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Published: Monday, April 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris T.

I love the Jazz, but what a disappointment. They're a good team every year, but always a notch below the league's elite. Year after year, the same old thing.


It's funny, at this point I think most fans would welcome a Brevin Knight, Ronnie Price, Kyrylo Fesenko, Kosta Koufos and Morris Almond starting lineup.

If you're going to get embarassed you might as well learn someting in the process.

I'd actually like to see a Williams, Brewer, Korver, AK, Millsap lineup out running and gunning D'Antoni style. If they aren't going to play any D at least they could try to be entertaining.

concerned fan

change starting lineup? I think it's better to gamble rather than do nothing,the Jazz has nothing to lose anyway..starting Millsap will be a good idea,the question is can Boozer be professional enough to accept as a back-up to Millsap..start Harpring or Korver instead of Miles, Kirilenko should start also now that were gonna face Kobe, but AK must not guard Kobe, its better for AK to be on a weekside defender..so the starting lineup would be D-Will, Memo, Korver or Harpring, Millsap and AK-47.,there will be a lot of double teaming to Kobe for sure (it's the only way) a lot of help defense if they wanna slow down Kobe, the problem is the other guys will be open, so the rotation on defense must be quick enough to challenge those open shots

concerned fan

Boozer does not defend that well, we dont see him hussle like go for the loose ball, he can score and rebound, he has the ability to use his left hand to score, he can rebound with his strong built body.. I think he must be more physical going to the basket, make his presense felt, hussle more, defend better using his strong built body, strip some balls on the defensive end, he is so such a gentleman on the court, you have to be nasty on the court..if he can do that then he will be better than Karl Malone, the question is can he change to be more effective?

todd from santa ana

rotation (see above) you know that, i know that, like they are really capable or willing to do that. Tonight I watched Sacramento vs San Antonio. I noticed the SPUR player glide to the left corner behind the arc unguarded. If it was our defense coached by "JER" the player would stay off to his right guarding an area for help defense 10-15 feet off. #5 for Sacramento UDRIH stayed in his lane, however, had corner of his eye on the shooter and started moving towards the open man behind the line anticipating he would get the pass.

The pass did not come, but he was aware of his surroundings and responsibilities. That is why I am up late taping that game. Funny how Spurs look incredibly "ordinary" they did nothing defensively in the first half-Sac got off any shot they wanted.

Translation: It is not the opponent it is us..

By the way if you read the new article on the normal spokesmen "Mr.Williams and Mr. Snoozer" about what they could do to turn this ship around, it was the usual cliches and nothing to give you confidence of change. What coaching..

"No change expected?"

Now there's a Jazz headline to enlighten us all.

louisiana jazz man

they were on a losing streak before. they changed the off started to run and gun williams milsap brewer and cj. went on a 15 game win streak. then boozer came back. they said they wasent going to change the off boozer was going to have to adj to them. he should have come off the bench untill he adj. wich means he would still be on the bench. instead they bench milsap change the off wich they said they werent going to do the rest is history. that is some good coaching? i am sure the whole team is in a bad state of mind millie gets benched not happy boz not playing good and he knows it. not happy i think brewer cj and williams rather be run and gun like when they were winning. what a mess. i belive i could come up and coach and do a better job.


Hello Jazz!

As good of a regular season as Sloan is, that is one of Utah's problems, he doesn't adjust in the playoffs. Jackson completely out-coached him last year.

BTW the Lakeshow just made a change the Jazz didn't see in last years playoffs...Get ready to say hello to Mr. Bynum. I cannot wait to see the Turkish softie or the 6'9" Boozer guard either Bynum or Gasol.

Sales of brooms have skyrocketed in LA. Lakers in 4. (Maybe 3, as mercy rules may apply)


First of, to Ms. "Jazzercise", thank you for your concern. I would like to extend my concern to you as well.

Because once you run up against Cleveland or Boston, your insipid coach, your hotel clerk back door breaking and entering superstar, and your "I use my daughters illness for sympathy and personal gain" con artist, you're going to choke yet again. Unless it's a teenage girl, Kobe can't force himself on anyone. (Not in the Finals, and not without Shaq at any rate.)

