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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It's time to revamp the team. However, I would like to see this core group of players remain:


The rest are expendable (if necessary) via trades, retirements, etc.

Players I do not want to see back:


A coaching change might also be in order. My choice:



Brewer got almost every single offensive rebound and we get within 6 during the last 3 min...and he was taken out???

Price was good at the end. Makes me wonder why he was benched all season long???

Anyway, the better, much better team won.


Why picture Carlos Boozer in the headline unless you want to show one of the parties responsible for lack luster play and no defense effort. I still hope that Boozer opts out. His skill as a player is very limited, everyone who watches him knows that. Look at his performance tonight, miserable. Show the guys off the bench who brought us back in the 4th quarter, they are our future, built up around DWill. Kudos to AK for his effort tonight also. the lAKERS ARE SUPERMEN, WELL COACHED, AND WILL BE DIFFICULT TO BEAT.

Tommy boy

Dear Coach Sloan,

Thank you for admitting you made mistakes. However, as you have said to your players, it is too little too late. Finally, during the last quarter of the last game of the season you were able to produce a team that played tough. You have to admit....that is way...way too late.

You have been a great coach. We wish you the best. Thanks for the memories. We admire you ...but you have to agree that we need a coach that can produce a tough team a bit earlier in the year than the final quarter of the final game of the season.

You are a hall-of-famer Jerry. No hard feelings...right?


Nice one sloan... good thing it took you till the last game of the season to realize that Price should have never lost out on playing time to Knight. He was the starter when Deron was out and should have been number 2 when he returned. He might be a little wild sometimes but at least he is athletic and can knock down some shots,

His follow up dunk tonight was awesome as was his attempt to dunk it over fisher. Those are the only two plays i'll care to remember from this game. Much more so than a boozer power layup.

Get with it or get out Sloan. I hope some big changes are made this season. I would love to see Bosh down low with Okur and Millsap.

Good luck getting your raise Boozer. Oh wait... you are selfish enough to realize no one will pay for your weakness and you'll keep on cashing in for another year in Utah.

As a frustrated Jazz fan... I am glad to say I'm out for the season.


The jazz needs a hero.

the Mailman

Can we play all 82 games at home next year?

Oh and every play off game at home..

Oh and not face a Phil Jackson coached team (just quietly i think he has the wood on you Jerry)

Oh and oh yes we must be guaranteed to not have even one injury (apparently if you get injuries you are incapable of doing well)

Oh dont worry bout it, we'll still bomb in the playoffs anyway..

Heres to season 2010/11 (please i hope he has gone by then).. i just hope DWill is still around..

Ben in WA

I am glad that Jerry can finally admit that he was wrong on playing Knight over Price. It is just too bad that he could not have seen it sooner. Just like playing some one like Collins over KK or Fes. Jazz need to develop there tallent and not let guys like Mo Willams escape them cause they won't let them play.

Say Again?

"[A]t this rate...all that's left for the Jazz next season is a return to the NBA draft lottery."


They were playing a super team, maybe the league's best, and even the most passionate but realistic Jazz fans saw this coming.

There is a lot to like about the Jazz. Remember the big surge and winning streak mid-season? Too bad that wasn't at the end of the season and in the playoffs, but this is still a good team and fun to watch.

Besides, your statement has almost no precedent. Out of the nine times the Jazz have lost in the first round, only once have they followed up by failing to make the playoffs. Four times they have followed by losing in the first round again; twice by losing in the conference semifinals; and twice by losing in the conference finals. Your statement that the Jazz will be in the lottery next year bets against history.

It's fun to play teams we own--Houston, Denver, Golden State, etc.--but this year it was kind of nice to go to the top and get it over with. Better luck next year.


Same ole, same ole--what a stumblebum season finish.

How long must excellent Jazz players see their careers crumble while we pretend that Sloan is a great coach? When Warriors savaged the Jazz, the Warriors said their game plan was to play "fast and loose." Can you imagine Sloan ever telling his team to play fast and loose? I guess he'd rather lose.

