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Published: Friday, April 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I am not in favor of undocumented aliens working here, but it s a fact of life as most of us will not work for that low of a wage or conditions. I do feel compassion for them, as they do have families which they are trying to support. Ironic though that so many work in Park City where most of Utah's money and wealthy citizens are.


Not so ironic, that's how people stay wealthy.

I have two relatives that work in Park West housekeeping. They have friends trying to get work there also. They are not illegal, so it's not everyone in the Park city area that feels a need to hire illegal workers.

The recession affects all of us, benefits are cut, jobs are lost. This country needs to hunker down and ride out the storm.

Political Correctness

Why does the media insist on referring to these criminals as immigrants, they are illegal aliens, who have forced their way into my home and taken advantage of our resources. They should be deported immediately. If they are leaving voluntarily, that's a positive thing, but take your junk with you. Now we will have to bear the cost of cleaning up the old trucks and boxes of trash they are leaving behind. As for the employers who hire them, they are just as bad and should be prosecuted. I do feel compassion, but for all the Americans who are out of work. To Compassion, sorry but there are many Americans who would work as handymen, fixing leaky faucetts and light switches, even for low wages. By the way, I don't care if you here illegally from Canada, South America, Europe, Asia or anywhere else on the planet, you have flaunted our laws and should be deported. You are not entitled to the American dream!


Wha-huh???? I thought mass unlimited immigration was supposed to lead us to the braod sunlit uplands of eternal uninterrupted economic growth? Where's my utopia, dangit?

Note that over 60% of foreclosures, by dollar value, come from heavily Hispanic, illegal immigrant-occupied California. This is the future the Deseret News and all its fellow travellers have brought us. Thanks.

I don't cry for these illegals. I don't cry for their employers. They came here through a broken window. You do not build a great country by rewarding such behavior. You do not build a great country by rewarding businessmen who bribe Congress to turn a blind eye.


*** "If the Hispanic community was a threat to the jobs of middle income white people, they would have already been a threat prior to the recession," says Sutherland Institute President Paul Mero, who has argued for greater compassion for undocumented immigrants. ***

Of course he advocates greater "compassion" - he's paid by his business sponsors to do so. How CONVENIENT that his and their business interests manage to dovetail perfectly with their so-called compassion. Additonally note that he says that illegal immigrants aren't a threat to "MIDDLE INCOME white people." Note he does not mention, nor seem to care about, lower income white people, lower income black people, or lower income legal Hispanic people.

Compassion with Reason

Yes, these people need work, but they also need to respect the borders of our country, when I have entered Mexico, it was quite a ritual to go through, but that is the "hones" "proper" way and anyone that avoids the appropriate way is showing a propensity for law and probably will not have any respect for any laws and thus the high number of illegals committing crimes, I do not see it as a negative that the illegals are going back home. Why call them undocumented aliens, they are illegals and that is that. And as for the work and the low wages, get rid of the illegals and Sizzler and others will hire legal workers at a decent wage and will not raise prices because of competition. This is the natural way and not the way to save businesses money and pocket the difference in salaries. It is the crooked businesses like Sizzler that hire these and say it is none of their concern.


Everybody is hurting right now.

It would be nice if the local papers wrote articles about Americans that are out of work, instead of the constant focus on illegal aliens.

I have two relatives that are legal citizens that work in Park West as housekeepers. Not all people from Park city hire illegals.


Why is it that the media talks of documented and undocumented immigrants the same way?

I have little sympathy for someone who is undocumented to not get employment. It's illegal to hire someone who isn't supposed to be here.

Foreign nationals

And what about the american dream for the unemployed americans that these illegal foreign nationals, immigrants the press and government likes to call them, have forced in to unemployment and slave labor wages? The plight of these illegal aliens gets no sympathy from the american people and they should all be sent back to where they come from. We don't need them as a burden on society with their greedy welfare hands stuck out for what tax payers are providing. The dream of americans is more important and disastrous to the economy and the american way of life. The press must stop calling them immigrants, they are illegal alien criminals as soon as they set foot on american soil. Treat them accordingly and stop pandering this plague on america.


The rich company owners that have taken advantage of these people are the bad guys, not the immigrants. They reap the short term profits, give money to our politicians, and the tax payers have to educate and feed the children of the undocumented. We have a new underclass. One day they won't be happy continually being at the bottom and all hell will break loose.

