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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I sure miss the days when guys stayed where they were drafted from, and traded once, and were not all about the money, but loved the game, and cared about the sport instead of how many cars they had, how many square feet their house is, and how much Bling Bling they wear, and of course didn't worry about finding a bare spot to put their next tatoo! What ever happened to the good ole' days???


I love D-Will but what does he mean that it's not his place to worry about whos gonna be on the roster next season. Your the team leader arent you Deron? Than it should very well be your place to put some input into the front office and give them your opinion in who is a keeper and who needs to hit the road. I think the Jazz need to keep Boozer and Kirestinko needs to be traded to someone who can play decent defense and shoot the ball much much ,much better, let's face it AK couldnt throw a basketball into the ocean. But I'm nervous and anxious to see what our roster looks like. Good Riddance to this season and hopefull Sloan, Brev Knight, J Collins, Harpring, and C.J Miles are gone.

tommy boy

In all due respect Coach Sloan....."continuous process" PLEAAAASSSSE!!!! Please coach...spare us. Please stop talking. Please take a break.

Here's another process...but it is not continuous. It goes something like this and it happens the first day of training camp. You say to the fellas...."Fellas...you will all play like Ronnie Price played in the last quarter of game five with the Lakers. You will not give up uncontested layups....you will hustle like Ronnie...you will play defense like Ronnie....or you will be benched. I will not be talking endlessly about toughness this year because last year it made me look like an idiot. I will simply be benching or releasing players."

Some coaches have a different time table.


Boozer, please opt out because the Jazz need you to go! The team played better throughout the year when he was out with an injury.

Elevate Price to #2 and let Brevin slip into the Knight. CJ disappointed me and didn't rise to the level this year that his new contract should have required.

Fight to keep the amazing Milsap. When healthy, Okur is solid, but we need a banger center that can play some defense.

The Jazz can score points, but need to learn defense.

If I were the Jazz management, I'd listen to Deron Williams and get his point of view on molding the next Jazz team.

the Mailman

Sweet! Whats that 4 years now for DWill.. so by the great ones prediction we should be primed to make it back to the NBA finals by bout 2018..

Man how many wins will Sloan have by then?

He wont have any titles but he'll have a heap of wins!

Surely then no one will dare say he isnt the best coach of all time.. just look at the wins.

I feel so assured for the future of the Jazz.. we sure are going in the right direction.


Well, it looks like the best choice is Milsap. H e looks like he improves every year, as opposed to the rest of the options. Hopefully Okur can stick for 1 more year. I'll give him a pass for the playoffs, due to his injury. Boozer should go, and if he stays they should trade him. He hasn't improved much. I understand he was hurt, but I still didn't see anything that says he should be feared. Korver isn't that great a shooter. Streaky at best. The Jazz need a shooter that can scare some people, we haven't had that in a while. There also needs to be a more reliable back up point gaurd, or Derron will get old fast, with the minutes he is playing.


It would be interesting if Boozer would go and Jazz pick up a scorer like TMac from Houston ...


"We still have things to learn..." I certainly hope defense and heart are at the top of that long list!


I agree mailman. Lets say he is a great coach because he has been around for a million years. Look at all the wins, but where is the championships. Not even one to his credit. Try something new Sloan, this is not working for you or the Jazz. You may look tough and you have Phil stand in front of you like you are going to charge the official. Phil let him go and lets see how tough he really is, Not!!

No Jazz Fan

Face it Jazz fans they will never win a title, they will be worse next year and won't make the playoffs. Deron will leave after his next contract is up because he will realize that it is hopeless in Utah. Remember the glory days because they will never happen again. You're not far from being Sacramento.

re what?

d will should work on his decision making on the court not off the court..thats for management to decide...he turns the ball over to much and needs to continue to develope his outside shooting...we don't need to put personel decisions in any way shape or form on his shoulders....

weather its brewer korver milsap or whomever...they need to become consistent before they are feared..

folks paul milsap is a wonderful player BUT HE IS NOT THE ANSWER....you hear announcers talking about 2 headed monsters...two players on one team that are DOMINATING...the jazz have one player dwill that is getting there..but thats it.


Wow, what a bunch of negative cynics.


Sloan haters just make me tired. Name me one team that beat Jordan in the finals? And Houston was Awesome in the years between. Sorry, too many things have to break your way for a championship, and saying someone isn't great just because he doesn't have one is ridiculous. I suppose Stockton, Malone and Barkley weren't great because they never got the ring. Tony Gwynn, and Ted Williams weren't great because the never got the ring. Sloan is a Hall of Fame coach, and, from what I can gather, one of the most respected in the league.