As for the Jazz, (And this isn't directed at you Jazzercise. You're dismissed) they need to make major changes during the offseason. The only players I would say are "untouchable" are Williams, Brewer, and Milsap. And if Sloan can't get his players to understand defense any better than he has, maybe it's time he retired as well.

I used to wonder how a team who can beat ANYONE at home could suck so bad on the road. Now I'm wondering if they just don't play WAY better at home than what they truly are.

Last Year

Game One 2008 Playoffs

"We had open shots, we couldn't make them," Sloan said, Jazz shoot 37.9%

Game Two

"We feel like we've been in both games, we just haven't been able to get over the hump," Utah's Kyle Korver said. Jazz shoot 44.6 %

Game Five

The Lakers have Home court "When you start off the season, you want to try and get the home-court advantage because I think it's been pretty big in this league.'' Coach Sloan said. Jazz shoot 47.5%

Game Six

"We ran out of gas a little bit in the second half as they played with a frenzy and intensity,'' Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. "I had confidence that we'd make the right plays at the end of the game.'' Jazz shoot 38.1%

The stories from this year sound like the last playoffs. Soot 40% and you go home. What is wrong with shooting 50 % Plus. Come on JAZZ Get loose what have you to lose!!!


Stick a fork in them they are done. 6 more pathetic games left in the season. Sloan must be getting soft in his old age. These guys are the worst defensive team in Jazz history. There isn't one of them that can play man up defense, forget about help defense. Why don't they just try defending there own guy.

Trade for

Trade O'Connor for Danny Ainge...


AK is half the problem and Boozer is the other half of the problem. Sit those two down and the team plays hard. AK on offense looks like he hasn't played basketball in his entire life. Boozer on defense looks like he went to Duke. Boozer is killing this team right now. AK is just looking to get out.

jazz fan

Season is over. With boozer back we became a very bad team. He is so slow and all boozer does is get his shots sent into third row! If im going to watch the jazz next season they better make a move during the offseason to make their team different. Boozer and AK need to go. Ak is the worst offensive player in the league. Not smart with the ball what so ever. I dont even know how to explain my feeling towards the jazz. I guess all i can say is Go UTES


I agree, jazz fan.
O'Connor needs to make some major moves. Unfortunately, with a reduced cap and AK making the MAX, I don't think any team is willing to take on his contract, not without the Jazz getting back an equally undesirable player.

I hope Booz makes good on his promise to opt out and the Jazz just let him walk. It would serve him right if he gets offered way less than what he thinks he's worth.

Memo was playing a lot better with Millsap starting. Okur is terrible on defense, but with Paul and a better SF inside, the Jazz could afford to keep Memo. Since Brewer is not an outside threat and scores more by cutting to the hoop, Okur really becomes the off guard when Williams drives and looks to kick the ball back out.

Keep Williams, Millsap, Brewer and Okur, if he doesn't opt out or will re-sign at the right price. Korver is a decent backup and is also worth re-signing. Everyone else is expendable.

Sell Greg Sell

Get this team out of here while the value is still there. We would all be better off, that is citizens maybe not the almighty media, but certainly tax paying citizens. Pro sports are nothing more than a license to steal, and heaven knows wev'e seen more of that than we need in this economy the past 25 years. Who needs the expense and phony entertainment? Not me for sure. Life would be better around here without all of this pocket emptying entertainment!


You nailed it Hollywood. Right on!


You got a lot of nerve mentioning choke about any team when defending the Jazz..You have no crediblity whatsoever.Perhaps if the Jazz ever win anyting you can comment. You are the one that is dismissed. Your non basketball references to the Lakers is all you have, you don't dare actually talk about basketball. Talking about other teams Cleveland or Boston beating the Lakers tells us you have already decided the Jazz are done. How pathetic your team can't beat the Lakers so you are calling on the rest of the NBA to do what the Jazz can't. Grow up dude.


Perhaps we all have it wrong. Get rid of Jerry and everything will be fine. He has no control over this team. He has stopped coaching and started the whining. We have enough talent to win but Jerry's job is to get them playing like a team and he can't do it. Time to resign Jerry cause they will never fire you.

Re; Sell Greg Sell

If that's how you really feel what are you even doing on a sports blog. Go back to Heber and milk cows. You certainly don't belong here. I'm sure there is a state somewhere in America that doesn't have pro sports..Go there and never come back.

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