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Published: Tuesday, April 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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this is news?

Public humiliation

If its my child, public humiliation will stop em by using the oriental punishment of bamboo em on the street so he won't do it again. Or we can have walk and do worst than that. Same at the kids writing on the walls. Have him stand on the corner of downtown with a signs say "I am a thief" for six months bet he wont do it again.

So Utah

That only happens in Utah.


news or not, its funny! good job, Ben

Depends on the situation

Faced with certain capture, the teen did the only scatological thing he could do - he got a case of the runs.

The police charged him with attempted burglary and aggravated incontinence.

Re: So Utah

Actually, comments like that only happen in Utah.


I'm only sorry they are juveniles and we can't know their names.

Great Story

This is so funny! To So Utah: you're right. No where else but in Utah can a person mess their pants.


To bad they cannot release their names or a e-mail address.


Boys wll be boys,
They come from good homes , let their parents deal with this.


To Anonymous: I hope you were being funny. Letting the parents deal with it is what got the cars broken into in the first place. Parents are off the radar in this case or the boys wouldn't have come up with the idea of such recreation in the first place, or had a party of their peers to run to in the second place. Wake up! They need to stay in Farmington Bay for a long time until they realize that messing in one's pants isn't the worse to come from getting caught!!


Isn't this too much information? Why is the focus on the story scatalogical? I know you're reporting on crime, but is it really importance to know that a criminal or potential criminal had a bowel movement? Did he pick his nose as well? Are there journalistic standards anymore?


Now that's fast police response time.


The comments on this site are proof that no one in Utah has a sense of humor.

Mug Shots

We don't need names. Mug shots will do just fine.


Ditto. You're absolutely right. This reporter was just looking to poke fun at an otherwise serious criminal situation. I guess he's bored with his job. Time to move on.

Party Pooper

I can guess that the reputation that he gets at school is not one that he wants or that will go away soon. I can hear them talking now at his 25 year class reunion. "Hey remember the time... lol. "Oh yeah, I remember you now, Aren't you the one that ... lol.

Boys will be boys?!

"Boys will be boys?!" Wow.

If breaking into cars and stealing other people's stuff is just a normal and accepted part of boyhood, then I guess I missed out in my youth.

Who would say something like that? I guess this person wouldn't mind then if I asked my 4 sons to help themselves to any personal belongs in his (or her) cars and house then. If they get away with it, then cool, we could use a new flat screen TV.

And if they get caught, well, boys will be boys so we'll just let these "good homes" deal with it, because these "good homes" produced such good boys to begin with.

Funny story though. Not only would most people consider this news, I wouldn't be surprised if it makes national news and perhaps Leno as well.

And what's with the anti-Utah cheap shots?

Tell us what state you are from and I bet I can find stories just as ludicrous about your home state as well, so why not give the hate a rest?

Boys will be boys...

They may have come from good homes, and maybe the parents are doing everything they can think of to guide these boys in the right direction. But to suggest that this be left up to the parents? This isn't a victimless crime that won't cost something to others, this is a serious crime that older people go to jail for. Toilet-papering, doorbell-ditching, and other things like that you leave up to the parents - to a point... but not this.

Best Story Ever

This has been the best story from DesNews. The headline alone made my day. Please give us more stories like this!

Also I want to know who the kid was, so I can find him on facebook and totally make fun of him on his wall!

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