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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dick of the NW

How many of you second guessers went to more than ten games? If not, then shut your traps. We have one of the greatest coasches in Jerry Sloan. Look what happened to the Hornets. How do you explain that? True Jazz Fans will support them going forward. Changes will come. Lets hope it improves the team. Putting a team together is an art and not a science plus financial considerations. Look how the Jazz have been consistent. If you think the Jazz are so bad, try supporting the Clippers and think how much fun that would bring. It is frustrating to be a fan but that comes with being a fan. Only ONE TEAM will win at the end. Be thankful we have the Jazz and lets support forward to next year and remember it is not life and death....but a game that can be fun to be involved if you let it and want it to be fun knowing it comes with frustration. GO JAZZ FAMILY. Hey second guessers, let us know when you become perfect as a person.


Some of the issues this year had to do with the players. I think Williams and Boozer choked in the
last game...Okur is slow, soft, and heartless. I do not think you will find any Euro's with heart.
Kirlenko is an emotional mess.
But I believe the major mistakes of this season have to be placed at the door of SLOAN AND O'CONNOR. Why no attempts at bringing in interior defense by O'Connor?
I agree that this mindless, robotic, clock substitutions by Sloan hurts us everytime...There
was rarerly any creativity or diversity in the defense..The coaches sattheir like slugs, not talking to the team or calling appropriate time outs.
Price should have been starting or playing more.
Remember the two guys with heart Price and Harpring were benched many times by the Sloanmeister...
I thought his use of Knight and the second team in the beginning of the second quarter was possibly the
dumbest coaching decision I have seen this 'has been' coach make.
I am afraid that the fans, the league, and the team would be better off with Sloan's departure.


I think the Jazz did better than could be expected considering some of their highest paid, "best" players were out for much/most of the season. Revamp, regroup, renew. enjoy the summer.

Next Year

We will have (HOFer) Jerry sloan back for another great year along with a raise and more years on his contract.

We will give all the players a raise and present them with larger diamond earrings.

We will raise ticket prices again to pay for above because the Jazz fans are too dumb to mind.

Keep this wonderful team together and see you next year!!

Off Season

Take a break and come enjoy a Real soccer game. I was so frusterated with the Jazz I went to the last Real game and didn't even bother to DVR the Jazz Game. I had an incredible time at the Real Game. 6 Goals in one half. From a basketball fan to another, give Real a try this off season, you may like it.


I thought I would never say it but I agree with those who think we need a coaching change. Utah needs an entire new look instead of just the same old stuff. I hope Boozer leaves, he is just too inconsistent but I truly think we will get a lot worse before we get better. And yes, the better team won. Anyone who thought we were going to beat the Lakers just had their head in the sand.


oh man, you guys give such great material, I've got a real doozy of a rant locked and loaded but I just don't have the time right now....

Here's a preview... Price is not better than Knight, he may have been better than everyone last night, but everybody has their time to shine.


I think they should just dissolve the Utah Jazz franchise, because they are horrible. Kobe owns the Jazz. Lakers are the best team in the NBA and they will win another championship this year. Good night ya'll.

Soupe from MD

In the first quarter, Jazz was playing great. AK was guarding Kobe. Jazz was leading. Kobe used his expertise to get a phantom call on AK and stared down AK. Nobody stared back and bump Kobe. So who is the team captain??? And Sloan was quiet as well. He changed the match-up (just like Kobe wanted), AK on Ariza. The game was tied at the end of the 1st quarter. ggrrrrrrrrrr Sloan.
Second Quarter, Knight and Miles were useless. Sloan didnt realize that there was a problem until we were down by 10 points. grrrrrrr Sloan.
Last quarter, second until led by Price caught up. Sloan, instead of subbing AK for KK, which made perfect sense, took a timeout, ending the team's momentum. grrrrr Sloan.
Two techs in the end of the game? The Jazz needs to give Sloan two technicals and get another coach.
George W. Bush said it best... "fool me once, shame on... shame on you. Fool me... you can't get fooled again".


When everything falled, don't blame on the Coach. Lakers are the better team.
Don't feel bad Utah fans, imagined we have met Denver and go all the way to WCF with Lakers, would be a different scenario. Well, better efforts next year.

true red jazz man

whatz up with you people in Utar you have one bad series and it time to blow the whole thing up. cmon jazz faithful where is the team fanzz I grew up with?

