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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sloan should go

Its time for Jerry to do the right thing, the honest and honorable thing and just walk away. He has has a stranglehold on this franchise for 20 seasons too many.

i wish jerry would just to the best thing for everyone involved and leave.

go away jerry

jerry has taken enough of LHM's hard earned money. Please go away and leave the franchise be; you have done enough damage, please go away jerry.


What a hard season for the Jazz. Illness, Deaths (Larry, Sloans brother, uncle/aunts of players etc) , countless injuries (even to the Bear and 2 cheerleaders having surgery), divorce and opt outs - too many distractions.
I want Boozer to stay - if he plays like he did in Game 3 - thats the Boozer I love. Everyone is bothered by the opt out - it's a business folks! This is his JOB! How many of you, in the same situation would NOT do the same thing? Easy to say from the outside... I think he could have handled it better, but still - it's not that big of a deal.
Sloan has been great, and unlike most other coaches - his players love and respect him...I hope he is around at least one more year.
Anyway, regardless of win or lose - still a big Jazz fan! I'm not jumping on anyone elses bandwagon!


What was up with those Jazz signs in Utah that read "Get Nasty?" When I saw those signs I thought the game was Sanpete HS vs. Green River HS. Surely Utah fans can come up with something better than that? Utah can learn a lot from real fans in SoCal!!! Go LAKERS...

Re: Re Moves

I think he means that it is obvious Boozer wants out because of the comments he's made about opting out and the way he finally played well in the postseason (looks good on the resume).

I agree, it is OBVIOUS that Boozer wants out. You don't need to know him personally to know that, you just need to read the newspaper.


As long as sloans around:

the jazz will get the kind of players he wants,

draft the palyers he wants,

get rid of the players he doesn't like or don't fit HIS system

get the kind players that fit his system,

he will contine his system,

he will repeat the same antics, say the same things, deny any responsiblity for the players, bad game-time coaching, no real or meanful adjustments beyond tinkering with starting line up,

Which all mean, the jazz will get the same results and same outcome as the last twenty one years.


but the reality is the jazz management will say the team is okay and heading in the right direction, that everythings is allright and that they just need some small adjustments,

most of the team will come back intact,

and this typical summers mid-late first round draft will not play much or contribute and spend most of the time with the flash not being developed by sloan,

basically just rinse and repeat the last twenty-one years.

Until slaons gone there will be NO REAL change.


I get tired of hearing how according to some fans, the Jazz "have no heart." Do you really believe they lost to the Lakers because they didnt want to win or they just weren't trying hard enough? The Lakers won because this year they are a better team than Utah. Utah could not handle their size and length and L.A's bench played better than ours. Utah doesn't need to blow up the roster or coaching staff to improve. They just need a better back up PG, a more consistent shooting SG, and a better defensive center.

Fire O'Conner

Then fire Sloan. What a mess. We're going backwards Jazz Fans. It will be worse next year. Sloan wants to come back. O'Conner still thinks we have all the peices to the puzzle. OMG. What a mess. What a waste of D Will. Just like with Stockton. The organization was to tight to surround Stockton and Malone with some talent. It's over, no desire to win a championship here. Why do we fans care so much? The Sloan, O'Conner mind set is they don't care about progressing, they just want everything to stay the same. Collect their fat paychecks and be happy with mediocrity. They fear high expectations, they like their comfort zone. How painfully sad.

Fan Mail

Okay enough of blowing up the Jazz....We have a really good nucleus....no need to be so drastic. Many of the Jazz players bring it every game! They play hard, but sometimes it just isn't there. Our main problem has to be Boozer, cause when he was injured the team pulled together and played like crazy. Something was lost when Boozer came back! Make Boozer happy...on another team that is. Hopefully the Jazz can get a "Good" big man! We have Williams, Brewer, Millsap, and Korver that play well together. Price is a good back up PG! Keep Harpring for his last year...he can teach the team toughness!

Let's keep AK if he'll take a pay cut! He gets way too much money!

We don't need a whole new roster! Please keep our main nucleus together!

Sloan on camera

seemed to be a beaten old man, but in the day he was the man! I think the Miller's have start at the top O'conner! It was a shame to watch our team drive to the basket and get knock down while the Lakers drive,score standing on there own two feet. Korver I just don't get it (maybe sloan just don't let him do his thing).Boozer keep ,get an aggressive center on defense end and on offense,get out of the old stockton,malon mind set its old school and uneffective in todays game.

