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Published: Thursday, April 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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But if she went to BYU, shouldn't her book be sold at Deseret Book?


Maybe the book wasn't selling anymore so Deseret Book made a business decision to pull the book? Is this really news?


If these Books were appropriate to shelve *before* why aren't they *now*?

Shouldnt they have read them and realized that some might find them risqu and automatically placed them online from the get-go???

Ryan Jennens

oh believe me, they were selling. Breaking Dawn has been at the top of the list nationwide for nearly 40 weeks now. Maybe they were just there too long. Other than that, it seems kind of stupid to pull it...


Hello people, just go to another store. If one store doesn't want your money there are other stores that do. I don't know maybe Borders or Barns and Noble will still carry your precious "Twilight" series. Get a grip on reality.


Since i have the books, i don't really care if they pull. But i do have to say i was shocked that they would be pulled; they were starting to become more popular than Harry Potter.


just because they were written by a mormon and just because they are "more popular" than harry potter does not mean that they are appropriate and that everyone should read them.

Concerned Mother

Honestly, I was concerned about some of the content in these stories. I will sleep a little easier knowing that people out there agree with me. It's sometimes unpopular to voice what you feel when there's a book that's so popular. You don't want to be a downer.

This is a good thing

I was always a little surprised that Deseret Book chose to sell these books, especially Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. It was like they didn't bother to read them and see if the content was appropriate. Reality check: it's not. Not for Deseret Book anyway.

who cares?

what a non-story ...

What does ...

Gail Wehunt think "deep" means, anyway?


This is very disappointing. I am LDS and have read all the books in the series, as have many people in my ward. There is nothing inappropriate in any of the books. Deseret Book has on their shelves other books that are being marketed as 'church books' that are actually quite explicit in certain sensitive areas. Anyone can walk into the store and pick these books off the shelf, yet the fictional Twilight saga has joined the ranks of banned books. It's another example of the objections of a few dictating the choices of the majority. It is unjust, unwarranted and should not happen.

Read the Story

Did you all read the same story I did? Sales of this book series are lagging, so they pulled it from the shelves. They and the Church are not saying it's inappropriate or not. It's just not profitable right now.

I don't read the books, but I heard somewhere that the latest book in the series is not as good as the others. That makes the whole series damaged goods for now. Capitalism 101, people.


I find it very odd that Deseret Book would pull the books. You can buy them at any Wal-Mart, etc -
I have read all the books and have found nothing wrong with them, and think its a little silly for them to pull them. It bothers me that a bookstore would pull something just because it might be controversial to some. If the series is not selling, then I guess that would make sense, but I doubt that is the case.


no harm

Novel Reading-

Discourses of the prophet Brigham Young-

I would have our people read novels
rather than read nothing at all.

jph 1223

I think Deseret Book can be a bit over the top in these decisions. I live in the East and the ladies at work love the Twilight series, so I've used it as a missioanry tool. Whenever there was an article about Stephanie Meyer going to BYU, I've shared it with them. My non-member co-workers also know that the Book of Mormon is not about vampires. My hat is tipped to Ms. Meyer and what she has accomplished.


Not appropriate compared to what? It's a Young Adult fiction novel, appropriate for that age group.


Good job Deseret Book! Pull the books of the currently most popular nationwide author who has NEVER waivered in who she is - first a Mom, second an author, and that she is an active member of the LDS Church.
I think you owe this good woman an apology.


oh this is funny! I believe it was a business decision; if not, there are other stores like Wal-mart, where they are less expensive. If DB doesn't sell it, does that mean we can't read it? If that is the case, then what happened to agency? Just thinking . . .

This is News

When the books consistently get more mature and the main character seems to be preoccupied with sex and they describe the breaking of furniture.... it is no wonder the books are no longer being sold at DB. And it would make sense they would pull the entire series even if the first books were more tame. I just wonder why DB is pulling punches by saying they have a diverse customer base. They should just come out and say that the books have become more mature than what is consistent with a religious book store should offer.

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