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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To: Says Who?:

If the paper by Jones et al is correct--and you have done nothing to demonstrate it isn't--this calls into question our government's account of what happened, and may answer the question of why they have repeatedly failed to test for incendiaries in the 911-WTC debris.

I am speaking in the subjunctive (and conditional). But I repeat, if the paper by Jones et al is correct, we have incendiaries and/or explosives in the debris.

Does this not disturb you?

I would like to know the truth. Why not favor a new INDEPENDENT investigation (or better, several INDEPENDENT investigations)? I would like to know what happened, and who did it.

Thank You Dr. Jones

Thank you Dr. Jones. There are many who can not see beyond what they see on TV and hear on the radio. There is so much evidence it is sickening. The right crisis is always created. There is a great video on youtube called the Obama Deception. People can believe there is no conspiracy all they want. It does not change history and history always sadly repeats itself, because we say it could never happen here.


For those who disagree with what Dr. Jones published, here is what you need to do;

1- Read his paper (and other related work) very carefully.
2- Right down where you think he made mistakes.
3- Go the lab and conduct experiments to prove that he made these mistakes.
4- Write a scientific paper showing your results and submit it for publication.

This is how it works. I am sure that the Dr. Jones will appreciate your efforts and he will be glad to hear from you.

Be objective in your judgment and avoiding being subjective.

Adam Weishaupt

WTC 7 WAS IMPLODED or American building construction is very SUSPECT.As towers collapsed in near free fall time TONS OF MATERIAL INCLUDING CONCRETE WAS PULVERISED TO POWDER.TRY IT SOMETIME.
Wake up from your slumber & use your common sense.


Calling this a "conspiracy theory" is just an intellectual cop-out. Only a Cointelpro officer or a genuine moron would call this a "conspiracy theory". Thanks Desert News. If I was in the states I'd support the people that report this stuff.


@ Mark

could the terrorists on the planes have been carrying any explosives with them?

No, one can estimate the amount of superthermite that was required to archieve the amount of also found iron-rich microspherules, otherwise than superthermite reactions only found at locations with massive steel melting or volcano eruptions. You need tons of this stuff. The consistent findings in all the specimens suggest it was the destruction of the towers and no other source. Besides that it is the nano-sol-gel structure of the red-grey chips, that implies a high-tech level of manufacturing simple terrorists could not archieve. How could it be placed? I don't know- but to claim it is impossible and therefore to reject the evidence is not a scientific method. Maybe it was indeed covered as paint in the renewal during the late 90'ties.
Follow the research Jim Hoffman on this topic.


This must be known to every human being on this planet.
Email everyone and let them know about this article.
The "critics", or should I say "people who shout and deny without looking at anything" can obviously do nothing other than make low-intelligence personal attacks. If Steven Jones and his crew didn't do what they do, they would be concidered cowards, like the people attacking and trying to silence them.
If you have the power to stand up, you have the responsibility. And since they are specialists in the scientific area, they have the responsibility.
And WE, that is YOU and I have the responsibility to look for ourselves. At least at the aspects our intellect and education can comprehend.
And there are plenty of those. I will be looking forward to a peer-reviewed response, IF one will ever appear...
Still waiting for peer-reviewed responses for the "14 points of agreement" and "Environmental Anomalies" papers...
The idiotic personal attacks seems like a desperate attempt to discredit even the scientific peer-review process...
Come on guys... Don't you want to know the truth?
The truth fears no questions !

Reputable Source

Well it's a good thing that the dust samples came from a trusted, reputable source - some dude on the Brooklyn Bridge. Seems like a conspiracy within the search for a conspiracy.


Dr Jones & co and Deseret:
Great job, we're behind you all the way ...

Dont worry what the shills n sheeple type !

