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Published: Tuesday, April 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'm wondering about the bonus money. The reporter was very unclear. Does the team get this amount, or each member of the team?

I applaud DWill's leadership. He is right that the team needs to be unified. But there's one thing the Jazz severely lack, and that is help defense from Boozer.

I notice that Sloan is thinking of going with Collins again. Why not use Koufos. That kid can hit the 15 to 18-footer and keep some of those long Laker arms out of the key. He's not as good a defender as Collins, but I think he's adequate, and he's certainly much better on offense. I also like Fesenko's general hustle and nastiness. This is not the same goof-off who was a rookie last year. He gets his hands on a lot of balls and though he's not much at offense, he works hard and would give the Jazz a spark if he were allowed to work more.

How about this: Pull Boozer every time he fails to help on D three times in a row. I don't think he'll last long.


If I was playing my butt off on D, I would have a huge problem with someone who is not and with the coach who will not hold him accountable. Boozer's lack of defensive effort is infecting an otherwise very good team. They have gone from a team that hussled on both sides of the court, to one that began imploding since Boozer's return. Jerry seems to have a double standard when it comes to will start. Milsap has done everything anyone has expected of him and more, while Boozer has under-achieved this entire season. I predict that the Lakers will win every game. Jerry has already made that a sure bet.


I cannot believe we're still moaning about Boozer. He was not the issue on Sunday.


Rich, how do you know those things about Fess and Koufus? I've watched pretty much every game this year and they have not been all that impressive. Do you go to practices? Flash games?

People make all these assumptions about how Koufus is better than Collins, and the claims are not justifiable.

ctoe- Is 26 points and 9 boards underachieving? Booze is key to the Jazz victory. Booze has been injured most of the year. Cut him some slack. He looked great Sunday.

Play Fess

Fess knows how to go after the ball. Are you kidding? You've never seen this? Sure, he's not a very developed player...but he knows how to block shots, and he knows to knock someone on their butt if they are driving hard to the hoop. He wouldn't let a point guard dunk on him...and may even send a message to Kobe. Or we could just be content with Jaron Collins and let him "flop" his way to defense.


But does Boozer want to stay? I think he could be a leader next year once his problems are behind him.

Accept Responsibility

I'm getting tired of Coach Sloan shifting responsibility. This time, his answer to player's frustration is 'if their professionals, they'll not get frustrated or they can't compete'. You could substitute any issue the Jazz are having and Jerry's response is 'the players are professionals, they should fix it'.

Ok. If the players should fix all the problems, what in heavens name does Coach Sloan do? Either Coach Sloan rarely accepts responsibility for overcoming challenges or these reporters aren't quoting him correctly.

It doesn't seem in his nature to shift responsibility but he sure speaks that way. "Players need to come ready to play", "Players need to get themselves in shape", "Players need to control their frustrations", "Players need to work on their game and improve" ,"Players need to ..." Insert issue and it's the players responsibility.

After reading quotes from Coach Sloan, one could surmize that he provides the playbook and sets the substitution schedule. What else do you do Coach?


Great post, all Jerry is capable of doing is setting a substitution schedule and sticking to it regardless of the situation during the game. Jerry preaches defense but can't get his own players to buy into his talk. Sign of a bad coach when he can't control his own players.

todd to above

hee hee, good job Miles we agree on most things should be good friends you and I, i got to go to work but I feel again due to your inspiration i should start going off on SLoan and his "SLoanaholics" again.


It's not just Boozer's help defense that is lacking. If I were playing the Jazz, I would run the pick and roll with Boozer's man every possession. All Boozer does is wave an arm at the dribbler, then set a screen on his own teammate (usually DWill). So what if Booz averages 25 points and 15 rebounds against the Lakers. What he gives up on the defensive end more than cancels out anything he offers offensively. With Booz in the lineup, defensive stops are almost nonexistent.

In the off-season, the Jazz should unload both Boozer and Kirilenko and get some defense for all that money. Kirilenko gets beat off the dribble easily and when he drives into the lane, it almost always results in a turnover. They should try to find a couple of players like Brewer and Milsap, who have exceeded expectations and have improved steadily on both ends of the court.

