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Published: Tuesday, April 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Exciting to see these great players drafted. Kruger could be better than Weddle.

Let's not forget the guys who signed free agent contracts. More than a feww of them may be on rosters beginning next fall.

What a thrill to see so many dreams come true for these great young men.

Good Job

Just keep it up. Great to see the kids get this chance to show their stuff on the big stage. Hope they are successful.


Re:Neal, better than Weddle, I think not. You said he COULD BE, so I know you are not being definitive. Futhermore, going with your thoughts, it wouldn't shock me if Kruger became an all pro. I just don't think it's the safe bet. I hope Kruger suceeds but don't forget how unique and special Weddle is. He led the Chargers in tackles and makes plays all over the field.


disappointed to see Smith leave Utah. With all the new offenses and quarterbacks in the MWC he really could have gone much higher had he stayed one more season, and the Utes could've used him. Oh well. If there's one thing we know, it's that Whitt will have that defense humming right along come game time.


had a horrible season and 32 players drafted. That means the league is underacheiving. Clearly, the MWC was better than the PAC-10 last year top to bottom.

Howard S.

Max Hall will DOMANATE the league and win the Heisman.

Heads and Shoulders?

I enjoyed the re-cap of the draft. On whole a pretty balanced article for a change. I do question your conclusion that TCU was "heads and shoulders above the rest." Really? TCU didn't have a player selected until round 5. They had 3 selected in round 6 and 1 in round 7. Yes they had 5 selected, but Utah had 4 selected including 2 on the first day. I can only assume this is your attempt to downplay the draft results of Utah in an effort to minimize the difference between Utah and BYU in the eyes of those that matter, NFL teams. I hope that all those drafted and signed as free agents by both schools get the opportunity to prove whether or not they belong on an NFL roster, but as much as it must frustrate you, some recognition of the accomplishments of Utah this season are due. While I wouldn't expect you to recognize the Utes, you don't need to minimize their results either. But you probably can't help it.

Magic Happens!


Were there really 18 wide receivers taken in the draft before Austin Collie?

Quick Howard S.

Wake up . . . your hands are still on the keyboard!


I guess he mentioned Max Hall because a besting of his 6 turnover performance might be fun to watch. Why didn't this dude mention Harvey Unga, the most talented returning player for byu and probably in the MWC?

and correction, 19 receivers were taken before Collie was picked. Pretty amazing to be picked 20th in your position when you're the self proclaimed best receiver to ever play at your school.

The Utes will be a force again because of their defense and we should have another good year of MWC football. I can't imagine Wyoming being any worse than last year, yet last year they beat Tennessee handily IN TENNESSEE!!

Hopefully the new coach at SDSU can make that team, which has a lot of talent, into a conference contender.


the thing kruger will miss the most about playing for the utes is max hall

his nickname in the pros will be "freddie" everyone's worst nightmare

Brian Johnson?

Whatever happened to him? Wow, that was a big and fast fall from grace ...

Get real

You stated Wyoming beat Tennessee handily...for real? Since when is beating a team 13-7 a "handily" win. Especially when all your points come off of interception returns.

The MWC has their best draft and still it is below the other real BSC conferences. Utah had a great year, but they won't be a "force" without a proven qb. TCU was very talented and may be this year. BYU is what it is, a good team that it great against weaker opponents, but very average against good teams. Get real folks and accept what the MWC is and always will be.

re: fireworks

Yes, Hall will produce them. BYU statistically always has great #'s and overall record with a senior QB. With so many who left Utah's team, and many of the so call "best" who didn't get drafted, that leaves a loss of fireworks on that team.


I wonder if jobeck cried when he got cut yesterday.

RE: Brian Johnson

At least Brian Johnson still has a team to play or sit on the bench for. Either way it is more money than John Beck is making right now, not having a job.

Actually it is probably a good thing Miami was kind enought to release him, so he can find a real team to play with. In the mean time he can come coach a little league team.

re: Howard S.

Clearly just another utah troll trying to stir the pot

Krueger and Collie will both have good careers in the NFL

It'll be interesting to see where King Louie ends up; he should be one of those 10-year career kickers if he finds the right team


Dick wrote:

TCU, with five players selected, was head and shoulders above the rest. The popularity of the Horned Frogs was so evident the ever-conscious-of-in-state-affairs publicity staff at the Fort Worth school couldn't let it go and noted TCU had the most players drafted of any Texas school including Texas (3), Texas A&M (3), Texas Tech (3) and Baylor (3).

Good to note. It works well when recruiting the blue chips that you had as many players picked as Southern Cal.

What does that last line mean? USC had 11 players taken in the draft, the most of anyone. Who had as many players picked as Southern Cal? Did Dick mean TCU, with its five, had as many? Dick, five and eleven aren't the same even when you are trying to favorably compare the MWC and the Pac-10.

RE: Howard S.

Sill little Ute troll!!!!!!!!

RE: Get real

The MWC may not be quite as good as one or two other conferences,but the rise to the top is not an over night prospect. It is a gradual increase year after year. Which is what all of you PAC 10 and SEC people are worried about. Which is why you guys take every opportunity toblast the MWC and make them looksmall. Whasn't the MWC something like 8&2 against the mighty PAC10 this year. Also had winning records against all of the other conferences!

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