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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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You jazz fans are a laugh! Now I'm reading "Yeah you know the unstoppable duo with amre stoudamire and boozer" HAHAH YOu guys can't win because your whole organization is not together. You players are boring to watch besides D- Will. It's just not exciting basketball. I cannot watch that boring "Foul to WIN" type of basketball. Plus all the fans are sellouts the minute the Jazz are out of the playoffs.

there's a reason

why the lakers are always a contender and why they have such huge tradition. they put the right peices together to form a championship from Scouting to the coaching. SAy what you want about the lakers they are winners and have built a juggernaut in the NBA. THose jazz fans who call them "Fakers" are just haters who get let down every year. Enjoy the Ride!

Ready and a . .1 and a . .2

LA LA LA LA LA HEY HEY HEY . . . . You finish it jazz fans


Sorry Jazz Fans, but as a Houston Rocket fan I am glad to see the Jazz eliminated. You guys have dominated us for years and your exit is just the help we need. As far as Sloan, I think he's a great coach you guys have just had the misfortune of running into the wrong teams at the wrong time. (ex. Chicago Bulls in the Finals) Clearly the Jazz best chance to win. Sorry but glad to see you go.

Herman F

Thanks for making the best season they could given the injuries. Fans should always cheer for your team, which some Jazz "fans" (mostly the ones who are whiners anyways) tend to forget. The Jazz did their best and lost to the best team in the conference without having anything to be ashamed of. Lets do better next year. Go Jazz!

Ak Fan

I've been there. Jazz almost killed LA. If not that time out and Ak instead Deron for Brewer. Just 3 point. Man I was ready to fight Around me only yellow jerseys . My 47 picked all the time. Hostile. But I like what players did. Sloan give up but bench didnot. Ak had good game. Deron like Sloan easily going down may be tired. Ak was guarding Kobe how you gonna get rebound Some folks too much into stats. I wish AK leave somewhere else and he will star again.

Be Carefull

What you wish for. Peolple wanted Addleman out in Sac town how is that working out? Nuggets fans wanted Carl gone last season, How is that working out??? Nicks fans wanted Van Gundy gone how did Thomas work out??? Pheonix fans were not to happy with Dantoni that worked out great for them. Jerry is not the problem. If you ask me one player is causing the issues and it Boozer, they were better with out him than they were with him. If you don't believe one player can poison a team look at the Nuggets without Iverson.


D-Will has had another great year, but he needs to improve his leadership by doing what he says. Boozer wasn't the only one to have a lousy game last night with half-hearted effort. D-will showed little effort and heart in this must win game. When he came into the game at the end he slowed down all momentum the subs had achieved in making the game more respectable. So when D-will is talking after the game that the team lacked the effort to win a series, I sure hope he was taking responsibility for his own lack of effort. It was quite obvious D-will had given up any hope for his team. He could learn a lot from Ronnie Price by going out and giving it his best effort.

john flopton

...maybe we should work on our flopping


I am happy the Jazz are done. I mean now we can start getting excited for football season. GO UTES!


@ Hilarious...
Yes, Boozer is a fantastic OFFENSIVE player. I'd rank him right up there with T-Mac and Iverson. Great numbers, but their teams do much better - or at least the same - WITHOUT them.

IMO, Millsap is an adequate replacement. And he'll cost 1/2 the price. Remember his string of double-doubles before he got hurt and then Boozer replaced him as the starter? No, Paul will never average 20/10. But he won't give up 20/10, either.

You can't pay MAX dollars to someone who's production is close to a wash - i.e. he gives up nearly as much as he produces. That's Carlos. Millsap is maybe good for 16/9, but plays defense.

I doubt the Jazz give Carlos a huge contract, not with his inconsistent play and history of injuries. Best scenario is he stays and we trade his expiring deal (like the AI/Billups trade). Or, maybe he does opt out, but his agent and O'Connor work out a sign-and-trade deal with another team.

We need a starter and backup PF in return. Doubt a quality center is possible, but perhaps a SG or SF.


