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Published: Sunday, April 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The church, in right of god himself, is underwriting this project. It is right that you boutique shop six days a week. Economics have nothing to do with this exercise.


Please don't make dumb comments. My goodness!


Please KEEP making dumb comments...that's why I read the Reader comments!

I'm optimistic

Let's hope this massive investment will be a positive project for our city and it's residents.

Spectacular! THANK YOU!

I live and work downtown- we just moved and LOVE it! We sold a car and save a lot because we don't drive south of 400S -City Creek in my opinion is nothing less than spectacular! From a non-mormon I am very grateful to the LDS church for investing in downtown. I've been on a waiting list for 3 years to see what they're offering-those condo's are going to be BEAUTIFUL- I'm sure very exciting for those that are fortunate to purchase/live there.
I can't imagine living in dense housing in one of the new projects in Sandy or anywhere other than downtown (charging $300 a sq foot to live in a nondescript -no charm, no restaurants, no theatres, non diverse neighborhood vs living in downtown for the same price? Depressing!
Look out Sandy- City Creek is coming and will make all those that purchased your overpriced condo's regret it big time! Nothing else can compete for location!
I can't wait until Harmons Grocery store builds downtown- please come soon!


How unfortunate you'll never go past 400 south. You'll never get too eat at moochies!


I for one can promise you this.....i WILL never spend 1 penny on any of the shops, eating establishments or what ever is down there.

to John

yes you will.

goofy people

Why not give thanks that the church had the forsight to renovate this delapidated city. And the timing could not have been more perfect.
While the polititians are trying to destroy jobs and the economy, the church is providing jobs and strengthening the local economy.


The key is getting people to live down there--where you have people, you will have business. Smart move to put condos downtown. Here's to hoping the whole thing is a success, for the sake of our fair city (and despite the pessimistic Mormon-haters who want everything to fail).


How Much More Ice Cream Do We Need Downtown?

I thought Gateway....

...was supposed to do that? All it did, was kill the downtown malls.

Now City Creek, if successful, will kill what's left of Trolley Square and Sugar House. Then we'll have even more gaping holes in the ground.

There is not enough population that spends *big* money to support all of these shopping centers.

reality check

Gateway did not kill the downtown malls
retail has about a 25-30 year life span
like Cottonwood and Ogden.

University mall remains competative because it has reinvented itself multple times

Like Valley fair; Crossroads and ZCMI were simply due to be rebuilt

Trolley Square has also been handed around from owner to owner and the shootings require a remodel (tragic accidents usually result in businesses failing)

Change is the norm City Creek will morph again in 25-30 years (and hopefully dump the skybridge)

Fashion Place has done well...

...despite its age and the economy. Why? Because it has good parking and attractive stores.

AND....we can shop there on Sunday.

If I can't shop downtown on Sunday, or have a drink at a restaurant, I'm not going to shop downtown.

Former Salt Laker

I live in Spokane now and a major project like City Creek was planned for the North bank of the Spokane River down town. It was going to be called Kendall Yards. The project had tenants pull out, its investors pull out, retailers decide not to come, dirt everywhere, no building of any kind, after 5 years. Count yourselves lucky that the Mormon Church is bank rolling this incredible project and will get it done and done right. I love Spokane but admire how Salt Lake is able to dream big and then make it happen. Your light rail system is another huge success story!

Dear Former

The LDS Church may build it, but will they come?

How many department stores want to close 14& of the time (on one of the two weekend days)?

How many restaurants want to forgo their largest profit center (wine and liquor)?

How many JOBS are there downtown, for all of these tenants to walk to work?

We've travelled extensively the past 2-1/2 years, and nearly EVERY city has multiple "multi-use" developments. They're all alike, with the same low-level chain stores and eateries. Cookie-cutter stuff from coast-to-coast.

Wouldn't it be nice, to just have downtown back...with angle parking and four-hour meters?


I think it's cool. I would love to have a condo there. Of course, I own a house in nearby southern Davis county, so that's kind of a stupid trade on my part. It would be awesome to be so close to all the culture. The Symphony, Ballet, shopping. I absolutely love downtown and am so grateful it won't be a trash heap.
I never shop on Sunday and avoid stores open on Sunday as much as possible, prefering to support the ones who keep the sabbath holy according to my christian beliefs. There are others like me, obviously no one as big as the LDS church is going to invest their wad on something doomed to failure. Shops closed on Sunday? Well, go Saturday.
Some of my Jewish friends shop Sunday, not Saturday, I respect that a lot, I would welcome a Jewish funded project with shopping closed Saturday. And yes, I'd frequent it on Monday through Friday. Lets respect instead of bash! Who knows, maybe we'll all find something way better than shopping on both weekend days!

Jeff R

Just be thankful the LDS church has the backing and the will to do this. This will help downtown SLC from getting anymore of an eyesore. SLC is booming and we need to make way for that. Build it, and they will come. If not, we could use some more sewing and quilt outlets :D:D:D

rezone the whole state

Where's Port O'Call?
Where's The Zephyr?
Where's The Dead Goat?
Where's DV8?

Salt Lake has lame nightclubs, over-priced, marginal restaurants- at best, and alot of superficial people all dressed up with nowhere to go.


If its such a nightmare to live here, well, you don't have to..

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