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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re: i'm with Todd

Are you serious? Stop thinking for yourself and just accept what you have been told? That is by far the scariest comment I have ever read by anyone! EVER!


Dr. Jones is indeed the closest thing we've had to Galileo in 400 years.

WTC 7 = Moons of Jupiter

Dr. Jones' Original Paper

I read most of Dr. Jones' original paper which is a good starting point for asking the right questions about what really happened on 911. There is ample evidence for anyone willing to look at it that the official explanation of events on 9/11 is not correct. This short Deseret News article barely even scratches the surface. Is this the best this publication can do? It seems "a day late and a dollar short." If the editors at the Deseret News really wanted to get to the bottom of this they could. Which begs the question, "Why haven't they?" Why have hardly any mainstream media sources really asked the tough probing questions?

By the way, as a BYU graduate let me just say that Dr. Jones seems to me an honorable man. It seems it was a political decision to fire him. Let that be a lesson to anyone who dares question the official explanation.

Conspiracy Here or There?

Those of you who support Dr. Jones' work, do you also support the work of other professors fired by BYU Administrators?

Dr. Jeffrey Nielsen?
Dr. Cecilia Konchar Farr?
Dr. Darron T. Smith?
Dr. D. Michael Quinn?

If the US Government can carry out such a conspiracy as a "false flag" destruction of the WTC Towers, then why is it unbelievable that the LDS Church Leaders are carrying out a conspiracy to rule the world? (see Charles L. Wood, Author of The Mormon Conspiracy")

Re:airplane mechanic 9:52

I never said I knew anything about building construction...Did I?
That was your own presumption.

What I said was there is far more happening than meets the eye. WE are supppose to have a free press to ; Prove ALL things, and hold fast to that which is good.

Freedom of the press can be controlled by government censorship and false information.

And if we are lulled into a false sense of security that America is rid of Gadiantons -- we've completely missed the warnings from the BoM.


Another thank you to the author and this publication for the fair reporting on this critical issue. This is pure science, not conjecture. The meticulous work of Jones et al deserves our full attention, to say the least.

Just so you know

There are LOTS of peer reviewed journals that publish absolutely terrible research. Just because an "academic" publishes "scientific research" in a "peer reviewed" journal doesn't mean it has any shred of truth in it. There are a LOT of ways to strategically manipulate data collection and data analysis techniques to get results that appear to confirm your ideas. So before you buy into this article, make sure you read the article and critique the methodological rigor with which the study was conducted.


according to the paper, the "red-gray" chips contain nano-engineered aluminum and iron, and produce iron microspheres at 430 C when heated in a DSC; iron melts at 1400 C, so this indicates an intense, heat-producing chemical reaction was occurring. Some have claimed, without evidence, that these chips are "paint"; no ordinary paint has iron, or produces a reaction like this. In addition, according to Sec. 6.14.4 of NIST NCSTAR 1, the towers came down "essentially in free fall" and the 80-95 stories of structure below provided "minimal resistance" to the 30-15 stories on top- how can this be? Unless, of course, they were being removed by controlled demolition. NIST did not analyze the actual "global collapse"; only the "initiation". And it did not test for explosive residues- despite at least 118 first responders being on record testifying to explosive events, in the oral histories released to the NY Times. In addition, pics and videos show the towers turning into rapidly inflating clouds of dust- that is sufficient by itself to disprove the "collapse" notion.

Concerned Citizen

Supporters of the official 911 conspiracy theory will not convert or stop the 911 Truthers with their current approach. Their only hope to make any headway is to present what they regard as the definitive proof that the official 911 conspiracy theory is true. Once this is done, then they will be on solid ground and in a position to convert people to their position.

irresponsible reporting

I can't believe the D. News would publish this and not interview a single expert for an opposing view. Far right wing and far left wing cultish people believe this junk science and I think it puts us at risk for Timothy Mcveigh like violence. It's irresponsible to only report one side of almost any issue, especially one as sensitive as this with such outrageous, politically preposterous claims. The politics and science simply don't add up.

Dont believe it

You cannot blame BYU for firing this guy. it's a PR move. Mormon's are viewed as crazy enough already and when a man is put in the national spotlight for accusing his own government of killing 3000 people you can see why they would want to distance themselves. i've seen a lot of professors in the news getting fired or "retiring" when they get negative attention about something. Even if they believed him they still wouldn't want him there


Thanks for the fair reporting of this significant scientific paper.
I have read the paper, I have a PhD in physics also, and I find that it presents compelling results for the presence of explosive material in abundance in the World Trade Center.

Frankly, I am appalled by those here who criticize the paper without even reading it!

Prof. Niels Harrit is the FIRST author and Dr. Jeffrey Farrer of the BYU Physics Dept. is the SECOND author... Aren't you curious who the other authors are?

Google on Harrit Bentham Science and you can find out and read the paper. Get informed FIRST then see what you say!

