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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Let Millsap replace Boozer??? Ha,ha ha... Please stop... you're killing me!!!!

Boozer was an animal once he got 100% healthy and all you "haters" can do is cry because he hurt your feelings when he said he would opt out. You sound like a bunch of five year old kids. "He doesn't want to be in our club so let's be mean to him!" You've put him under a microscope but are only capable of seeing his weaknesses. Never mind that he averaged over 20 points and 10 rebounds per game in the playoffs. Frankly, Gasol and Odum made Millsap look pretty average.

OK, he isn't Tim Duncan or Karl Malaone. His defense is mediocre at BEST. I understand. What you fail to understand that there may be three or four players in the entire league that are as good as those two. The fours that play great defense can't come close to scoring and rebounding like Boozer. Pick your poison. Defense and sub par scoring or a 20 - 10 guy.

Millsap is NOT the answer! He had 5 minutes of glory last night.

Irrational exuberance for an exceptional BACKUP!


This team was disgusting to watch. Even more disgusting is 1320 KFAN's coverage which contiues to insist that nothing is wrong with this team, it was just a tough year with injuries, we should just be happy and keep buying tickets. I've personally made the switch to 1280 AM. 1320 KFAN, owned by the Jazz organization, is too biased in their coverage of this heartless team.

Blow it up and start over.


Knocked out! The Jazz have a storied passed and still can build the team back to it's winning ways. But getting knock out in five in the first round and falling like a rock in the final weeks of the season is a psychological grenade. Only the true professional can overcome this melt down that the Jazz are in. Well, only time will tell whether or not this current batch of players have the ability to regroup and refocus and come back nxt season.


Time to blow it up and start over. Keep D-Will, use the rest of the assets to acquire a new team. If Jazz management sits on their hands this summer I am done with the Jazz.


how bout price not being afraid of the lakers? he stood toe to toe with kobe and basically told him 'im not scared of u like the rest of the world and the rest of my team. bring it'. he brings energy, heart, and toughness off the bench and he did it time and time again last season, maybe he is erratic at times but he does 10 times more then knight ever does. i dont understand why he didn't play more. the jazz need to make sure they keep this core of players together:

D will
and probably Ak and go out and get a TOUGH big man that will stand up and throw a certain member of the lakers from spain around like the rag doll he is, the way the great malone would've done it.

lets get back to what worked for u in the 90s. TOUGHNESS


Sloan has an unbelievable offensive system without which players like ronnie brewer, would go the way of bryon russell. I think we need sloan just for the offensive system he has in place, his game management is frustrating though and has been the whole time he has been here. Resting our stars and letting the Lakers run up an 11 point lead was as irritating as when Karl would finally start making shots and sloan would pull him.

We have to keep Boozer and DWill. They are the only two legitimate starters for a team in contention that the Jazz have. All the Boozer haters need to give the guy a break, look at yourself how many of you have gone through a divorce and serious health issues and given 100% everyday at your job? The guy has unbelievable skills and him and Dwill were the only ones who could even play with the Lakers.

Boozers Dfense is not up to par, but Okurs is terrible, and the problem is you can't play two terrible big men at the same time. I say get rid of Okur and bring in a defensive center like Biedrins.


Also, we have way too many mediocre wing players. If we could get one solid wing player we would be a drastically better team. The problem with our wings is they each have massive massive holes in their game. Brewer can't shoot and we saw how that hurts us this series, Korver plays hard but is a terrible defender teams attack him with whomever he is guarding. Miles is inconsistent at best. AK, well is AK. If we could somehow get a solid wing player, not a great one but one without huge holes and who can defend the likes of Kobe and at least slow him down, and can hit the open three's to spread the floor once okur is gone. I like Ariza, and Battier.


No you're done


0 rebounds in 31 minutes. Thats weak sauce folks. A.K., Boozer, and Sloan are the 3 main reasons this team failed.

todd from santa ana

1 "sloanaholic"

read my post from last night: You all better write and call, this am is not soon enough

A source told me: Phil Johnson in 2010 is predicted to walk in and replace Sloan

I am not trying to start a problem, but this person knows as much as any media insider and that is all i can say,

We have a very bleak future friends. SOmeone needs to talk to Greg...Quick...

uR MoM

we all knew the jazz
weRe gonna lose,
all though i do hate to say it

your moms best friend

YOUR MOM!!! where r u!!!

ha yea sad the jazz lost they haven't been to the play off's forever sadly
whatever im at school so bye!


"There is no doubt in my mind that Brevin Knight is a better point guard than Ronnie Price."

"Most of the posters on this site don't know what they are talking about."


Face it people the jazz are doomed until they get out from under AK's enormous salary. He is so overpaid that teams just laugh at us. Even if we were to trade him we cannot get our moneys worth. I hope boozer opts out and does not get offered more money, that would be pay back. It could very easily happen too people around the NBA are not idiots and with the economy the way it is. we can all hope

Jimmy Z

I have to say and i have been saying this for years.
Jerry Sloan needs to retire. Please Jerry go back
to the midwest drink all the whiskey you can and ride
your tractors. This young team has been hurt with
you coaching. PLease leave asap, so maybe we can get
out of the first round. I think Sloan coached teams
has have loss in the first rounds 10 times in his career. I am sick of this coaching by him.


Good idea Jerry. Take out Boozer and Williams after the first quater so they aren't too tired for their fishing trip today. The other good move you made all series was putting in Knight for Williams over Price. Whenever Knight went in we had the lead, by the time he came out we were down double digits. But I forgot, you like loosing to Phil. What other young talent besides price is wasting away on Jerry's bench?


Odom is an unrestricted free agent. GO GET HIM. Pay him with Boozer's money. He is an instant upgrade on both ends of the court. Plus it would really stick it to the Lakers.


NBA's Softest Fans.
Good Nite Irene aaa....Stick A Fork In Them aaaa....
Fat Lady.....aaaaa.....Toast.....aaaaaa


So maybe it isn't Sloan's job to motivate players, but if he lets a guy like Price play and bring his energy into the game, don't you think that rubs off on others?

If he sits a guy that isn't giving 100%, doesn't that motivate everyone?

Jazz have some serious problems with personnel. Boozer only playing for a contract, AK already "getting his" and underperforming. But the buck HAS to stop with Sloan.

Yes, Jerry had a tough time this season with the deaths of former teammates and colleagues. Just looking at hime near the end of the season, it appeared he had absolutely no competitive fire left. Sloan needs to retire. Jazz need fresh blood at the top.


Boozer will get his double double most of the time, but if you score twenty, and let the other guys score 25 on the other end, what good does it do? Boozer seems to de-motivate the other guys, too. They do much better when he is not there. Sort of like Allen Iverson. He can play great, but he is a disrupting influence on his teammates. Get rid of him, he is a cancer on this team. And play Price and Koufos for heavens sake! How are they going to contribute if they hardly ever get onto the floor?

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