Jazz Season Tickets: 900 dollars
Parking for Jazz Season Tickets: 200 dollars
food with Jazz Season Tickets: 100 dollars
Man Hours devoted to following the Jazz for the season: 250 hours
Next Season without having to watch Boozer let anyone in the league drive by him and hopefully watching Sloan's pathetic coaching: Priceless

Why does Sloan get a free pass on his failure to get this team motivated and ready for the playoffs. He knows absolutely nothing about team player management. He holds a grudge for seasons and is an egomaniac and nothing is ever his fault. The interview after the Game 4 loss was classic. When I was in the league I played against players that were tough. You coach like it was still the 70's. Get out and don't let the door hit you on the way.

Misses number 12

this is for all the goofballs who want to change coaches. I have two words for you: Sacramento Kings.
A few years ago they fired Rick Adelman. They have since fired 3 more and have the worst record in the NBA. They are just like Utah, a small market team that no free agent will go to if they have other options. No high profile free agents or coaches want to come to Salt Lake! Only if you overpay (Okur) or outright steal (Boozer) can you get them.

How many teams have won more games than the Jazz in the last 20 years? There is one and that is the Spurs. I guess you people who want to change coaches want to be in the lottery every year like the Kings.

Three reasons

Three reasons Sloan must go; Ronnie Price, Kosta Koufos, and Kyrylo Fesenko.

Anyone who cannot see that is in denial.

re: GIB

You Sloan lovers are more predictable than the rising sun.
You cannot make a rational, factual argument for keeping Sloan around.
All you do is demean his critics- you know the ones who have been saying price, kk, et. al need more time.
Just go away and take Sloan with you. You contribute nothing to the discussion.

Ronnie Price isn't the answer to save the team, but if he would've had more minutes all season long, we might have ended up a 6th or 7th seed.

I agree with the other posters that AK is the noose around the team's neck. His large salary and low production will kill this team off.

Trade Boozer

Now and get something in return. He owe us that much! Don't end up like we did with Fisher, nuthin for sumthin

DC Hilton

I have to second this entry:

It's time to revamp the team. However, I would like to see this core group of players remain:


The rest are expendable (if necessary) via trades, retirements, etc.

Players I do not want to see back:


A coaching change might also be in order. My choice:


I love Jerry, but I frankly feel like he may need to retire on top and let someone else take the cheap shots from a lot of disgruntled Jazz fans. He's in the Hall of Fame, where he belongs and Jeff Hornacek would probably make an excellent leader.

I'm already excited about next year, as long as Carlos "The Underachiever" Boozer is gone.

Also, I still have hope for AK and I'd add him and Ronnie Price to the keepers list.


When are you all you NBA/Jazz fans going to get it? The NBA is the most marketing controlled league in all of sports. It is not about defense, execution, hustle plays, 3-point shooting or anything like that. It is about marketing the NBA's poster athletes. Did anybody really think that the NBA would allow the playoffs to go on without Kobe and without the constant camera shots of drugged-out Phil Jackson sleeping on the bench, ah, I mean "coaching"?

Call it what you want, conspiracy theory, fixing games, etc., etc., but at the same time, how obvious can be. The refs give the all-stars their free-throws and their non-calls in every game, the NBA markets their product through these all-stars, and the big name, over-hyped teams continue to play. It's a joke. It's a corporate controlled, marketing league and, unfortunatly for us fans of the sport, teams like the Jazz just don't sell.

Kirlenko heist=Mr. Madoff

As far as I concerned keep D-Will and get rid of the rest Sloan included! Boozer please leave. Okur, I'm sick of standing up for you. You are really not that good and your awkward movements and D stink. Kirlenko don't even get me started. You should spend time in jail like Mr. Madoff for the heist you put on Larry Miller and the rest of us Jazz Fans. This group is horrible. I am ashamed to tell people I support this group. Whatever happened to the good old days of Stockton, Malone, and Horny, This group is a pathetic attempt of a TEAM!

Egg Face

Jerry Sloan really has egg on his face over this Ronnie Price deal. The same thing will happen when Fes and Koufos are allowed to emerge. Is whinny A.K. and mr. pay raise the reasons Sloan has refused to allow Fes and Koufos to integrate with the rotation, just to meet their whinny demands? I say dump A.K., Loozer, and Sloan. Sloan can take Brevin Knight and Jarron Collins with him on his way out of town.

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