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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Re: Let's See

". . .thermite is a mixture of aluminum powder and iron or steel powder. And these buildings were made of . . . aluminum and steel? And large parts of them were pulverized in the fall?"

You don't know what thermite is. Basic thermite is an incendiary consisting of, for example, a finely grained mixture of Fe2O3 (Iron-Oxide) and Al (Aluminium). Normal thermite has a very high ignition point. However, the red/gray chips found in the WTC-dust are nanocomposites, in other words, a very finely grained (on the nanometer scale, obviously) explosive (no longer incendiary) mixture with a much lower ignition point. This is high-tech military stuff, patented a few years before 2001. It can be sprayed onto surfaces if desired. It can be applied in sol-gel form.
It has a comparable or even higher energy release than explosives such as e.g. TNT and RDX, some of which are used for building demolitions.

Red/Gray chips with a complex nanomatrix structure do NOT suddenly materialize out of 'collapsing' aluminium cladding and steel beams. Who are you calling a crank, dummy?


Bogus Claims | 7:23 a.m. April 7, 2009 You are WAY off. There are eye witnesses who heard explosions and there are explosive noises recorded BEFORE the planes hit. PLEASE do some research.

Stevan Madrigal

Well done, Dr. Jones et. al., Hard science will continue and finally the truth will be known. There cannot be dispute over facts and then justice will follow.
a/e 911 truth.

re: "True American"

...You said -- twice, if you don't like it, leave i.e., "move out of the country".

Boy, that is pure Sheeple mentality! That is exactly the kind of patsy, dumbing down of America big Government has worked for decades to achieve.

And congratulations for letting someone else do all your critical thinking for you. That was precisely what our Founding Fathers had in mind, NOT.

As a True American myself, I love the fact that WE can still search, ponder and pray to find truth for ourselves from other sources...rather than relying on the Wolf Blitzer(s) and other media talking-heads to form our realities.

Thank You DesNews for reporting and letting "We the People" decide.

Bill Duke

Jessica | 9:16 a.m. April 8, 2009 One may conclude that one "does not know". In my opinion, this is resignation and takes us NO WHERE. Better to say, "Re-open a true investigation of 9/11 and get to the truth as best we can discover it given that a crime of immense proportion was committed in the WILLFUL DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE. Many committed "truthers" have lost their careers, refusing to accept the official story and say. "we don't know.


@ Let's see:

aluminum and steel? And large parts of them were pulverized in the fall?

How do you pulverize aluminum and steel with simple gravity? Ever looked at some earthquakes pictures (where energy is added by shaking ground) and thus following gravity collapses? You bet if one can find any pulverized aluminum, steel or concrete to a fine grade in them.

Another Australian

This article got a bit of play here in Oz I see.
Congrats to this newspaper for running the article and enabling Dr Jones to post comments here.

I find him reasonable and balanced and enjoy his research.

Perhaps you could feature him more often.

I like that he avoids speculating on who/ what/ why, and just keeps it to the technical aspects within his sphere of education.

Yes the thought of "who" becomes troubling (if- as it appears there were explosives in the buildings), but ours is not to prove one way or another, rather, simply to ask those professing the "official" line to consider new lines of research and greater transparency in the "official" conclusion.

For mine, the smoking gun was Building 7. It was 200metres away and 47 stories....into....its....own.....footprint. Thats what got me interested.

Plus the comments from teh buildings own designer that he designed for airplane crash (not to forget the fuel burned_outside_ the building on one of them)



Concerned Citizen

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think. --Adolf Hitler

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. --Albert Einstein

If we do not act, we are acted upon. --George Orwell


Believers of the official conspiracy theory should ask themselves two questions:

(1) If they were asked to prove the official conspiracy theory, would they be able to?

(2) What is it that makes them have hissy fits against people who vocalize their discovery of and support for evidence that does not agree with their yet unproven conspiracy theory?


True American, you ask "What evidence is there?"

You could begin by reading the new paper itself. It's easy to access.

Once you've done that, I can direct you to a whole lot more.

Your patriotism and love of country are not questioned by me.


I want to thank the Deseret News for this article. Dr. Jones and the other authors of this paper have risked their good names and careers to research this ON THEIR OWN with their own money to answer the myriad of unanswered questions ignored by the government studies/cover up. I am renewing my subscription because of this article.


Where can one make contributions to continuing research?


To: Anonymous (1:56 AM):

If I were killed in the 911 tragedy, and I maintained some kind of awareness (spiritual, etc) afterward, I believe I would like it to be known to people just who it was that participated in the mass-murder, both those directly as well as those indirectly involved.

For the sake of those people murdered, for their spirits, and for their relatives and friends, let us continue to seek the truth.

Re: Contributions

ae911truth would be the most deserving of contributions - professionals dedicated to the us of science to find out why and how, not necessarily by whom.

Jerry Fletcher

re: secret | 12:56 p.m. April 8, 2009

How 'bout the Gadianton Robbers on Wall St?

>> Also, President Hinckley said the terrorists belonged to the very secret combination that the book of mormon says will exist in the latter days.

Also, Pres. Benson said long ago that the communists were also members of that secret combination.<<

How is this for a conspiracy; The current boogeymen (@ that time) as declared by our government is validated by the Church. I guess Qadafi then & Chaves now did not maske the cut? I

Isn't it funny that the evangelical right & mainstream conservative thought are at odds w/ the LDS church or are they? I guess we'll have to wait until Dan Brown's new novel comes out to really truly find out.


you can follow the fear or follow the Question.


the great tragedy of the 911 false flag event motivates truth seeking citizens in nations around the world, it is time for the govts of israel and america to clean house and stop shielding mass murderers in their midst, flag flag attacks on innocent civilians, murders of activists and the disregard for the health crisis of first responders must stop. the world demands it and citizen trust in government will not return until the 911 false flag mass murder is put behind us .

911 truth ends war


To: capelipl: Thank you for what you said:

"911 truth ends war."

That is concise and beautiful. THAT statement of yours captures the most important part of all this. We do need to know who. But in order to find who, we need to find what and how. Who is important because:

1)Justice can then be more properly meted out.

2)If the current Middle East wars are found to be based on lies, they can perhaps be stopped, and further wars in this matter can be prevented.


If YOU were killed on 911, would you want vengeance to be taken on the wrong people?


Why wasn't this printed in the physical paper? This should be FRONT PAGE NEWS!

I appreciate you writing this article, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE print this! Even if it is in the local section like it is here!

This completely blows the official commission theory out of this atmosphere!

Even IF somehow a bunch of angry Arabs pulled of 911 on their own merit, which I doubt, it cannot be argued that the Bush administration did everything in their power to take advantage of these attacks to expand government control and begin the destruction of our basic rights outlined in the constitution. Where should I start? Warrantless spying through communication networks? Suspension of Habeas Corpus? Degradation of posse comitatus and expanding continuity of government?

Don't start on the "Terrorists have no rights". If you're a human being you have rights. Its stated in the Declaration of Independence. You take rights away from one group, there is no reason to not take that right away from you, or your family. That is dangerous in the hands of a corrupt government (like we obviously have).


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