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Published: Monday, April 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Damian Nash, tournament director

Yet another great article, Wendy. Thanks! One correction: Kayden is *one* of the chess champions for the State of Utah, at the time controls of five minutes per game and one hour per game. Vanel Sanchez, the winner of the 2008 Utah Open, is *the* current state champion. (A list of the reigning Utah chess champions is on the Utah Chess Association website.)

That said, your article raises wonderful questions about how to parent an extraordinarily gifted child. As a Gifted/Talented teacher of many years, and as one of the top-rated chess players in Utah, I am astonished to watch Kayden's progress. Though I controlled the board in our first encounter last June, he made short work of me at the Utah Open in October. Now, six months later, he might be out of reach for all of the top players in the state. He's rated #1 among active quick chess player in Utah (and in the entire USA under age 13)!

To test his metal and give Kayden some real competition, the UCA organized the monthly "Utah Expert Series" tournaments. Kayden won the March tournament 3-0. We'll see how he fares this Saturday.

Matt Boren

Another correction: there is no such thing as being formerly rated. A player never loses his rating. However, a player can fall inactive...

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