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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I already said it the last time I commented an article 'bout professor Jones:

Maybe the renewal work was not was it seems to be.

"I would imagine that if you took the top expert in that type of work and gave him the assignment of bringing these buildings down with explosives, I would bet that he could do it." -1993-John Skilling, Head Structural Engineer WTC Towers

"If someone really wants to take the WTC, he will. Our job here is to discourage those interested in doing so in the hope that they go elsewhere."- Douglas Karpiloff, Head of Security WTC

An interesting link would be Magic Plumbing and Heating associated with Denko. Front companies. False Flag companies. Rogue intelligence squadrons driven.


Read the scientific paper, especially the abstract in the beginning and the discussion sections. It's not that hard to understand. Active super high-tech explosives are found in high concentrations in the WTC dust samples. This means there were TONS of active explosives present in the toxic dust which followed the WTC building demolitions. This is a peer reviewed scientific journal. Unless any objections are made in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, this scientific paper stands up to the rigors of the scientific peer-review process.


What you need to know about "Peer-review"


So how do you, as a non-scientist, discern whether the arguments are valid or not? You should first ask, "is the objection PUBLISHED in an ESTABLISHED PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL?" If not, you can and should say -- "I will wait to see this formally published in a refereed scientific journal. Until then, the published peer-reviewed work by Harrit et al. stands. "


I've worn my bumper sticker on the rear of my vehicle proudly for the past year:

911 Was An Inside Job

Thank you for reporting this, it is very important this information is made public for both praise and criticism.

I was only convinced of this just a year ago when I actually sat down and did research, hours of it in fact, rather than playing it off as crazy talk.

The information presented by Alex Jones and Infowars was a start, but documentaries like Loose Change, In Plane Sight, Fabled Enemies and Terror Storm really added to the wealth of information that is available on the subject.

There are so many facets to this, 911 is only a small part of the large picture. It has everything to do with creating an Orwellian 1984 police state and the expansion of power by a few elitists, kinda like what happened at the G20 Summit.

Don't take our word for it, read books and watch documentaries researches have already compiled. The new docs "The Obama Deception" and "Core of Corruption" are a great way to start and only require a few hours of your time.

If you dare.


Oh My God,
I honestly cannot believe that some of the people that write comments in here are so stupid. Eg, the person who is saying that the conspiracists may have planted the thermite so they could 'bring down the government'. Are you flipping kidding? Millions of people around the world have been begging for an independent investigation for almost 8 years now, and NOTHING has happened! They're not very good at bringing the Govenrnment down then are they!!!!It's a massive cover up you idiots!!! SOOOO FRUSTRATED AND SICK OF THE SHEEPLE! We are ALL being manipulated. Are you blind? Why don't you google ANY of these topics on any actual NEWS website and you will find NOTHING! It's a media blackout. Do your research!!


From Australia; congtratulations Desert News, you are at least a 'NEWS'paper. The official Bush believer's conspiracy theory, that 19 Arabs did it has been purveyed by a corrupt corporate controlled media since the event. Now, as the truth is being divulged by dedicated thinkers the controlled mass media will have to explain their lies or just go broke.
The internet is the reason that the official conspircay theory has been seen to be nonsense. Just do your research people and overcome your state of denial. Governments have murdered their own people for the agenda of others for ions. Do a search of "false flag operations'.
Good to see some people in the US eventulally being informed, ask yourself; why has this taken so long?
Try 'patriotsquestion911.com', "political leaders for 911 truth, religiousleaders for 911 truth, medical professionals for 911 truth etc.
See ae911truth (Architects and engineers) and scrol to David Chandler's three part presentation under the heading "NIST admits freefall". Sorry people, but looking at how silly your NIST (your scientists!)people look, makes us, looking from the outside of your country, wonder how gullible and simple a once proud nation can be, your embarrasing.


Sorry for previous post.... a little out of line. I must try to remember that sadly this may be the FIRST thing some people have read about this, being that is a more mainstream media. Please research this topic with an open mind. I personally discovered the cover up only a few years ago, and I know how much it can affect you when you realize you've had blind faith in our governments for so long. When I read derogatory comments about 'truthers' I ask myself this question. "Would the people who died in concentration camps have once perhaps mocked their friends and family who told them they were fleeing Germany, because they felt they knew what was coming?" I don't want my friends, family or anyone to one day say, "if only I had listened". This is the most important topic of your lifetime people! Do not rely on the TV or print media. Investigate, investigate, investigate.


