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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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At half time I turned off the TV and read my Church News...it was more exciting and less predictable!

Bye Bye

Let's face it, the Fisher loss was tragic. No accident the Lakers have finished ou off with him in their lineup.

It is, however, time to say good-bye to many on the current roster. We need a couple of bench players with the courage to play well each time out on the road. We need a 45% 3-point shooter. We need a coach who values and guards the 3-point shot.

It's been nice knowin' ya, fellas.

Sorry it just didn't work out. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I'm very happy, however, you are not the gutless Hornets. They are an embarrassment to the league, especially CP3.

Guys Guys

Getting rid of Okur is ridiculous. What needs to happen is to get rid of Bloozer and move Okur to PF. Bring in a Real defensive Center or start Koufus there. Milsap will never be an allstar PF. He is just too undersized. He is a fantastic backup though. AK brings alot of value to the jazz. He is very versatile. CJ will never earn what he is paid. He is an average player that would be an OK backup but I would rather have Korver as my backup. Here is my core, dump the rest:








I think Sloan did a good job putting together a winning season with all of the injuries. The frustration is that the team acted like they accomplished something by qualifying for the playoffs. After that "It's Vacation Time" With the exception of Sloan and about 3 players, it was painfully obvious that the Jazz couldn't wait to go on vacation. I say let's get players in who will play through the playoffs, not just until they qualify for the playoffs. I live in SoCal and the whole thing has been embarrasing and frustrating, not to mention PATHETIC. AND I MEAN PATHETIC

Fair and balanced...

Did ANYONE notice who else was on the bench during Utah's run that cut the lead from 22 to 6? It wasn't only Boozer. Your golden child WILLIAMS was also on the bench. As soon as he entered the game we lost our momentum.


Did we really think we had a chance against the team with the West's best record? They had momentum going in the play-offs and we were faltering toward the finish of the regular season. We shot ourselves in the foot by folding to the 8th spot because no team in the West has a chance against the Lakers. Sometimes our pure hustle and heart weren't enough to match the Lakers skill and depth. Oh well, there's always next year.


I told my wife before the start of the 4th quarter that we were going to learn alot about the character of this team by who steps up and plays in the 4th. It was priceless over on the bench seeing Boozer and A.K.'s expressions watching Price, Milsap, Brewer and Korver play with the heart and effort those two freeloaders lack. It was there for all to see. Here's to the new Jazz! Boozer and A.K. free Jazz!!


I'm sure the steelers thought once their legendary coach left they would struggle, then they got another good coach who won and then he retired and then they got another one who also won a ring. Just because Sacramento hired the wrong people doesn't mean that if Jerry left we would go down hill in rapid fashion. Hire the right guy and he could be here for the next twenty years with success.


AK kept the Jazz in the game the first quarter. Williams and Boozer may as well stayed home. Milsap got shots inside late because the Lakers let up and didn't want to foul.Early on he was rejected by the taller players. Price had something to prove and did. Poor Memo could not move. Took long for Korver to warm up. Matty just looks at a player and gets a foul called on him. Brewer played to his ability. Why did Collins not play? KK played great early in the year and should have been developed. Ultimately, only one person controls who is on the floor. Sloan lost this game.


Boozer and AK-47 have to go. Probably Collins also, what type of big man won't hit another? I get so sick of watching Boozer help people up, for heavens sake knock someone down, use your size, be as scary the court as you look in person. For AK, a great weakside defender but terrible on ball defender, go elsewhere.
The real questions are this:
Who replaces them? Can they work with Sloan?


I hate the headline for this story. "Sad season" seems a little harsh when the Jazz made it to the playoffs. Were all our expectations just a tad high? Is the team not allowed to win and lose, sort of like real life?

orson a round

Coach Sloan - please call about the job in Sacramento! We need you!!! Thanks for the effort you had in Salt Lake and sorry some don't appreciate you. It's hard to coach when the players make more than you do and are so childish in their mood swings. I would love to see the players union gone - no long term contracts - "your gone if you don't produce" make the players like we who work hard and have none of their "perks' Love Basketball, but hate the salaries, poor examples of many, really hate the tatoos!!!! But then I have the freedom to turn off my TV and watch Law and Order!