PA fan

Sloan kind of doomed the team to failure when he said their chances to win were bleak. It's hard to win when the coach doesn't even believe in his team.


Sloan is a very good coach but is he the best coach the Jazz could have at this point?

Boozer is not likely to get much interest as a free agent. Only Det has cap space/money and they may not want him. A sign and trade may be possible IF the Jazz do not pay overpay him.

Okur tries hard but he does not match up well with 1/2 of the NBA centers. He is valuable as a 3 point shooter and rebounder.

Boozer and Millsap are both to short.

Barkley claims the Jazz lose (especially on the road) due to pace. They play much faster and better at home. The play slow and deliberate on the road. Who controls pace?

What good is Sloan's system if it takes 3 years to learn and can't run without the right players (playing hard and well each play)?

Who is going to get the Jazz to play defense? They can't defend strong tall athletic inside teams (LA, POR), Inside out teams (SA, HOU) and fun and gun teams (GS, PHO, NY).

Who fixes the Jeckle/Hyde act?


PG is the most important position for the Jazz. The right replacement for Fisher is the top priority.

A tall athletic PF is the second priority, especially if Boozer leaves.

Koufos/Fez should be able to replace Collins. Koufos is not a PF (at least yet). Okur would do better with more rest during the season.

The Jazz are stuck with AK. Sometimes he plays well.

The Jazz really do not have the answer at the 2/3 position. They have a lot of talented players who each have specific glaring weaknesses.

The Jazz play hard and also play defense when they want to turn it on. The rest of the time they just play up/down to the level of competition.

Who controls that?

This whole organization needs to quit labeling themselves as a "small market team". They use that as a marketing excuse for not competing. The Salt Lake market is comparable with NO, DEN, POR, PHO, SA, just to name a few. All were better than the Jazz.

If the NBA were totally rigged Utah would have never played CHI.

This organization needs to join the new century with real technology, management,coaching and players.

Enter Name

Keep Williams and rework the rest of the team


If you look at the first round draft picks over the last 10 years the Jazz only got 2 players. DWill who they moved up for and Brewer at 14. The rest were duds. Koufos is the 3rd best selection in 10 years.

KOC/Sloan/Jazz management are not good at first round choices and then do not develop the talent they do get. This is a major problem.

Look how POR and OK are developing their young talent.

Utah has major problems and they are in the front office/coaching/management. It is not just the players.

This is a superstar/young player league. The Sloan/Utah approach is out dated. You have to have 3 great players and enough cheap role players to win in this league. It starts with getting and developing young talent. Utah is dismal at this.

The Sloan system demands veterans to run right and Utah overpays them (for the talent level) and then can't win as they do not have enough talent or energy to compete.

Stop blaming the players. It is the management that does not know one end of a stat from another and flies by their whims.


Hey Jazz fans!
Let's make some things clear. Being frustrated is understandable but whining about almost everything is another thing. Let's face it. The Lakers' roster (especially their bench) is infinitely better than ours. I still liked our effort though! They simply kicked our butts with their size and limitless solutions...not because we lacked the energy level as many people claim! At times, yes, we looked confused and kinda frustrated because they were making shot after shot and we were not hitting any! Our individual talent (compared to the Lakers')is what let us down and not our overall effort and hustle!

Jazz for Ever!


It is the same problem that the Jazz have had since Stockton/Malone era ...

The Jazz need a true power NBA CENTER - as do most b-ball teams. Okur is great at times but he really is not a heavy duty 5, more of a 4.

I don't know if those 2 youngsters will be the answer - I have my doubts.

Boozer or Milsap would be great to keep if we can get a true center.


Have you guys considered that the Jazz just played a superrior team in the Lakers. The Utah Jazz a respectable organization ran into a buzz saw in thee Los Angeles Lakers are the real deal. This team was designed and built to win Championships. Utah will never comprehend nor understand the mind of a champion. The Black Mamba has developed his game to the point perfection, no motion is wasted, the thought process is unmatched, and the resolve unreal. Therefore, take some consolation you mere mortals in Utah, you've just been punked.

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