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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Lyle - Larry Silverstein never said any such thing. He stated that the FDNY informed him that they were pulling back and that because of the incredible loss of life that day, that he agreed with their decision.

The word "pull" is NEVER used anywhere in the demolition industry to describe the use of explosives to bring down a building.

Furthermore, it has already been proven well in advance of the release of Jones and Harrits paper (which was never peer-reviewed) that thermal expansion due to the 1,000+ degree fires was the cause of the collapse of WTC7.


I should also add, the headline of this article is terribly misleading. Thermite and its derivatives are NOT explosives.

Jet Fuel Weakened Metal

If I remember correctly, there was a show on TV that should have been mentioned in this article that presented the views of the structural engineers who designed the World Trade Center towers that explains why the buildings collapsed. They stated the building codes they used to calculate fire/temperature sustainability was not sufficient -- also taking into account the unusual metal infrustructure of the towers -- to have prevented the buildings from collapsing when the fire was inflamed by jet fuel. In other words, because jet fuel burns at a higher temperature than what they initially had calculated, and because it was allowed to burn over a sustained period of time, and because the towers started collapsing right where the conflagration was at; they stated for all the world to hear on TV that the towers would definitely have collapsed just by the jet fuel burning.

I am surprised this was not mentioned in this article.

Seriously, if the more volatile (ie more reactionary) thermite was present in the building, wouldn't it have exploded sooner? The professor does not explain this obvious point.

Unfortunately, it seems, people only want to hear what they believe.


Jet Fuel - If a fire started in your house, and burned only the things found there, it can easily reach 1700 degrees farenheit.

This is what I've been told by members of my local fire department.

Structural steel not only loses more than 80% of it's strength at that temperature, but there is also the expansion involved. When you run a jar under hot water from your tap, you can induce enough expansion for the lid to pop off. Imagine how much expansion you get from a much bigger piece of metal at 1600 degrees hotter.

Reasons for collapse:

(1) Unusual Design. The very long steel girders (floor supports) were only held at their endpoints - by the central core and the ingenious outer metal mesh. This transferred more of the load than normal to the outer mesh and eliminated the need for internal supports. This also decreased the number of pins that socketed the metal infrastructure.

(2) The fire retardant sprayed on the metal skeleton was not chemically-created (code) to withstand the higher heat generated from jet fuel. Jet fuel would burn through the retardant and act directly on the metal.

(3) The burn time was long enough to weaken the girders and pins to the point the girders could sag enough to pop off the pins at any of their endpoints.

Again, if there were explosives planted on the floors, in and of themselves they would not have brought down the World Trade Center towers. And again, the explosions were not necessary to bring down the towers. So, really, having explosives is of no statistical significance. Also, wouldn't they have exploded when the plane hit the building...and not when the building fell one floor on top of another an hour later(remember, no internal supports)?

Explosions not Seen

All of the building detonations I have seen detonate explosives at multiple locations and always at the main level, too. Also, you can see the "mini-explosions" (when compared to the size of skyscrapers) bursting in all directions (ie laterally, not just vertically)in all the footage I have seen -- but the footage of the World Trade Center towers collapsing does not show these mini-bursts propelling debris upward and outward...just debris falling downward, or slowing expanding outward, not rapidly and violently.

Would the porfessor please explain why these types of explosions were not seen by eyewitnesses? That would be my very first question. Thanks.

Amazed and Amused

Once again, the amount of effort expended by the average "truther" in ignoring facts both amazes me and amuses me.

Fact - Simple structural fires reach temps that compromise steel.

Fact - While the towers were designed to resist an airliner impact, the original designers admit that they did not take into account the amount of fuel delivered on this day.

Fact - The collapse is not attributed (by the experts) to a SINGLE contributor. Fire + Structural damage + Design elements are all involved.

Fact - Dr. Jones' last "peer reviews" have not been "peer reviewed" by the community at large, but in rather some questionable "journals"

Fact - Dr. Jones quit the University on the eve of his work being peer reviewed BY HIS PEERS.

Opinion - The collection of materials for this latest, greatest work is suspect at best.

Opinion - Barring expert testimony, I believe a "thin layer" of thermite, nano or not, is insufficient to deamage beam that "truthers" insist are airliner and fire proof..........

But, that is just a teeny list of problems I have with the usual "truther" claims........

Plenty of claim, precious little truth.


BogusClaims: you're making straw man arguments. What "string of events" are you referring? Building 7 DID collapse, in free fall speed, from the bottom up. And NO airplanes hit it.

There are many video's showing explosions other than the planes, and many eyewitness accounts, including firemen, that heard and saw other explosions. There are video's of building 7 collapsing just like a controlled demolition, but you don't mention these... contradicting YOUR theory.

What "they" would need to do, is not a part of Dr. Jones evidence. Your conjectures are ludicrous. The point is, there was NO criminal investigation, and no forensics investigation.

But hey, continue to believe that a guy in a cave disabled all of NORAD, the FCC, the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI... that's the least believable conspiracy theory of them all.

Amused at Amazed

Fact: The Windsor Building in Madrid Spain burned for 19 hours. Everything burned away except the steel structure.

Fact: Building 7 was hit by no plane.

Fact: The original designers said that the twin towers could withstand, "several airline impacts, like a pencil embedded in a screen window."

Fact: Your "experts" work for the government.

Fact: Peer reviews are by "peers", not the "community at large". Whatever that means.

Fact: Dr. Jones was asked to step done or lose his retirement..