Sloan constantly blames his players for girlie play and poor defense. A real coach corrects those kind of problems, but Sloan saves his coach-type wisdom for post game interviews. He acts confused whenever he deals with game management or substitution.

Almost every year, he talks darkly about problems in the locker room. Then he says the players should "settle their argument with ice picks in the parking lot." Maybe that stupid statement is his idea of motivation. I forgot--he says he doesn't try to motivate.

The time for a new coach is long past. Jazz players and fans deserve a change.


For the first time in my life I feel the need to question Jerry Sloan's strategy at the beginning of the second quarter. The Lakers still had their stars on the floor and the Jazz had almost no starters. Finally, after the lakers pulled ahead by 10, some of the scorers re-entered the game. But it was already too late. And how many points did they lose by?

On the other hand, I think Mr. Buckley is being a bit glum in his assessment of the season. Although it should not be used as a crutch, you have to admit that the injuries played a big part in where the Jazz ended up in the first round. Of course their late season slide, when everyone was supposedly healthy, was the ultimate downfall.

But let's try to be positive. The Hornets lost by 58 points - that's almost as many points as they scored. The Jazz never came close to that kind of deficit against the best team in the West. Next year! Yea, we're going to get it done. See you then.

Apollo Sun

Disappointing to be out.... but more than half expected. The Jazz had a terrible year, partly due to injuries and partly due to a lack of cohesion in this team. Something's broken in this current roster and it's not gonna be fixed. The only way to move on is to make some big changes to the roster and build a new team over the nest few years. I think all Jazz fans that know anything will agree with me that Deron Williams is the only key component that cant be lost. After that i'd say look to get rid of and or all of: Boozer, Okur, Kirilenko and Collins. Keep the young potential in Brewer, Millsap and Koufos (down the line those three will continue to improve in the right team). Then finally bring in one or two big pieces! Now I don't have the resources of a GM, so i don't know who is available. But if you are getting rid of the salaries of the big 3 i mentioned before, then surely at least 2 superstars can be found to replace. Amare Stoudamire anyone?!?!?!? DWill to Amare would be unstoppable! Just an example


Boozer is a pretender. If AK wants to make a bigger contribution to the team next then give up 2/3s of the salary and use the rest for some groceries. He is too weak right now to play in the NBA.

Spot On

"I was surprised that it took something like Ronnie Price's effort to bring us back to life," he added. "I've never seen a guy play that hard in my life in that situation. I mean, it shows you probably the mistakes I've made."

What was the score when Brevin Knight went in? What was it when he came out?

Why did Ronnie Price not play this year?

Enough said.


Fire Sloan NOW! If it took him 86 3/4 games to figure out that Ronnie Price was a better back up than Freaking Brevin Knight, then he deserves to get canned. Also, his mentality will never bring a championship to the Jazz. "We need to work hard in order to COMPETE" is his mantra. Never a mention of what it takes to be a CHAMPION, or a WINNER. FIRE HIM NOW! Bring in Avery Johnson or anyone who has an idea what it takes to win a title, not just "COMPETE" for one.


this nightmare season is over. The Jazz need to find players with heart.


Changes like finding 3 guys who WANT to play defense!


The Jazz need to make some offseason moves, and they will. We need a true starting center to compete with the three giants of L.A., and we need to get rid of Boozer. I have been a big fan in years past, but he doesn't give 100% every night, and he obviously wants out, so let him go. I like A.K. too, but his game isn't getting better. Build the team around Williams, keep Millsap, Miles, Brewer, Okur, Harpring, Price, Korver, and get rid of the rest.

Jon Hernandez

Well, It was an up and down year, I'm excited to see what will happen in this offseason. We need to make some changes, and I hope that the Jazz can get back to being an elite team in the NBA. Good Job Jazz.

oh poor me

The Jazz used to be the pride of our community. Now, they seem like a bunch of spoiled brats whose fat walletts determine their play and approach to the game. When Tinsel Town has more heart and desire than us, its time to get some new us. I can't stand players who care only for themselves and give minimal efforts in games they are supposedly/allegedly "professionals."

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