Peer Review

As reported, this article by Dr. Steven Jones was published in a PEER REVIEW JOURNAL. If anyone knows anything about science, peer review is when the article meticulously reviewed by other scientific professionals. I have had a physics professor tell me, in the past, that Dr. Jones' theories are not true because he was unable to get his previous claims published in peer review journals. Well now he has done that and thus many other "professionals" have said that it is a worthy article.
That being said, as reported, Dr. Jones hasn't determined the source of the explosive materials and he or others may never be able to find the source. However, it does bring up many questions that NEED to be answered by our government. Now it really looks like FEMA has covered up at least one truth and who knows how many others!!!! WE should DEMAND answers from our government instead of being complacent and letting the government do whatever they please with innocent lives. Plus, how many soldiers have we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan to try to defend against this so called terrorism? It's sickening!!!!!

Only Two Ways

There are two, and ONLY two, ways that the twin towers did not "fall over" when they collapsed.

One: They were demolished by a team of experts so good that they can make 110 stories fall into a few acres of ground.

Two: They were caused to collapse in their own footprint by a provident God who wanted to minimize the damage to innocent people from a despicable act.

Take your pick, you can't believe both.


This scientific paper creates enormous exposure for individuals involved in the plot. They over insured and then profited from the collapse. Finding relief via civil litigation may be an option.


Doesn't matter if the towers were blown up or not. The leader of our military failed to protect our country from an "attack". Bush and Cheney should both have been fired that day for failure to perform their must fundamental duty of being guardians of our country. We have the world's best air force, the best electronic monitoring equipment, etc. For the idiots in charge of our security to not have used the world's best technology to have prevented this "attack" is totally inexcusable and I for one would support any congress critter that puts forth a bill stating that in the event of a failure of this magnitude, the first thing that happens is the Commander in Chief gets relieved of his post. If I were in the military (and I was once) I would not follow a single order given by such a proven failed leader.

Getting Closer

If/when it is proven that 911 was an inside job (and we are getting closer to absolute definitive proof every day), this will represent the most significant case of treason in the history of the United States. For this reason alone, we can be sure the perpetrators will do everything within their powers to stop the forward movement of the 911 truth movement. We need to be prepared for everything.

Dr. Steven Jones

Many excellent comments.

I see that many are actually starting to read the peer-reviewed paper in the Open Chemical Physics Journal. That is what will convince people, I believe -- hard, physical evidence such as we have brought forth.

Suggest the doubters/mockers look at Fig. 29 in particular. When you understand that, you will see that we have explosive evidence!


Those who support Jones and his co-authors merely ask for a real investigation. Most of those who oppose Jones resort to personal attacks without even commenting on the substantive issues. They are trying to intimidate people into silence.

We must address this issue: questioning 9/11 is often smeared a anti-Semitic. Why should questioning my own government have anything to do with Judaism? If Israel was involved, that fact would damn a few political and military leaders who happen to be part of the Israeli government. Such a fact would say nothing about Israelis outside the government, and certainly nothing about the Jewish people.


"Well it's a good thing that the dust samples came from a trusted, reputable source - some dude on the Brooklyn Bridge. Seems like a conspiracy within the search for a conspiracy."

- disinformation

read the paper - there were 4 separate sources for samples.


I guess it's a little like discovering your parents actually did "THAT" in order to affect your existence.

These commenters i.e. Bogus Claims, Poor "truthers", Please,truthers, Bystander, Before you accuse BYU, Vin Deesul etc. need to start serving their country instead of serving the vestigial Bush Cheney criminal legacy.

9/11 was probably an inside job.

Learn the facts.
Find someone who's turning.
And you will come around.


"Don't believe it" said:

>Mormon's are viewed as crazy enough already and when >a man is put in the national spotlight for accusing >his own government of killing 3000 people you can >see why they would want to distance themselves.

Knock the guy's religion all you want, it doesn't prove his research is invalid. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. You act like it's impossible for the US Government to have done something like this. For starters, Google up the declassified info on the Pearl Harbor attack. Read how they knew about the attack days in advance and intentionally did not warn people, sacrificing thousands to furnish an excuse to get into the war with Germany via Japan. (sound familiar?) You have your head in the sand if you think the US Government has ANY problem killing its own people to start a good war for profit.

This demands a new investigation

This published and peer researched paper by Dr. Jones et al clearly demonstrates the need for a new investigation of the crimes committed on 9/11.

The writer of this article is to be commended for putting it out, and the editors for supporting its publication.

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