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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"With Boozer on the bench ... the Jazz rallied to within six points ... with a group that included his mid-season replacement, Paul Millsap."

Say goodbye to your Big Money contract Carlos!

I guess the Jazz Brass will have the off-season to think about what went wrong and how they can fix it.

First step ... get rid of Boozer.


I will say it again. Carlos Boozer as a ball player is damaged goods and the fans want him and his millions gone. Good luck on your move Carlos, we wish you well.

The story said it all.....

With Boozer on the bench for the entire fourth quarter, the Jazz rallied to within six points late in the fourth quarter with a group that included his mid-season replacement, Paul Millsap.

todd from santa ana

They cannot both coexist in this present structure. One or the other has to go. If i had to choose between Boozer and Okur, i would keep Boozer. Likely neither.


I bet boozer is back next year, considering this year he was a disappointment. He will come back for his guaranteed money. Nobody else will offer him too dollar considering his injury and playoff choke history. The sad thing is if booze comes back, the jazz will probably let millsap walk, and he will probably come back to bite them. Can you say Mo Williams?

Noisey Wombat

Carlos, Memo & Kyle - please opt out so we can see what the market really says!!!!!!
All your market value has is gone south, maybe we can get some good sign & trades here, there will be alot of movements this summer for the Jazz, in players and hopefully management too..............................


Bye bye Boozer. We'll take our chances elsewhere.

milsap fan

it is time for boozer to go. milsap is what the jazz need to focus on now. letting milsap go would be alot worse then the loser boozer hitting the road. time for sloan to hang it up. he was a great coach, but if you can't get the most out of your players than it is time to go. sloan is to old school for all the pansies playing in the nba now day. i hate to say it, but it is time coach. players are to worried about contracts and money and status and not about playing tough defense which is a cornerstone of sloans teams. maybe a new coach would be worth a try.


So Boozer wants more opportunities to make an impact. How about trying to make an impact on the defensive end? Show him the gate to the greener pasture. He does not have the heart of a champion!

Jazz need help

True competitors won't make excuses Boozer is no where near a true competitor!

jenn for jazz

Boozer claims he hasn't decided... well we all have...Don't come back!!! How dare you blame the fact that you "didn't have many opportunites" to shoot the ball. Your job is to create and make those opportunities...did you forget you are a power forward???? I've yelling at you all season to go to the hole and you don't listen!!! You are one of the best at finishing with the left hand, that creates opportunity!!! Gezz man where is your heart??? Good luck job hunting...you are going to need it!!!!


I've been a super Jazz fan in 3 different states since they played their first game in the old Salt Palace. I'm getting to old for this and bid fairwell to all. tb enjoy your early vacation.
ps. tb enjoy your vacation,I'm goin'fishin.

Gomer Pyle

Boozer disappears in the clutch, again. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

See ya Carlos. Good luck with the next team you take to the cleaners with your matador defense, habitual hangnails and complete lack of heart and guts.

Can't wait

For the opt out decision to be finalized.


boozer didn't disappear in game 5....he appeared in game 3....that is the story....when he does nothing that is normal...when he is productive that is surprising....

do us all a favor carlos and sign with the pistons...go be a non factor there...and take your groans, lame fadeaways and turnovers with you...


I personally would enjoy seeing Boozer opt out only to find that the market will not even pay him what he is making now. In the current economic environment where the NBA is literally borrowing money in order to stay afloat, does a team pay mega bucks to a player who only played in half of his games the past 4 years and who does not show up in big spots?

The Headline Says It Best

Just vanish PLEASE! You are nothing more than a wanna-be, and someone who sucks up to talented players hoping to be included in their circle. Wev'e seen enough here in Utah just like Cleveland did there. Your over the top attitude and mentality has worn me and others out! GOODBYE!


It's kinda sad the season is over. Oh well. If the NBA weren't fixed I'd think the Nuggets might have a chance at the title. But we all know come what may it is the Kobe vs LeBron finals. Please stop watching if you care about fixing the game. If you enjoy this "sports entertainment" continue watching. BTW if the Thuggets won the ring I'll be even more mad at Boozer. If he wouldn't have had that hammy for so long we would be the #2 team and it would be us destroying the Hornets.

Why Want Him To Opt Out?

Boozer has much more value if he doesn't opt out. Then the Jazz have an expiring contract with which they can trade his sorry butt and get some value. Or.... 2010 is supposed to be a big free agent year and they could pick up their own free agent...perhaps Chris Bosh? If Boozer opts out, the Jazz end up with nothing which is only slightly less than what Boozer left on the floor.


I bet he regrets his opt out comments!This guy will not honor his opt out promise anymore than his promise to the Cavs cus he's all about Carlos and he sees the writing on the wall.Prepare to lose Milsap and/or Okur when Carlos decides to take his guaranteed $$.


The only reason Booz regrets saying he's opting out is that by tipping his hand, it hurts his negotiating position. Other than that, I don't think he cares where he plays as long as he gets as much money as possible. But anyone who is willing to pay this heartless money-grubber is a fool.

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