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Published: Tuesday, April 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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go colts !!

coach hooper will have em ready for state


Who's coach Hooper?

Miner Baseball

Park City is 9-2, 3-0 in Region 10, beat Uintah who beat Judge and they are not ranked in top 5 in 3A? Who does these rankings...how can Uintah be ranked and not Park City? Big showdown this Friday vs Judge.


To Miner Baseball:
Good question... I don't think DesNews has a clue what to do with the 3A rankings. Judge split with Uintah last week, Emery lost twice to Uintah, Cedar is an unknown because of the Reg. 9 island, Juan Diego lost to Emery... Honestly, I don't know who ought to be number one, but I do agree that PC ought to be at least in the top 5 until it is proven that they don't belong. I think that 3A is pretty even this year relative to the polarity we saw last year.

3- A Watcher

So who do you take out of the top 5? Uintah had some nice wins. Cedar has been playing longer than anyone and they look pretty good. Jaun Diego and Judge will probably play for championship, and who knows about this Emery team. Emery is supposed to play three Region games this week maybe this will help us see how good they really are?

LP over ranked

LP doesn't have the pitching to ranked this high. Last night AF lit them up for 8 runs and a zillion hits. LP has to try score at least 10+ runs to win every game.


As I mentioned, I think 3A is a mess right now. But in my opinion, the rankings right now ought to be:
1. Cedar
2. Park City
3. Judge
4. Uintah
5. Emery

I think PC, Judge, and Uintah are pretty even. PC hasn't lost in region, but that will soon change, so for now, they are the highest form Region 10. Cedar I don't know much about, but they have been playing well. They thumped PC early, but they also lost to Canyon View. I think Juan Diego is better than Emery, but they have to prove it to get back in the rankings.
I think this week we will begin to see more clearly who the pretenders are. Judge and PC play, and that series will be telling. I think Emery's true colors will start to show as the season goes on... whichever way that goes. Personally, I think they are overrated.

to PC

You haven't won any big games yet. If you beat Judge. (which you probably wont.) then you can talk about yourselves being a contender. I think the the rankings are right on this week. Ya Judge lost to Uintah and had a bad game. But they also ten-runned them the second game. Emery beat Juan Diego and Uintah is a pretty good club. PC has to prove themselves to call them selves contenders. 3A ball will be a great remaining season.

to KG

I agree with some of your comments about 3A, but your rankings are almost as bad as the DNews. Clearly Judge & Juan Diego are the teams to beat this year in 3A based solely of last years performance and their returning starters. Cedar should be in the Top 5, cause when you have a pitcher like Deidrick (sp?) you can win almost anyone in 3A when he is on the hill. As for Uintah, they are a surprise for sure. Emery has only beat 2A teams, lost to Uintah 2x and had a lucky game against JD. They should not even be ranked. As far as PC, who knows because they have not beat anyone yet either. It is still early and the as EVERYONE knows Judge & Juan Diego are the clear 1 - 2 favorites in 3A this year. JD just came back form CA Tournament and, by there scores, crushed some teams in CA. These other 3A teams MUST prove themselves before anyone ranks them. Beating one team does not make you a contender! Just ask Baltimore.

To LP over Ranked

So what you're saying is that the only thing that matters is who has the most pitching not who wins the most games. Lone peak has plenty of pitching, it may not have 2 or 3 guys that throw 90's, but they have enough to beat just about any team in the state. You are right they score 10 runs a game and win, Last I checked, the team with the most runs wins. That's why we play the game on the field not on paper.

Re:LP over Ranked

Actually AF had 8 hits in the game and only 2 of them were anything more than little clinkers. The LP pitcher (Stephan) had 8 Ks in a heated contest and rivalry where anything can happen


JD and Judge are the best teams in 3A, I agree, but they have to prove it too. JD lost to Emery. Fluke? Maybe, but they have to prove their caliber with in-state opponents. Judge lost to Uintah, and Uintah lost to PC, so they each have something to prove. I think Emery will fade fast, but they earned a ranking by beating JD. Cedar beat PC handily, and have beaten some 4A teams in their Region. Not bad either. I stand by my rankings, but keep in mind these are this weeks rankings, not the rankings that I project for the end of the season. I think JD and Judge are the teams to beat for the title, but I think Uintah will surprise some teams, and PC is solid.

RE: to KG

By the way Dedrick pitches for Canyon View not Cedar. Cedar beat a really good Pine View team this weekend, but did lose to Dedrick, one of their two losses. The other to Bishop Monogue out of Reno. I agree that Judge and Juan Diego are still the teams to beat in 3A. There is a host of teams that are playing well and could possibly knock off either of those two somewhere along the line. Canyon View is always tough with Dedrick on the hill, Park City has some good athletes, Cedar has played well lately, Emery is playing good, Uintah has a good club not to mention a Logan team that should win their region. The Problem with the rankings is that the people who make them don't really get to see a lot of the teams they are ranking play, due to distance. All I can say is rankings really don't matter, it is the standings that count and, it should be a really exciting tournament this year.

RE: to KG

I forgot to mention Grantsville is playing well also and should be mentioned as well so there are several deserving teams that could be ranked in the top 5 but there are only 5 spots.

Richfield fan

I don't care about records Richfield could beat Parowan any day of the week. No worries at all.

Re: LP overranked

Let's see. Lone Peak had 12 hits, AF had nine. AF's starting pitcher walked six and hit a batter and struck out one, while Lone Peak's pitcher struck out seven. So which team has the bad pitching?

RE: Richfield Fan

If you were really a fan you would have been to Gunnison watching them play not looking at these rankings. Richfield fans have not been posting here all year long and I hope they don't. They have struggled a bit this year, but I think they will definately be a contender at the end.


Parowan looks really good. Their game with Kanab on friday will .be a great game. Richfield and gunnison both have talent but they wont even win that region. Lookout for san juan, these kids can really play

re 2A

San juan has a distinct advantage every time they play a region game. They are used too playing double headers the rest of the region is not
The first game in richfield was not near as close as the score and the second game was a one run game until the errors came out. we will see how good they are when its one game at a time. You all better hope Richfield does not solve there fielding problems at short, cause if they do you all might be in trouble.

2A Fan

I've watched Richfield and Gunnison play twice and both games were similar in that the team with the fewest errors won. These are two really bad defensive teams and I don't see that improving much. Good pitching is negated by bad fielding, and the latter will keep these two teams out of the rankings and probably out of the race in the end.

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