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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Only in Utah

I'm as frustrated as anyone, but fans should keep things in perspective. Saying that they lost because of Sloan is like saying Lakers win because of Phil Jackson. I'm pretty sure Phil Jackson would have been a second-rate coach had he not had Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O'Neal to play with. Notice how he waited until Lakers were good again to come back and coach. Players win it and players lose it. Having said that, Sloan seems to do more with less. Living outside of Utah I've realized that Jerry Sloan is very well-respected everywhere, but in Utah. My peers can't believe that many Utah fans want him gone.

Like I said...

Ronnie Price proved his worth once again, yet Sloan never plays Price over Knight. I am glad Sloan realized that last night, but it was too late. Another note, was it just me that noticed Williams Defense on Kobe? Almost everytime Williams guarded Kobe, it turned into a steal, block, or something else good for the Jazz. Why didn't they play Williams on Kobe the entire series? Oh well, I will always support the Jazz. Next year will be a completely different team. See you later Boozer.

As for the Lakers, they were by far the better team. Heck, if the Jazz could afford that expensive of a roster, they would dominate too.

Johnny Jazz

He has a responsibility as a Coach to treat the players, team and franchise respectfully....enough is enough! Time has changed, so has the game.
We need to refresh this team and its purpose.

Sloan -- the greatest. . .

. . . to never win a title. Stockton and Malone -- the greatest. . . to never win a title. Some things in life are just better than others -- like the moral victories instead of the titles.

Dusty Koks

Get LeMar Odon! He is good! We need a man around that is not a woooss!

ha ha ha

Lose Cj, Brevin, Boozer, Collins, Fez, AK


I respect Jerry Sloan as a person, but I sometimes have a hard time understanding his coaching methods. It seems like whenever he gets upset with a player, he won't play them -- costing the entire team the game, and punishing the frustrated fans for their loss. He also makes 'his rounds' of players, even when the 5 playing are working well offensively and defensively.

Sloan has definitely turned boys into men but he lacks the creativity and determination as their coach. Since he admitted his mistake, I think/hope we'll be seeing a new side of Sloan - a winning side!

We need a team with heart, determination and spirit. D Will cannot do it all himself, he's the only one that's been consistent and I fear him leaving when his contract is up if the Jazz remain the same.

My top picks are:

Get rid of:


We need players with passion & determination like what Price expressed on the court last night against Fisher & Kobe - he didn't care who they were - Jazz NEED that attitude!

Give me sloanaholics. . .

. . . or give me death.


One other thing - if the NBA is rigged, you will see the Lakers VS. Cavs in the finals...just watch the commercials, they're already hyping those two teams up MORE than any other team!

Just like last year, in the first round of the playoffs, there were multiple commercials of Lakers Vs. Celtics...

The year before - with Parker marrying Eva Longoria, suddenly they were in the finals - I may be stretching this one, but my point is, if it is rigged, whether it be by the NBA commissioners or officials not regulating an 'impartial' game, then that means that the Utah Jazz never even stood a chance no matter how GOOD they really are.


The better team won, period. I don't see much to get excited about with that way too late comeback.They lost by double digits, and were lucky they didn't get swept by the lakers

Knight and Boozer

Knight has no offensive game and passes the ball to players that are not in position to score. Example: He passed the ball to Milsap where he had no chance to score. The result, the ball was blocked by the taller LA players. It is not difficult to dribble the length of the floor and then just pass the ball with no chance of your teamate getting a good shot. Play Price, lose Knight.

Boozer needs to fing greener pastures and we need someone who can play low post offensively and also play great help defense. Boozer is not that man.

Jerry, Larry, & Greg

the way sloan bags on his team in post-game interviews is pathetic to watch. okay, so he vaguely took some credit for not playing price this season. but too little too late. Jerry has brought fan anger upon himself, with his obvious stubborn, negative, inflexible style and defiant refusal to "motivate" players. It's been 20 years, now's the time for Jerry to walk off stage graciously.

Larry publicly stated that it's Greg's team now and he wouldn't interfere. If so, where is Greg now? Here's hoping Greg will do a clean sweep on the Jazz organization, not just new faces same system. It would be great to see him bring him some fresh blood (in every area) - stat! He could also bring in the latest, high-tech training and technology a la Lance Armstrong. That could really bring some talented players, like Andre, up to 100% of their potential - without invoking the luxury tax.

Larry "left it all out on the floor" and expected players to do the same. It's time for Greg to take the floor this off-season, livestrong and make every second count. Jazz fans are ready & waiting!!!