Little Red

D-Will, maybe its playing smarter, not harder that the Jazz need. Why don't NBA basketball players play like they love the game of basketball? I'd like to get paid the kind of money they do for something that I love! I sense that if these players don't want to make the sacrifices and play like they want to win an NBA championship, guess it won't work, will it? Why do you show up to play? Where is your commitment to the team and to the fans - to the game? You can trade and get the best players around (that money can buy) BUT if they don't want to make a personal commitment to play to win, guess it doesn't matter what the name on the back of the jersey is --- traded for what? There are many factors that play into this but bottom line is, someone(s) gave UP somewhere along the way and the heart of the team died. Blame it on injury if you must or maybe blame it on your lack of commitment - the latter makes more sense.

Let's celebrate mediocrity

HURRAHHH! We are so average but we act&think the jazz are the best in the world, no the universe. We don't lose we just beat ourselves every night. Yeah to reality YEAHHHH Just like BYU football fans!

New starters

New Starters:
PG... Deron Williams
SG... Ronnie Price
PF... Carlos Boozer
C... Okur (unless fesenko or Koufos can compete)

Role Players:
Kyle Korver
Ronnie Brewer
Paul Millsap


Good bye Jerry Sloan... your time has come and gone...u did the Jazz proud but time to turn over the team to a new, improved mind. Ur system is only good enough to win 2 games in a series vs Phil Jackson who is 4-0 vs u in playoff series now...u are to negative, ramble on during interviews making no sense, and make horrible coaching decisions. You bench Koufous and Fesenko, your other two 7 footers when ur facing Odom, Gasol, and Bynum???????? How did u think u were gonna play ANY D vs those three?? 2 years in a row now and u STILL dont get it!

And see ya later Loozer... u are heartless and better leave this team to open up cap space, but of course u wont because nobody else will pay u more money

Roller Mills

Any effort to overhaul/improve this team, which does not include a new head coach, will fall woefully short. Jerry had a good young team 4 years ago. We knew that going to the WC finals 2 years ago was a bit of a fluke, but the team has done nothing but regress since.

Yes there have been injuries, but Koufos, Fesenko and Price weren't hurt. Sloan thought the Jazz best chances were to play Knight and Collins when any other NBA coach, or junior Jazz coach, would have been playing Koufos or Fesenko instead of Collins and Price instead of Knight.

Sloan cannot develop young talent and he is very poor at managing a game. He needs to be retired. He blew a golden opportunity with this great young team that can never be recaptured.

Sloan is old school and hard-nosed, but he put one of the softest defensive teams in the NBA on the floor this year. He talks tough, but his team doesn't play tough. It's way past time to give the reins to someone else.


First off, I hope all player who sit on bench and watch second string make run against mighty Lakers are ashamed. The leaders of our Utah Jazz watched like cheerleaders as the likes of Ronnie Price led us back with actual heart. Boozer, I hope you were watching and taking notes, you could use a lesson in heart.
Now Jazz fans, let's not be hasty. One game does not make the season for Ronnie Price. Yes, Brevin Knight, how you say......stinks? But this is one game for Ronnie Price, so let's not get too excited about all the supposed "mistakes" Jerry made. With all of our injuries, do you honestly think we make more wins if Ronnie plays over Brevin, no!! Do we beat mighty Lakers with Price as our backup? NO!! So all of you come off of your coaching platforms and realize that Jerry is great coach, who like many other coaches, doesn't make all the right calls all the time. At least he man enough to admit it. This season ruined in three loses....at Miami, and GS and MINN at home. everything different if we win those simple games.


This team is horrible. I've abandoned them and decided to become a Laker fan. At least they have fire, heart, and desire to win. This Jazz team is weak, slow, and gutless. Jazz management had better do something this summer instead of sitting on their hands, or there might be a lot of new fans that are switching like myself.


The one common denominator in all of this is Jerry Sloan. He's had great talent through the years but continues to fall short of expectations. Change the coach-change the Jazz's success. Out with Sloan (and boozer) in with a championship.

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