As for Koufos, he'll be fine next year. Great upside. Why Jerry stopped playing him is a mystery, though. Ditto for Ronnie Price. Maybe it's finally time for Sloan to retire.


Am I the only one who gets the feeling this is like the Jazz Rockets the first time? It seems like everyone was talking sweep for the Rockets and we played poorly in the 1st half but then realized if we played like a team we were unstoppable. Hopefully the Jazz remember this and play like it. Go Jazz, I still believe!


I kills me to see how many of you so called experts can critisize Coach Sloan and you have no experience or idea on what to do. Don't talk about what adjustments you'd make or such. You've NEVER been in this situation. Don't come back with your experience at the Jr Jazz, Comp Leagues, High School, Jr College, College or whatever. None of you really KNOW what is going on or what is expected. For you to say so shows your true ignorance of the game. Until you've been there and done that, you have NO right to say anything. It's like Jerry coming down to your job and trying to tell you what to do when he really doesn't know. All of you are idiots who think otherwise.

We need some thugs

Look at Denver. I hate them but I love the team they've built. A bunch of hard-working thugs, a couple of really talented guys, and a leader to hold them together. We're just a bunch of entitled whiners.

Sloan should retire soon

There is definitely a time when you need to "pass the whistle." If Sloan can no longer make executive decisions about the problems happening on the floor he needs to go. I'm sick of watching the Jazz get outcoached game after game. We could probably find somebody to do as well as him for half the money. It would be nice to find somebody better, though.


@ Miles & Accept Responsibility

What you are saying would be true, if Sloan was coaching high school basketball.

I've been listening to Sloan for a while and he makes a pretty clear delineation on what issues are his problem and what issues are the players problem. The failure to make in game adjustments, call timeouts, to prepare the players for certain things that the other team does like defensive schemes or offensive sets, when he talks about those things you usually hear him say something like "we didn't do that, and that is probably my fault."

On the other hand, when players are blowing defensive assignments, not hustling, getting beat up the court, not executing the offense, and when they start the game looking like they would rather be in bed, that's when you here things like "I can't make these guy prepare themselves to play, they have to do it themselves."

this is the NBA, these are supposed to be grown men.

I don't think Sloan is a great motivator, but these players share an equal measure of blame for this failure, and they need to know that.

No Surprise There

I'm not surprised that Kobe passed Magic Johnson on the Laker's all-time post season scoring list. Magic knew how to pass the ball.


Thank you Magnus. Finally someone using some reasoning before posting about Sloan. By no means is he a perfect coach. But he is far and away the best coach we will likely ever have in Utah. There isn't another coach in the league as humble and down to earth as JSlo. Some of the people on these posts need to get a clue. The guy works miracles with the rosters he gets. If he was coaching that Lakers team they would win at least 70 games and would blow out our Jazz team like 140-85. I'd love to see him someday have a roster that realistically is built for a ring to shut all the idiots up.


I'm big fan of Kufos, but he can't defend big body like Gassol and Bydum yet, he needs to get stronger in the off season.

If you watched him playing against Huston, you will see that he struggled with Yao Ming, other than that I think he is a good player for the Jazz and he has heart.

re: Todd

"I cannot believe we're still moaning about Boozer. He was not the issue on Sunday".

Evidently you are blinded by offense. Most of his defense was still as bad as ever. He causes defensive chaos and break downs endlessly.

He did show on a couple of pick n rolls but other than that it was flatfooted witness time. Every time down the floor he let Gasol walk right down to his comfy position in the low post basically uncontested.

I am no expert but I know if you are already at a disadvantage that you need to work before the ball is thrown into the post and your man has already gotten to his sweet spot from where he prefers to shoot over you.

We know Boozer won't block anything so he has to work earlier to keep his man from getting to his spots--but he simply won't he simply gets back down and we saw Gasol basically score with that baby hook basically at will.

I'm sure not saying Boozers offense did not help but when will people wake up and realize we are losing because of NO DEFENSE!!!


@Magnus.....So why do these grown men need a coach? How does Phil get Kobe to buy into his system when he could be scoring 50 every night? Ultimately the coach is in charge or not in charge. Phil is, Jerry is not.

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