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Published: Friday, April 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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His numbers says it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

Way to go Harpring.........when the Jazz needed a lift Matt always finds a way to come through, whether it is on defense or offense!!!




Congrats Jazz!! Boozer was an absolute beast tonight and played with more heart and intensity than I have seen all season.

Lets get Memo back for Saturday and even this thing up!! Go Jazz!!


Yay Jazz!! Way to pull out a win! The ESA was rockin!


Is Boozer back? Did it just take him some time to be 100%?

todd from santa ana

Is the Magic Back? Yes one game. However, what I saw tonight told me this: The Jazz have the capability of playing with the Lakers. I always said the Jazz have a lot of talent. Tonight, something I grew up with: Clutch Plays, fighting through adversity, and playing if not always great, 100 percent effort. That is what Made the Jazz for over 20 years.

Kirilenko starting was finally a good move for "jerry and his sloanaholics" Boozer did everything. He played respectable defense-proving like I said he could always.What a monster 2st half along with Paul. Brewer played very good D on Kobe. (Again I said Brewer athletically could be a 1st team all NBA defender when he wants to). This offset DWIL field goal struggles. The early 3s allowed to the Lakers looked like same old. However, overall a good 1st half.

I was concerned Sloan may have made a fatal error in the 3rd quarter. Luckily, the players energy and heart carried through.

The Jazz came out soft again. All of a sudden couple 3s get made by Lakers, Gasol has success vs Boozer.

More shortly.,

todd from santa ana

i love the sloanaholics



Ben in WA

I have to say that I really am not a Boozer but he did an awesome job. But the game is really goes to Matt and Brewer. They were perfect games played them. CJ really screwed up a few times and glad AK got the start. I wish that Jerry would give Fes a chance to play. I loved how the crowed chanted Lakers suck.


How sweet it is!! " what a game! " what a boozer " now what will happen? was his game good enough tonight to sign Him to a nice fat contract? or will he move on? He played like a power forward that any team in the nba would love to sign him. I have mixed feelings about Him, but the jazz really needs carlos boozer. we will see.....

todd from santa ana

I love the Jazz so much! Way to reprezzzzzzzzent!!!


I hope the Boozer haters heard him on the post game show on 1320AM. He said that we have the best fans in the league here. He is right. I couldn't hear myself think at the stadium tonight. Say what you want about Boozer, but he is the key to the Jazz having success. I think one thing fans forget is that it takes time to come back from injuries. It took DWill about 15-20 games to get back 100% from his injuries. That's about the same as Boozer, and now the last few games, win or lose, he has proved his worth to this team. I will admit that I was shocked by his solid defense on Gasol. I know he has it in him to play physical and solid, and I hope he brings it on Saturday as well.


Not only did the Jazz win, but Kobe was 5 for 24. That's 20.8%. Not that DWill was much better at 3 for 7 and 7-12 from the line. If the Jazz can just get a win on Saturday.....

I hate the Lakers. I fully admit they are the better team, but I still hate them. I root for whoever plays the Lakers. My favorite was walking out of the stadium and the Laker's fans are talking trash after losing. Are you kidding?

Henry Drummond

It was nice to see Carlos play so well. Overall it was a very poor shooting night for both teams though. 88 to 86 isn't what you expect with all the scoring talent on both teams.

We'll see you all Saturday.

Great atmosphere

As a Ute fan, I was on a string of exciting an intense atmospheres from the fall. However, I'd been going through withdrawals since Jan 2. Game 3 was a great fix...now looking for a ticket to Game 4. That was a tremendous atmosphere!


Congratulations to the Jazz from Madrid, Spain.

Williams and Boozer are great, the comeback is nearer.

Go Jazz!

Merry Christmas Jazz Fans!

The game was wrapped up and given to you! Lakers were leading by 13 points in the 4th quarter and blew it. I admit they didn't deserve to win playing like that and Carlos Boozer had an awesome game.

It cracks me up when I see on TV the "Get Nasty" Jazz signs. You don't have to get nasty...you are already there. Just listen to sports talk radio, TNT commentators...you have quite the reputation!

Jazz fans hate the Lakers no matter what! If all of you were given a chance to trade team rosters you would do it in a heartbeat!

Hope the Lakers do a better job on Saturday and then finish it off in California.

GO Lakers!


I always believe in Boozer he prooves its pation and its skills during all the three game.
This is the best response he can give to all of you who criticize him.
The game 4 will be important because if we want to win the serie we have to win all home game.


Manila Jazz

Way to go for everybody in the Jazz team! This proves that teamwork (with everybody giving their all and trusting each other) makes things happen. Everybody was clickin..AK47, Harpring, Brewer, Korver, Millsap. Hope to see Memo play on Saturday. That would really scare the fakers!

todd from santa ana

Okay i changed my mind, now i hate the Jazz!

In Sandy

cold Kobe? That was nice - hope he stays that way at ES. Where is Nemo (Memo), hope to see you Playing Saturday night. I was so tired working all day and fell asleep at 3rd Q - Dang missed the rest. A win is a W - way to go! Oh so glad we won't see the broom in LA!

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