defense.

2. The Jazz were never going to outscore the Lakers especially with Memo out which makes you question the lack of Jazz defense to start the series.

3. AK, your best defensive presence, is getting 20 minutes or less the first two games.

4. Game 3, suddenly AK is back in the starting line-up. The 17 million dollar man is now getting starter type minutes.

5. Jerry's insistence on using Knight as the back up point guard. Deron gets no rest in this series.

6. Game 5, Ak actually gets extended minutes vs Kobe.

7. 2nd quarter of last nights game. Odum and Kobe are in the game playing against our subs. (reminds me of MJ and Pip playing our subs at the beginning of the 4th quarter in the finals.) Jazz go down a quick 10 pts. Game set Match.

The Wounded Mosquito

I think it's appropriate that Ronnie and Millsap were key in that late run. They were the ones who kept the ship going when Deron and Boozer were down. Nice job, guys. Hope they're back next year.

C Cheeze

It's time for Sloan to leave!!!!
Letting talent like Price go to waste simply makes no sense. Guess we'll see Price, Almond and maybe a few others on the opposing end of the court next season. Way to go Sloan another season wasted....

re: The Truth

truth... huh? While I agree with some of your points, you should check your facts prior to posting. Korver was playing injured for a large part of the season. His shot was dead on early in the season before the injury.... and came back later in the season. He shot over 46% from 3 point land in the playoffs. Also, your judgement of his defense indicates that either you weren't paying attention or that you are simply repeating what things you've heard. He may not be the fastest guy out there, but he's been solid on D and has proven himself to be one of the few players who plays hard, every night. He's a hellofalot more willing to dive for balls and get banged up than that powder puff you have given, what was it... a B grade (Boozer). What a joke..

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