Again, I have done this and find the science to be very well done. Kudos to the authors for this in-depth study of the WTC dust and for having the courage to report what they found.


Thanks to Deseret News for the fair treatment of this important story.

And howdy to all the shills and sheeple over by the KoolAid Stand.

Vin Deesul

Have any of you whacko conspiracy theorists ever actually FLOWN in an airplane?????

In order for this conspiracy to have worked, the pilots of these planes would have had to target a specific floor (what? about 10 feet tall?) and hit it with such precision so that the alleged detonations of pre-placed explosives would discharge at precisely the location of the plane's impact, and then all the other explosions would have had to occur in perfect synchronization all the way down in order to give the illusion that the top floors were merely crumbling on the lower ones.

As for the witnesses hearing "explosions", have you ever heard something like a huge chunk of concrete dropped down an elevator shaft? When the towers were coming down, I'm sure there were a LOT of VERY LOUD noises that sounded like bombs exploding.

You people are absolutely off your rockers! To preserve what is left of the good name of BYU, administrators did the right thing to get rid of this wacked out freakazoid masquerading as a professor!


Did someone say Gadiantons? Oh yeah those guys who through fraud, seduction and murder gained contol over an ancient American govt', then used thier power to murder and get gain? That couldnt possibly be happening again could it? Our government has never lied to us why shouldnt we believe that 19 twits with box cutters did all this damage? The same government that is now stealing trillions of dollars and lying to us about it? They would never kill Americans to get gain would they? Nah.....

truthseeds - Brandon

Thank you DesNews and thanks Dr. Jones and the others for their tireless research and efforts in this important cause. The Gadiantons certainly are running a-muck and the events of 911 served as a catalyst. I encourage everyone to be objective and research the matter. That's what I did two years ago after being subjective to the 'official' conspiracy, and I have continued my research diligently. I've worked in the building industry for 17 years, first constructing, and in architecture for the latter 15 years. I bought the lies and lived in denial, although it just didn't add up. How do 3 buildings implode into their own footprints due to fires from jet-fuel, at the speed of gravity, leaving molten metal in the basements for weeks ignoring the laws of physics? They don't. It's never happened to a steel-framed building before or since. Wake Up! Google: Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth (AE911TRUTH), Journal of 911 studies, Patriots Question 911, Zero. Note how all the 'debunkers' have no good arguments and only create strawmen and use ad hominem attacks. We must think for ourselves and save our Republic!

Dean Jackson

Bogus Claims says, "There are no eyewitness accounts of explosive sounds immediately preceding the collapses, despite thousands of eyewitnesses in close proximity to the site. If you watch the video footage, the collapse doesn't start below the entry wound, but right at it."

If you go to YouTube you can watch the actual NBC, MSNBC and USA Today reports where the reporters are talking about other bombs going off in the towers before the towers collapse. NBC reports that it was given this information by the NYCFD Chief of Safety!

USA Today's Jack Kelley reports that the FBI told him that they believe bombs were in the towers. You can watch Jack Kelley's report on the morning of 9/11 on YouTube.

Of course the towers' collapse started where the aircraft impacted them!

It would have taken days for jet fuel fire to bring down the towers, considering their massive heat sinks. The actual structural damage was not critical. The towers were built so they could withstand worse structural damage.


Maybe some people don't understand that it's not a theory anymore that nano-thermite material (which is very sophisticated stuff) was in the building, its a fact. The paper was reviewed by credentialed scientists and vetted for accuracy. They are showing their "evidence" not their theories. Stop being so naive like the US gov would never do something like this. They sent 50,000 Americans to die in Vietnam plus another couple thousand in the wars following without ever losing a minute of sleep. Inside Job plain and simple. Game Over.


Congrats to "interesting." It's nice when someone reads the paper before commenting. Thank you for doing so.

Hopefully the new article opens more peoples' minds to the possibility that the Government hasn't been on the up and up about 911. The 911 events fit suspiciously well with what the PNAC considered necessary to accelerate/catalyze their entry into the "multiple simultaneous wars" they desired to engage in in the Middle East.

Dick Cheney was chairman of the PNAC.

to: Conspiracy Here or There?

i suppose it would not be a normal day at the blogs without someone bashing the lds, but that is not the only reason i am posting. i was 13 when i saw those towers fall and even then was a tad bit suspicious and since then have seen and read many of these so-called conspiracy theories. let me tell what these show. they show a logic of how it is possible and propably likeley that the towers were not brought down by the airplanes, but i fail to see how it is all irrefutable evidence. furthermore, there are other possibilties for a cover-up. what makes you think it was bush? i for one think it was more likely the democrats. who did profit from 9/11? the republicans have been bashed for it since it happened. is it a coincidence that it didn't happen until bush was in office? no. if i were bush and were going to do this, i'd do it while clinton was in office and take advantage of the situation, like obama did with the economy.(also engineered by the democrats

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