Ben in WA

Hey I wonder if the Jazz can get a Shaq in the off season? Think of the possibilities the Jazz would have if they played Okur,Shaq,AK,Brewer,Willams?


Jazz fan FUNNY said:

What's funny is the Lakers showed last night why they won't win the championship again this year. If you can't even close the deal without a scare against the #8 seed's 2nd string what are you going to do when you go up against a team that's actually good? - that actually plays defense? - that actually has a coach whos not steeped in 1980s mentality?

Exactly, they won't. I just became a Houston Rockets fan!
Er, I believe we did close you out last night...
We've faced the best and beaten them soundly....
Coache's coach, they can't play the game...sounds like sour grapes to me!
Keep jumping from one bandwagon to another if that's what makes you happy...you must have never been a jazz fan to begin with and I'm sure they won't miss you.


You guys are idiots

Anyone who thinks Millsap needs to be in the starting line up over Boozer is just plain blind. The X-Factor for the Lakers every game was Odom. He had so many put backs on offensive rebounds and who was guarding him when he was so deadly? Millsap. I love Millsap but he is just too small to be playing against Odom and couldn't box him out at all. i agree Boozer needs to get better on defense but he did play pretty well the whole series and even on the defensive end he played better than Millsap. I would love to see the Jazz keep Booz and get rid of Okur and get a center who can play down low cause Okur sure can't. I like him but he needs to go. The whole team needs to suck it up and take a pay cut so they can get Amar'e from Phx and then develop Koufus. Big men of Amar'e, Booz, Millsap, AK and Koufus would be a killer combination. It won't happen and Amar'e doesn't want to play the 5 but that would be a great lineup


It would have been fun to see what would have happened if the fouls that Sloan was looking for had gotten called, rather than a T on him and a foul for the Lakers on the fast break. Probably would not have made any difference and the Lakers would have won the series in any case, but I dislike watching NBA ball because of calls like that which change a game as it unfolds. What was that ref's name, Dougherty?

The Jazz!

I have really enjoyed the Jazz over the years. I ask myself, What is the difference. The answer I think is "heart and toughness." Jerry is Hall of Fame Coach. I think he is also an honest man. If He wants to come back, I think he can still coach. For some reason this team, in most cases, doesn't seem to have the weart. The exceptions in my opinion are Williams, Millsap, Harpring, Miles, Price. Sometimes Kirelenko, Korver, Okur, Collins, Boozer show some guts. It seems to me that being injured has become to accepted on this team. I know there are some injuries that have to be attended to, and we have had too many of those this year. I wish somehow we could bring back Stocktons and Malones toughness.
My opinion is that Boozers contribution does not match up with his salary. I could see as many as six to seven players we could trade and do without. It seems that the chemistry was not good and I attribute that to the number of players not playing on a regular basis and some of the players not wanting it bad enough.


on a bad hamstring, still frustrated Pau Gasol over the past two games, more than any other Jazz player. One of the few positives to come out of the series. Maybe he learned to play some man-up D finally. I love his offense and ability to spread the floor, but really, REALLY want to see more defense out of him. We don't need him to be All-NBA defensive, just adequate and able to step in and take a charge occasionally.


Promote Sloan to President
Make Thurl Bailey coach
Bring Greg Ostertag out of retirement
Sound good to you? Sounds just about as crazy as everything else I've been reading here. Injuries were your biggest enemies this year and that's part of the game. Quit crying and live with it jazz fans!


Texas Laker

I'm a Laker fan (since 1963) and I have to tell you that I am impressed how the Jazz never gave up. You have a bunch of real scrapers (see Kobe's face after game 5). But, after reading Jazz fan's remarks of, "the sky is falling," most of you should ashamed at what you are saying about your team. Price was great last night, but how would he perform during a full season? Boozer was playing hurt, yet he seemed to give it all. So Be careful what you wish for. BTW, Lamar Odom, will take less to play in LA. You're going to have to find players that want to live in SLC.


Sloan is not simply being framed for the elimination, it has been the accumulation of losses over losses irregardless of the roster composition.
Besides, to those Sloan worshipers,do you expect your man to continue to coach up until he's in a wheelchair?
Are you denying the fact that change must occur with this franchise? Who is the constant in this franchise for the past 20 or so years? So who is the face of the Utah Jazz?
Remove Sloan and things will change.
Geez!! 20 years of failures is not enough for you?

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