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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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We who question are routinely told that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence all the while being told not to question the extraordinary events of 9/11the unprecedented explosive disintegration of three steel framed high rise buildings even though there is lacking in the official explanations any credible evidence for this being a chance result of two plane imapcts, let alone *extraordinary* evidence of this. Indeed, the NIST admits that it did not conduct a single test on the debris from the world trade center for traces of explosives or incendiaries like thermite even though these are prescribed in fire investigation manuals as essential to rule out arson. Why on earth not?

Absolutely shameful

I cannot believe this.

The Deseret News - a once respectable institution - publishes the ravings of this crackpot without even BOTHERING to get an opposing view? No attempt to point out how absolutely insane all of this nonsense is?

I'm canceling my subscription tomorrow. I had subscribed to the paper version more to support the Deseret News than to read it - I still read it mostly online. But I absolutely cannot support an institution that puts out such bilge any longer.


excellent work!
the people have to awake, and stop believing propaganda

TWA 800

Nah, our government never lies or covers up the truth.

Remember that Boeing 747 that just "blew-up" in mid-air?

Remember the animated video the media showed over and over again to all the sheeple to explain the fire streaking upward seen by huundreds of eyewitnesses [including other pilots] was the doomed plane lurching upward as a result of lost weight in the front?

The laws of THIS universe don't work like that. Longitutinal Stablity. The wings would have folded instantly with that nose off, weight gone, and hundreds of thousands of tons of instant asymmetrical aerodynamic drag.

BTW, most people have long since forgetten that the "Video" was produced by the CIA., and NOT the NTSB nor the FBI. Go back and look at the credits. The CIA - our governement's Masters of cloak & dagger.

And at the time of 9/11 George Stephanopoulos commented on ABC during the live broadcast "..and my time at the White House was used in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. In the aftermath of the TWA Flight 800 bombing..." - oops, gaff!!!~


Its about time people research themselves what is not reported to you be main stream media.

Its about time people started to wake up.

For goodness sake - a number of the so called terrorists who supposed to have been in the planes, are alive and well ---- reported by the BBC and other sources, google it yourslves


In regard to all of the derogatory comments made here about those who believe this is a cover up, it really begs the question... "If this is all such obvious lunacy, why are you spending your time reviewing it?".

To those of you who are part of the cover up, remember this beautiful and apt quote "There is no pillow so soft, as a clean conscience". Maybe you should try it some time.

Erik @ Sydney

Finally Scientific research that has backed up eye witness reports of a designed demolition of the towers. There no room left for the deniers. Cold hard scientific research proves it now.

Anyone who denies the science must be suffering cognitive dissonance.

Congratulations to Desert News for reporting this ground breaking information.


heh... I see the nutjob deniers are really busy on this site. They DENY that its an inside job. When evidence suggests other... They DENY prior explosions when evidence suggests other... One person above called them shills... a more apt term might be 'shrills', as they yell and scream 'Don't look folks!!" Prof. Jones, in my opinion does follow any one line of reasoning as to 'who did it'. He distanced himself from that several years ago when it became clear that certain persons were out for personal gain. He now persues a strict point of 'what was there and why' research, and I applaud him for it.

May the 'chips' fall where they will... (/sarcasm)



I have already begun talking favorably about Deseret News for printing this. I have emailed friends about this news article, and in each email I mentioned Deseret News in a favorable context.

News should not be about telling everyone only what they wish to hear. It should also contain truth.

People continue to criticize without addressing the scientific paper specifically.

Specific criticisms of the scientific paper have been responded to very cogently by Professor Jones on other blogs. Thanks to Professor Jones for doing so.


I wonder how many people here attacking the 9/11 Truth Movement actually know what the official explanation is for the destruction of WTC1,2? If they did know they would probably stop believing in it, because most people don't want to admit they believe something so stupid.

None of comments here have addressed the findings of the paper. All the arguments have merely been moral outrage and personal incredulity. This appears to be the only "evidence" the believers in the official conspiracy theory have.

