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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Need Attitude Adjustment

We need a new attitutde in the Jazz organization. Jerry Sloan is a good coach but his negativaty and constant verbal beating of his players is mentally and emotionally draining.

We may need a new coach who can bring a positive, winning mentallity to the organization. Sloan is too dour to motivate young talent for long stretches at a time. I give him an "A" for talent development due to ingraining a strong work ethic. I give him a "C-" for his ability to motivate through the season, the playoffs and over the longer-term (multi-season).

To be clear, it's not all Sloan's fault. The Jazz payroll does not allow them to consistently contend for a Championship. Malone knew this years ago, and nothing has changed for the positive. In fact, the overall talent on a relative basis is a bit lower than 10 years ago.

Ronnie Price

proved in 5 minutes why Sloan is a "has been". Ironically, the Fakers won the game at the beginning of the 2nd quarter when who was in the game??? Yep, Brevin Knight. Oh, and Steve Javy and crew gave an assist in the last 3 minutes of the game, under direction of Stern and Co, no doubt.

You've been a great coach Jerry, a HOFer, but you're over the hill. Be like Hot Rod and bow out gracefully. You're holding the Jazz back now.

Note to Greg Miller: Now you're center stage. Get your broom and mop out and start cleaning house!


Their was no reason to play hard when there is no chance to compete for time.and no one held accountable...

Keep Sloan!

I love Sloan! The man can coach. What do you do when you get some players with no heart? You can't get out there and play for them. Give him a break! The thing that makes me want to turn off the tv is the half-hearted effort. Sign and trade the Booze and get someone that can block a shot and put a body on a man.

Dismantle this team and rebuilt

I am glad the nightmare is over. Now this franchise must do some clearinghouse work: Every aspect of this franchise needs to be reviewed. Coach,front office and players no one should be immune to criticism.
Basic problem right up front:too many high paid players with no toughness and a stubborn coach who cannot properly utilize talent.
This is the same Ol Sloan who benched D-Will in favor of Keith McCleod, Ronnie Price in favor of Brevin Knight, Kosta Koufos in favor of Jarron Collins just to name a few.
Then comes the amourphous front office, which is totally incapable of making the right personnel moves: draft Raul Lopez instead of Tony Parker, draft Humphries instead of Al Jefferson, draft C. Botchardt a known injuries prone, draft a high school delinquant in DeShawn Stevenson,loses Mo Williams, Pavlovich etc...overpay underachievers like Ostertag, AK ( to some extent ).
It's time to stir this decaying franchise in a new direction. 21 years of failures should prompt these drastic changes a la Portland.


What's funny is the Lakers showed last night why they won't win the championship again this year. If you can't even close the deal without a scare against the #8 seed's 2nd string what are you going to do when you go up against a team that's actually good? - that actually plays defense? - that actually has a coach whos not steeped in 1980s mentality?

Exactly, they won't. I just became a Houston Rockets fan!


Jazz, please don't let Boozer go because I'm afraid my Suns team will pick him up.


They have to get rid of Sloan. You can say what you want about him, but you cant get rid of all your players. We cant continue to loose on the road like this, and we dont play defense anymore. So what are we doing he has the guys afraid to shoot and wont let them run. His old school style is dead, and if we dont make a change everybody is going to leave including DWILL.


Brevin Knight is useless. Make sure he is gone. Boozer was interviewed and I listened to it on KFAN, he was asked if he would return and he was the same old Boozer. He said he would have to look at the situation and talk to his family. He always just tries to be politically correct, never shows any emotion and is just a dang robot. I have supported him through the whole season but I hope this Loser is gone. He sucks on defense too. I made it a point to watch him on every defensive possession last night and he is worse than I though. He does not rotate to help teammates, he does not take a hard foul, he does not alter a shot. See ya Boozer, good riddance. Jazz got beat by a team that is head and shoulders above them. Changes are in store. Let's get some players that want to play defense and that have a spine and can perform away from SLC.