I'm frustrated by the losing too, but the Lakers are a better team this year. But remember, before they stole Gasol from Memphis they were a team in turmoil.

Just relax, I think that the people in charge tend to have a better grasp on the situation than we fans do.

todd to all

head coach 2009-2010 SLoan
head coach 2010-2011 if no strike Johnson "PHIL"

yawn zzzz..........

Future of franchise in Utah: Bleak Bleaker

One More Time- Facts

I posted late yesterday and it was not debated or agreed upon due to the time of day regarding the post. Here is the fact-Brewer, Milsap, Miles, Korver, Harpring(because of age) and of course Knight, and Collins are not starters anywhere in this league on a contending team. Brewer and Milsap I would keep as bench players but everyone else on this roster other than D-Will would be tradeable or released. Give me Koufus, Fess, Almond, Price D-Will,Brewer, Milsap, Okur, maybe Korver and dump the rest through whatever, trades, buyouts and I will build you a WINNER! Also dumped the whole coaching staff and O'Connor. Re-tool Greg or fans like myself are going in other directions for entertainment. What a mess has been created here. NOW is the time for change.


As a Jazz fan living in Phoenix I find it interesting to read all the comments about Sloan, the Jazz organization and what they should do to fix their problems. It could be worse. You could be looking to next year with the aging Shaq, Nash, and Hill, the uninspired Amar'e, and a bunch of "tough" guys off the bench we've never even heard of before. And, let me think, do we even have a coach? Let Steve Kerr come run your operations. He'll fix things for you like he has here. Now, I'll admit, I'm not in the loop when it comes to all things Jazz. But from the outside looking in, you have some things pretty good up there. Sure it could use some help off season, and I hope that happens like many of the rest of you, but build on the good you have, don't destroy it. By the way, now that the Jazz are out, whose bandwagon are Jazz fans jumping on? Are there suddenly a large number of Cleveland fans in Utah? Anyone but the Lakers, right? Go King James!


The Jazz are a young team, people need to realize that. Sloan is right. Jazz fans are the most impatient fans in the world. No team rebuilds so quickly after losing two of the best players ever, look at the Bulls they haven't been a .500 team since Jordan left, now it finally looks like they might be making progress...and they are in one the largest markets and desirable cities in the league.

We do need to make some changes, but not an overhaul. I think we really lack a leader on the team and that kills us. As much as I don't like Fisher when we had him we were a much more focused team, much better on the road much better effort day in and day out. We have so much talent if we could bring in a quality hard nosed leader that small piece might be all we need. I don't have anyone in mind but a veteran leader is needed, I love Dwill but he is not a real leader other than being the best player.

Stop blaming Sloan he can't be the leader. Coaches aren't leaders.


let Boozer go,let Okur play the 4 spot,Millsap the 3,Brewer and Korver the 2,Williams and Price SG,PLEASEEEEEEEEEE give both Koufos and Fes a real shot at the 5,or pick up a good defensive minded center,the rest ADIOS,especially miles...worthless and clueless


If I were KOC here's what I'd do:
trade Boozer for Bosh (throw in the Knicks pick to sweeten the deal)
Goodbye Collins
Goodbye Knight
Try to sign Okur to a 3 year extension at the same rate.
Match pretty much anything for Millsap.
Korver can decide if he wants to stay or go.
Resign Price.
Sign best PG available from the d-league.
Use option on Fes.
Offer Harpring a coach role at the same rate if he retires as a player.
Tell AK if he doesn't gain 20 lbs this summer we will fine him $200k.
Try and sign Brewer to an extension at a slight raise.
So here would be the roster:
PG Dwil, Price, dleague backup
SG Brewer, Korver(maybe)
PF Okur, Millsap
C Bosh, Fes, KK
We would be just a little over the cap this year but we would be a much better team, and have decent chances of winning the ring like 80% at least. We would use our draft pick on a SG or SF, and trade away our 2nd round picks for 2nd rounds picks next year.

It's The Phiosophy Dummies

Led by Sloan this coaching staff as well as the GM have a different plan than the better teams in this league. Just watch a few other teams intently, watch their offense and defense then rerun back to the Jazz and anyone with a brain can see a huge difference. Suck into the middle to help out leaving the perimeter open, then not even defending the area you suck in to. A high pick and roll ALL THE TIME as your main option, instead of spreading to court and moving the ball, setting screens for open 15 to 20 footers like others and slicing to the basket for open layups, instead of pluuging the middle always with pick and roll and shooting with no rebouders under the basket. DISGUSTING why this old system and staff continue to make players run something that is worn out. Clean house Greg!

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