Joe Sixpack

Thanks for the fair handed reporting on the excellent paper by professor Jones, et al.

Ive noticed that many of the people speaking negatively about the these scientists, or the journal they chose to publish their work, etc have not actually addressed any of the points made in the paper.

Personal attacks do not a good argument make.


Thank you for publishing this extremely important work that Dr Jones is doing. The vitriolic reactions by Truth deniers are understandable. No-one likes being lied to and worse realising that they have fallen for the lie. They remind me of the crowd watching the naked Emperor in the fabled tale, who vilify the young boy who dares to speak the truth. It makes them confront their own foolishness.
The facts are there for all to see if you wish to look.

Dean Jackson

For those of you who believe the government's account of what transpired on 9/11, ask yourself this revealing question: Where are the media interviews with Boston Logan, Newark and Dulles airport employees where those employees describe their impressions of the 19 hijackers?

The answer to that question is that there were no such media interviews, because the 19 hijackers weren't at those airports.

Now maybe you can understand why the 9/11 Truth Movement exists.


Thanks to DesNews.

Where are the scientific published criticisms of the last 3 published papers on which Dr. Jones has been an author?

So far, the criticism of this paper has consisted of rude comments from childish folks who are upset at anyone questioning authority.

To those folks: The only way you'll feel any better is to take an honest look at the topic and become part of the discovery of the facts.


Thank you so much Dr. Jones and crew for this breakthrough moment in 9/11 research. The anti-truthers are indeed showing their desperation now.

"Absolutely Shameful": Rather than cancel your subscription tomorrow, I suggest you renew it. In the past, mainstream media outlets have almost always ridiculed 9/11 truth, and in doing so has always resorted to insults, ad hominem arguments and straw man fallacies. In other words, a fair look at both sides is what all the OTHER papers are guilty of, not Desert News. The simple fact is, residue of high grade explosive material has been found here, and frankly, there is no opposing view to that. The "opposing view" you wish the article had presented would have essentially been the equivalent of "I'm Dr. Smith and I disagree with Dr. Williams. I boldly assert that 2 + 2 = 5." Because that's what we're talking about here.

For those new to this topic, I suggest you google the following [fill in the blank]'s for 9/11 truth: Architects & Engineers, Pilots, Veterans, Political Leaders, Medical Professionals. Finally watch the new film "Core of Corruption" (on google) for the best compilation of evidence yet.


Superb work, Prof. Jones!
The conclusion is irrefutable - unreacted explosives
are found in the dust of the WTC. There is no other
explanation other than the towers were brought down
by explosive demolition (after all).

The "debunkers" have nothing to offer - except to
deny. Unless they can publish a peer-reviewed
account refuting the nano-thermite, the 9/11 Truth
movement has won the debate.

Press for a new investigation, insist on subpoena
powers, find the suspects, have them questioned assemble a grand jury, and begin prosecuting.

This WILL happen. It is only a matter of time now.


Steven Jones is an American Hero. He and his team have gone through a very tough and thorough process to get this evidence presented in and peer reviewed. Keep the faith and the truth will prevail.

I believe

I believe that they should look into the design of those three buildings to find out what made two of them explode and disintegrate and the three of them fall straight down. If Doctor Jones is wrong then a lot of lives and mess could be saved during earthquakes.


9/11 Truth

Says Who?

Wow | 5:49 p.m. April 7, 2009
This is Responsible reporting. Not printing this article puts us at greater risk for continuation of dishonestly started wars in the Middle East.

It appears that approximately a million people have been killed by us in Iraq alone. It should be known if this is being done for a "justifiable" reason or not. Further, for the sake of national security, we need to know if our government has been honest about 911 and the recent wars in the Middle East.

Do you really want a (U.S.) government that might be willing to enable a "911" in our own country?"

No, I do not want a government capable of committing a "9-11" in our country, but then again, WHO SAYS WE'VE GOT ONE?????????????

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