Re Moves:

Obviously?...Obviously?......It's doubtful that you are in any position to know what Boozer wants!!

genie in a bottle

Dear coach,

Listen to the whiners who have never been in a coaching situation yet they know that to fire you is what the team needs, to unload Boozer, to play Price, to shoot AK.etc. etc. etc. They would all like to live in a perfect world where the Jazz don't compete in a professional league but they win every home game and also win every away game, no matter who they have playing for them.

I hope O Connor reads these comments then he will know that comments from fans need to dictate his roster.

These fans would like to change fishing to catching, they want to win all the time and I think they should live in LA where the dollars are big and the players are bigger.

This year we competed, we had memories some good lots not so good. So what!! Thanks JAzz for compteting when you did it makes it great for us as fans to be proud. Most likely there will be changes but please do not change for the sake of those who write in.


44 games missed

Unforgivable and unforgettable. Please Basketball Gods, if there is any justice in this world, let him opt out and be gone somewhere else, anywhere else.

Saintly Gent

It's only a game! Please be more concerned about your eternal soul! Death awaits us all.

Sitting Players

The end of the first quarter had the Jazz tied with the Lakers. Then, Sloan put Boozer and Deron on the bench for five minutes while the Lakers took an eleven point lead, and no one could score for the Jazz. What is THAT about?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Kevin O Connor... here is a great idea. Why don't we do absolutely nothing in the offseason again... maybe sign another worthless player or trade for one that won't contribute in any positive manner. Have another gwad awful draft... and expect this pathetic group of wannabe professional basketball players to reach the NBA finals. Meanwhile... Denver, Portland, Clippers, Dallas, and everyone else the Jazz compete with is improving their roster with bold trades, well researched draft picks, and making the draft selection work for them. Lets not actually build a team for a NBA finals run. Yeah... lets just roll out whatever crap we can in hopes to just make the playoffs and be utterly embarrassed. Yeah... that style of being a GM has been doing a swell job the last 3 seasons.

reality check


Did I read some dreamer saying Dwill to Amare...do you know or have you ever read about defense? We already have a tall PF who doesn't play D for us..Lets replace him with another. Think people before you empty your minds on these comments.


Knightmare's gone,
Coach Sloan didn't like Ron(g) Price,
AK will play for KNICKS next year - surprise?
And All That Jazz got kicked his ...


Even when the Jazz were blowing out CP3's team in that great first half a few weeks back, they didn't look as energetic as when Price went into the game against the Lakers.

Now THAT's the kind of effort it takes to win. Even Kobe didn't realize why the Jazz closed on them with just the subs. It was effort--he thought it was HIS team's lack of it--not really! Every player on the floor for the Jazz (including Memo, even!), were hustling their butts off.

When Sloan thought the game was winnable again, he inserted a few starters---big mistake. Took away the momentum.

At first, Sloan looked like he was going to insert AK, then changed to D-Will. I think at that point, AK would have been the better choice. D-Will somehow slowed things down again.

Price is a keeper, even if he's not that active a shooter. His quickness and in-your-face defense is invaluable.

So, let's keep D-Will, AK, Millsap, Brewer, Price, and Koufos. Are there that many replacements out there for the rest of them that are worth getting?


Oh, if the Jazz can develop (Koufos) or get a good center, keep Memo as a 3-point shooting big man. You can't have enough trey guys on a team in today's game.

go away Sloan

Sloan is a loser, time for him to go. He couldn't get it done with the best point-forward combo in NBA history how do you think he can ever win with this team? I think he actually gets his teams to compete very hard, the problem is they compete hard with an outdated system. Jerry is incapable of understanding any kind of modern statistical analysis of the game, that's why he doesn't utilize the three point shot (or guard against it). And now we're stuck with him, he's like the house guest that never leaves. GO AWAY SLOAN!!!

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