Dixie Dan

The Jazz are a small market team. Ergo, not too many big name free agents want to come here. Sloan has done a great job with limited skill players. The Jazz will have to look overseas to get some good big time players as did the Spurs. With not being in the lottery, it is tough to build a team through the draft. Case in point: Los Angeles Clippers.


The Jazz will never be contenders until they become aggressive defensively. If I were O'Connor, I would get rid of every single player who is soft defensively. I want a team that will meet the opponent at half court, maybe sooner, and harass and double-team and bother them, body them up and make life miserable for them. Guys like Price, AK, Milsap, Korver, Brewer and Harping are welcome anytime, but I would replace Korver with somebody who can create his own shot if we can find such a person. Koufos and Fesenko have showed promise. Okur should stay because he plays the big centers tough. As good as Williams is, he lacks defensive toughness. Boozer is the worst team defender I've seen in Jazz memory, outside a few losers who didn't last a year. Get any power forward who can score 10 to 12 points a game, get eight rebounds and play tough D, and the Jazz would win at least five more games. As for the Lakers, the Jazz would not have beat this bunch at any time in their history. This team has too many offensive weapons.

Sloan needs to go!

Yes, Sloan is a good coach and we owe alot to him. But, help me understand his coaching lately. When Sloan inserts Knight the Jazz lose the lead or get way behind and have to play catch up. We have been saying all season, "put in Price before Knight". It is this great mystery as to why Sloan plays Knight before Price. So Sloan puts in Price last night and he singlehandidly gets us to within 6 points with 3 and a half minutes still in the game. So what does Sloan do? Sloan kills our momentum with a timeout. That was the end of the comeback. The game has passed him by. Time for Sloan to step up and make one last coaching move. It is time for Sloan to take himself out of the game. Please retire and let's take our chances with another coach. No ring with Sloan with plenty of talent for 20 years. Let's try for a ring with another coach (please not Phil Johnson).


While I agree that Boozer has got to go, how is an undersized PF gonna get us an NBA Championship? Millsap cannot be one of the main pieces. While he is a rebounding machine and hustles on every play, his skill set is limited. He can't consistently hit a 15 footer. He gets swatted inside cause he's too short. We saw the Lakers destroy him underneath. As much as he hustles on defense, he is too short to guard bigger power forwards. Bottom line, keep Millsap (if possible) as a supporting player, but he is TOO SHORT to be the focus.

It Happened Yet Again

As a Jazz fan for the past 20 years, I had that same numb, empty feeling at the end of the game last night. You know, the same feeling all Jazz fans feel every year after getting beat Yet Again in the playoffs. Ughhh.

Millsap Got Nasty though in the 4th. That was Sweet!


AK is over the hill. Maybe he is too concerned about his upcoming birthday each year!

DALLAS!!! Seriously???

"Meanwhile... Denver, Portland, Clippers, Dallas, and everyone else the Jazz compete with is improving their roster with bold trades, well researched draft picks, and making the draft selection work for them."

You know you are a savy sports fan when you criticize Jazz management and challenge them to be more like the Clippers! Can you seriously say that the CLippers have been the ideal for "Bold Trades, well research draft picks, and making the draft selection work for them"?

The Clippers have about the WORST franchise in the NBA and are notorious for making horrible trades, terrible draft picks, and not making anything work. The Clippers have not been to the playoffs in what??? A decade? Two? Some Jazz fans that just don't get it--the Jazz have no business being as successful as they are! They should be more like the Bucks or the Nuggets. Instead the Jazz have missed the playoffs twice in my lifetime!!! Get over it Jazz fans and appreciate what you have!

status quo

I guarantee, next season will be a carbon copy of this season for the following reasons.

Jazz draft mediocre "big" as BOOZ insurange - he'll be sent straight to d-league.

Kevin will be too timid to make any major deals

G Miller will be too afraid to fire the coach his dad hired

BOOZ will injure his ham-string in the preseason and miss the first three months

AK will play most of the season off the bench and thus "not play with any focus, purpose, or energy."

DWILL will continue to impress, put up large numbers to try and carry this carcass of a team.

CJ will continue to shoot airballs

Brevin knight will check into the first quarter (with 2:23 left to play) using a "walker"

Ronny Price will play sparingly and try to dunk every time he touches the ball

Memo's hair and shooting range will get longer

Jazz will lose 8 of their last 10 games of the season and thus lose in the first round of the 2010 playoffs to the LAKERS.

SO SAD - I hope this does not come to fruition!

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