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Published: Saturday, April 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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If Hot Rod goes, then I go! I don't want to listen to David Locke or PK. Don't go Hot Rod

Hots is the MAN

We'll miss you, Hot Rod! Thanks for keeping us company for countless nights, and bringing the action right those of us who can't make it to the games. You are a legend of sports broadcasting.

With a gentle push and a mild arc, the cowhide globe hits home!


Hundley was the voice of the Jazz. Best of luck for his retirement. He has earned it.


Very interesting story. I didn't realize Hot Rod had to call games from so far away from the action now. Not having a TV, I've listened to Hot Rod a lot the past few months and love his style and analysis. No one can replace you Hot Rod. We'll miss you.


There is no replacement for Hot Rod. He is the voice of the Jazz. He'll be missed.

Speaking of no replacement for Hot Rod, please, PLEASE don't pick David Locke. I can't stand him or his voice.


I had a hard time letting go of Stockton and Malone, Larry Miller, now Hot Rod Hundley. The golden olden days are truely gone. But the memories will remain forever. What a time that was to be a huge Jazz fan! It was all a total package. If you really are leaving, Hot Rod, I wish you only the best in your retirement years. Thanks for the passion and great coverage over these many years. It has been a blast. Go Jazzboys!

Nephi Guy

I got on the floor after a game and untaped Hot Rod's notes from his bench. I still have them and I will keep them forever. Hot Rod is and always will be the the "Voice Of The Jazz". About went to jail getting his notes, but it is all worth it now.


You will be missed Hot Rod. I just pray that whatever the Jazz brass decide, please don't hire Greg Wrubel to announce games.

a fan

Great career Hot Rod! You're the best!


that's the end of my caring about the Jazz. Hot Rod was the only thing that was still the same from when I watched the Jazz as a kid when they were actually good. Now it's a bunch of people I don't know or care about and Hot Rod was the only part I still liked. Too bad. He was a great announcer. Hope he stays here in Utah some of the time among the people that appreciate his years of broadcasting.


I'll miss him, and I'll miss hearing "O'Neil on the no-call foul" and other trademark Hot Rod phrases. Hundley's play by play makes listening to Jazz games nearly as engaging and exciting as watching them. The man deserves a nice, relaxing, and fulfilling retirement.

AZ Dave

You failed to mention Hot Rods stint with Phoenix Suns and his happen hip bar, Court Jester. Old school baby


If Locke calls the Jazz games I'll become a Laker fan.

RE: AZ Dave

It's mentioned on the tail end of the article.


I always wished that Hot Rod and Hubie Brown would team up together. Could you imagine all the goofs and mispronounced names.

OH Please

Not David Locke!! Then I really couldn't listen to the jazz games on the radio. It would be like listening to the chipmunks sing for 3 and a half hours!! PLEASE, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Gottabe Klauke

I've never heard Locke call a game, he might be great. But I have heard Klauke call baseball, football and basketball, and he is awesome. Great voice, great style, incredibly knowledgeable. I believe that baseball is his first love, but he probably couldn't afford to say no to an NBA gig.

Thanks Hot Rod

Dude, you are the heart and soul of the Jazz. Back in the day when the Jazz first arrived, I shared season tickets with a buddy, and the games I couldn't make, you were there for all of us. Enjoy your time.

I lived in So. Cal for twenty years and miss Chick, now I will miss you, but knowing you are with your family just makes me smile.




Bring back Matt Thomas

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