What about us?

I have compassion on illegal immgrants, my wife and I have done things like provided a Christmas for a family from Mexico back while we were at BYU. I love Latinos actually, having served a mission in South America and all.

However, I can't help but lose a little compassion for them when 600,000 actual US citizens are losing their jobs each month here right now. I will be graduating with a master's degree soon and it is scary how hard it is to find a job! I've had very little luck so far in my job search.

Maybe I will go to Mexico to look for a job.

Pacco City

Park City requires migrant workers because it is a resort city. Many occupants don't actually live there year round. And those who do generally don't have a lot of children to fill the low-end jobs that migrant workers can do (little language, low-level education, manual labor).


Call they what they are: Illegal aliens. Compassion is important, however but if these illegals want work, they need to stay in their native country and make their opportunities. Illegal aliens cost us even more than our jobs - they suck up more in welfare and other *free* benefits than they pay for in taxes. Many of these people are paid "under the table" and don't pay little taxes, if any. Most are using someone else's identity, spelled "identity theft", and are scamming the system.

Send them on their way.

In England and Europe

If you do not have a job you are deported.


My husband is out of work - he will work any job to have any income rather than rely on the govt for money. And immigrants on the majority do not and will not help with the economic recovery! They do not pay taxes and they send the money home to their family in other countries. . .how is that helping us? If they have a true American Dream why not become legal, better themselves and then they can make more money?

Didn't care for the article because many people are being hit hard so why are we picking out immigrants to feel sorry for?

Hunter T.

Why doesn't the DesNews do an in depth article about how big corporations, like those who own the hotels etc. in Park City are unwilling to pay a decent wage to legal American citizens for doing these jobs? About how these big corporations, and the wealthy, want illegal immigrants so they don't have to pay a living wage to get their homes cleaned, lawns mowed, cars washed, kids taken care of. This isn't about compassion or humanitarian reasons. It's about the greed of the wealthy and big business who want a huge cheap labor force so they can put more money in their own pockets.

Hispanics Preferred

I have hired janitors and maintenance workers for several years to maintain large commercial buildings in Utah. I would prefer to hire 10 hispanic workers to 1 other applicant. The Hispanics are honest, hard-working and loyal people. They came here to work and that's what they want to do. The alternative job applicants for $9-$10 cleaning, maintenance and landscaping jobs are either tatooed, pierced, addicted freaks, chronically unemployed people with health and behavior problems, or young people with a privileged attitude whose parents are making them 'find a job.' Give me 6 good hispanic workers and I'll get a good job done. Give me 6 referrals from the unemployment rolls (who can pass drug and background checks) and 3 of them won't show up the next day, 2 are lazy and won't work at all, and 1 might make it a month. We need to give them job cards and let them in. It's good for our economy and good for theirs. The minutemen aren't living in reality - they just want to hate someone to make themselves feel bigger.


Al victims of the economic downturn have my sympathy.

However, ILLEGAL aliens should not be here, and should go home and become wards of their native lands.

LEGAL immigrants deserve the assistance offered to all Americans.

And, NO, the solution is not to declare an amnesty (under whatever name) and add millions to our welfare (and voting) rolls.

Now, let's compare this article to one about the number of ILLEGAL aliens who are engaged in criminal activity, engaged in identity theft, and adding to the costs of education and health care.

Finally, I do not feel any sympathy for employers who knowingly employ ILLEGAL aliens.

A Different Twist

People say things like, "we need migrant workers for low end jobs" and "most of us will not work for such low wages or conditions" and they label themselves as compassionate and understanding. I label them as bigots. There is nothing wrong with good honest work, and as has been mentioned in previous comments, there are many citizens and legal immigrants who will gladly fill these positions. I have worked many similar jobs in my lifetime.
The point in this story, that is missed, is that the american dream has been slipping away for quite some time. People can't earn enough money to pay their bills. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Banks, companies and individuals are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Ask yourself this. What would happen to the working wage in this state if all of the illegals suddenly went home.

Out of towner

I was in town over Easter weekend and I hit a mall there. I sure didn't see any signs of recession going on in this state. It was like Christmas Eve and the lines in stores were long. Where I live, the stores in the malls are going out of business. No complaining Utahns.

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