These twoofers just don't get it.

Obviously,all this paper shows is that Al Qeada has the capacity to nano engineer explosives while hiding out in caves and tribal regions,hating us for our freedom.
We have vastly under estimated Al Qeada's arsonal in their jihad.Before,we thought they just had some jungle gyms,machine guns,fire proof passports,video tapes and a dialysis machine for their elusive leader OBL.But this takes things to another level.


I gotta say well done to this US University for enabling their staff to produce this on a technical level. Good stuff. Its what higger learnings is meant to do. Right and/ or wrong.
Admittedly many of us outside of the US don't rate the intellect of Americans very highly. ie 2 planes hit 2 buildings but 3 buildings fall into their own footprint. (first time in history)
This guy does some pretty reasonable research, yet_he's_the freakazoid? okaaaay.
This is a good step towards recovering a reputation lose through the Bush years.


For Mr. Bray:

There is video of a top-down demolition posted on YouTube entitled "top down demolition" (or the same video entitled "Gambling barge goes 'kaboom' in Mississippi" is available on MSNBC; this monitored Website does not permit me to post here)


And whats with all these Aussie domestic terrist comments?Don't you know we're the greatest country on Earth!?Our news chicks are the hottest ,so they would never lie to us.
You're either with us or against us.There is no time for critical thought,it's a waste of time and we need action.Use gut feelings not wimpy terrist loving logical consistency.You should just be thankful you had John Howard to protect you from the evil doers.So stop questiong authority, we have a never ending global war to fight.


The label "conspiracy theorist" has been used a lot these past few years. It wouldn't surprise me if, in the fairly near future, we have a formal psychological term for "denialism" or something to that effect.


Ive seen films and videos of buildings that werent brought down as professionally as the WTC towers. If it were as easy to do this by using an asymmetrical force to gain the same symmetrical results as what is now being done with planning and prepositioned explosives, why bother with demolitions experts any more? Anybody who supports the official government story must believe that demolition experts are no longer necessary to pull down large structures, as they can be replaced by large aircraft flown by remote control.


For any who haven't yet read the paper, notice especially figure 30 on page 27, which illustrates the energy release of the red/gray chips and compares this with the energy release of conventional explosives.

Showing the illustration to a few (or more) friends seems like a good idea as well.

Heck...why stop there? Point it out to some media outlets also.

Cheers to DesNews for getting this started.


As has been pointed out, this article barely scratches the surface. Do the research, there are over 400 scientists and scholars who support Dr. Jones. There were many fire drills and other excuses to evacuate the buildings in the days leading up to 911. It wouldn't take that many people to plant explosives, and it is not that hard to keep them shut up about it, especially if family members are threatened. The biggest thing the powers behind this have going for them is the belief by the majority that it is impossible and crazy for anyone to believe our own government was behind this. In my opinion, the evidence for 911 conspiracy far exceeds JFK, Pearl Harbor, UFO's combined. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable.


This is the "smoking Gun" the "Conservatives" did'nt want to revealed!

The weapons of mass destruction were really in the hands of the Politicians.

True American.

LOL what evidence is there? If you really believe that it is soem conspiracy, then please, move out of the country. Men and Women are dying for freedom, and those 3000 people that died that day died in honor. So to you that believe this BYU nut and think that its a conspiracy, move out of the country.


Im sure the people who died in the 9/11 attacks would be doing flips in their graves if they heard about this conspiracy. Shame on those who believe it was the US government.

Let's see

. . . thermite is a mixture of aluminum powder and iron or steel powder. And these buildings were made of . . . aluminum and steel? And large parts of them were pulverized in the fall?


What would be startling is if we DIDN'T find "thermite" in the wreckage.

This guy is a crank.


@True American & Anonymous above.

Now you get it.We must unite and go murder for the expanding federal government.Our freedom is derived from aggressive preemptive undeclared war,NOT from natural Rights from the consent of the governed.

Nothing honors the victims of 9/11 more than constantly invoking their names to justify our forgein policy of freedom. (spreading democracy)

Evidence is for terrists!Shame on them for using reasoning,logic and science.

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