Fact: Scientific facts are not suspect, merely interpretations.

Fact: Thermite in great quantities is much more sufficient in imploding skyscrapers.

Fact: NIST is the only company that has made "nano-thermite", or "spray-on" thermate.

Get your facts right Amazed and Amused. For you have neither claim nor truth.


For a two month old article, this one sure is generating lots of heat. The facts speak for themselves, every news anchor covering the 911 events commented directly or indirectly, that the structural collapses of WTC 1 and 2 looked suspiciously like controlled demolition. To comment on the events of the day, one must first look at the evidence, and it is all over the internet if you want to see it. I have spent the last 8 years doing just that. The unthinkable was done, and that is its most effective form of hiding the evidence. It was totally unthinkable, yet look at the ensuing 7 years of policy: every policy decision made by the Bush Administration had 911 as its point of origin. Do your homework dissers of the Truth Movement. Truth will always win out over lies. See for yourself if you have the courage and moral tenacity to face the ugliest side of human corruption. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Bush legacy is one of power, power and more power...God help us all.

Can't think for myself

Hey "Amused and Amazed" and all people that think like this person. Just go turn on the tv and watch all the coverage on the death of Michael Jackson. Forget about congress passing the cap and trade bill, which you probably support. WAKE UP. Pull your head out of the media. If you honestly believe your government has never lied to you then maybe you should stick to simpler things like the death of a child molester.


I collected some dust in alpine and I put some black cat fireworks in the dust.

Anyone want to test it?

Let me know in advance if you would like any other materials to show up in the sample--I can add them for a small fee.



What let me guess you still live at home right. Maybe your mommy can take care of the trillions of dollars were in debt, or all the innocent woman and children murdered in the Ira war. Your the type of people I whish went to war so we can weed threw you trolls.

To the profiler

Hey whoever said that the truthers are simply right wing Aryans, a couple things that you might be interested in.
A. I might be white but I definitely am more left-leaning than right.
B. none of my co-workers believe the government story either and I am the only white guy in the dept.
C. The fact that your mind automatically jumps to generalizations and accusations of racism is telling.
D. The only commonality that I have been able to see amongst truthers is that we tend to be part of the younger generation. I'm assuming that this has to do with the fact that we've grown up with the internet and are generally more likely to attempt to check out stories against verifiable scientific data.


I am satisfied that there is compelling evidence that military grade high-explosives were planted in the WTC towers. Nothing else fits the data. It is inconceivable that a jet fuel (kerosene) fire could have melted or even softened the construction grade steel in the towers.

BTW, there were many firemen and policemen who testifed that they heard multiple explosions on the site on 9-11-2001. Note, also, the massive insider trading that occurred just prior to the disaster. SOMEONE knew this was going to happen...and I don't mean some crazy Arabs with box-cutters!


Anyone who believes that a government would not do this is certainly ignorant of history.
While not wanting to believe in a conspiracy I do think it strange that a building which was never touched by even another building was able to be taken down by order without any preparation. It normally takes weeks of planning and execution to make this kind of thing happen.
Also, suppose there was a possibility that the weakened floors were falling because of the heat of the kerosene/jet fuel. (This is highly doubtful because of kerosene's low burning temperature) Just ask yourself why would the vertical pillars fall at the same rate? They should have been standing there naked like the internal skeleton they were designed to be. The pillars were not touched by kerosene or flame. You can strip all the branches off a tree yet the trunk still stands. How is this different?
Conspiracy or no. There are a lot of strange coincidences.
Also I have no reason to believe the media. Especially when I saw the impossible with my own eyes.


After 9/11, friends from other countries couldn't believe that Americans believed the official story.

The Book of Mormon (and Pres. Benson) talks a lot about a secret combination that wants control of the world. The Book of Mormon also has a story that shows how 9/11 could have been pulled off (there's an internet article about insights Amalickiah can give us on 9/11). Many witnesses and whistleblowers support Jones' theory.

For example, how could phone calls be made from an airplane traveling that fast, before the technology came out that allowed it to be done? How were all the black boxes destroyed, but a passport of one of the hijackers floated to the sidewalk in perfect condition?

The work of Christopher Bollyn, rense, and many more, give evidence after evidence that the official 911 story is full of holes.

There is a conspiracy, and it is to overthrow American freedom. 9/11 was just a small part of that conspiracy.

For more info on Jones and the report, search the internet!

Kudos to Deseret News for writing and publishing this piece!! Freedom still has a voice in at least one American newspaper!

Noa Body

I suspect that substantially the entire volume of jet fuel was burned in five seconds. I have thrown enough diesel fuel on piles of burning orange trees to know that liquid diesel fuel, when in the air (not poured on the ground) and moving, gets to flaming real quick. The video shows a whole bunch of that fire going up on the outside of the building too, so that flame missed the guts of the building.


Too bad the publisher who did the peer review ignored the editor, and has a record of admitting computer generated papers.

Good and Bad

It was good to see a non-bias article presenting a difficult-to-believe story. I've spent countless hours trying to come to my own conclusion about the events of that day and it is frightening. Understandably, it's hard to imagine a false-flag operation of this size and complexity, but it's also hard to believe the official report. One day, I hope for a happy medium. Until then, don't be as blind as those who commented in opposition to the idea with such certainty. They've obviously not done their homework as anyone can find several videos of the event with explosions as well as eye-witness interviews including firemen and police talking about the explosions. Don't deny that which you've yet to investigate.

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