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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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to "Google", Google isnt my source, I assumed you were capable of doing basic research-I could have easily said any search engine. My fault for thinking you were actually capable of basic research. I wont do that again.


to "Google", maybe i'll drop some links next time since you dont seem to be capable of doing basic research. I'll do it for you buddy.


For the answer follow the money to Isreal.


To : "Google" (9:31 AM):

Nothing is inherently true or untrue due to its being on Google. But if you're willing to look at it, perhaps you can use your brain and take it from there.

Example: "There is a news source called 'Deseret News'. Google it and see." Another example: "Santa is a vampire." Your task: figure out which assertion is more convincing.

Nothing is inherently true or untrue merely because it is spoken or written. You have to be willing to research.


Ha, Ha Ha Ha its those rascally neocons! I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the progressive, neofascists are much more murderous and subversive to the USA than are the neocons. They truly will do and say anything to meet their ends. Look to Clintons and all their foriegn friends. Look to Obama and all his anti-American friends.
get a brain, dude!


To: "@chris" (5:03 PM): If in fact the "progressive neofascists" are as murderous as you say, one way to bring them down may be to go a bit deeper. Just maybe, there are forces enabling "both" sides to have increasing power and control. By forces, I'm speaking about human greed in a variety of entities, corporations, etc.

If you want to get at those forces, one way is to find out what happened on 911. After all, do you see the DC Democrats jumping all over this new scientific paper? They should be, shouldn't they? They're not...and neither are the DC Republicans.

wake up

amazing! here we have a total smoking gun and there are still people that dumb and brain washed that cognitive dissidence is the order of the day.
there are traces of unexploded military grade nano-thirmite people!
What else do you need to know before you people realize that there are people that need to be brought to justice!
and By the way, I love America!


@ wake up

true. but even more amazing is it's the LOADED GUN here.

I'm realizing that real criminals, corrupt power with access to overwhelming force, know that the best way to commit crime is right out in the open.

It's a bold physical challenge to all witnesses. Kennedy assassination, 9/11.

"who's gonna stop me", "who wants to be next"

You don't worry about law or decency. Do it in broad daylight. Have the cameras rolling. Go ahead, just leave the murder weapon sitting there with your prints all over it. Most won't have the bravery to look up and examine it let alone make an accusation, the few who do are easy to deal with. Call them crazy, ignore them. The rest will keep their heads down and amuse themselves watching football and American idol.

Confused, frightened masses will self organize around the new reality rather than confront it.

That is "the law" from the point of view of corrupt power.

Until the masses are able to look directly at the bully, we live under the bully's law.


Professor Jones mentioned reading the paper and checking out Figure 29. Well, I did that much (Fig 29 and surrounding text, I mean). The figure is a comparison of WTC dust material with some material made with some components at a NANO-level. We're talking some serious stuff here, so much so that the paper broached the subject of who the heck can even make stuff like that.

To deny this material was placed is tantamount to saying it was chemically produced due to the conflagration and that would be tantamount to insisting that tossing carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen into some inferno would produce the DNA molecule.

To understand Figure 29 is to realize, "That's all folks!" It is a slam dunk.

I can just see whats next. The deniers who see this will say so what, implying that their once seeing validity in a jet-fuel caused collapse (and WTC7) was really no big deal when it was actually proof of incredible blindness and ineptitude.

(Hey, Prof Jones, I had the pleasure of chatting with you in Austin a couple years back at the 911 convention.)



Re:Bogus Claims:

The presence of explosive material doesn't prove anything

That- alone standing, is maybe right, but with all other facts, e.g. that indeed the buildings demolition do look like very much like common types of controlled demolition (even top-down is possible) where you took the interior structure out well before you see the roofline dropping as well, the molten metal, the iron-rich-spheres, but even circumstantial evidence like the cover-up of NIST ("forgetting" to explain the real collapse), the holes in the investigation (NFPA not followed), steel illegaly removed from the crime scene, NIST role with superthermites, the access to the building and data to possible perpetrators as TriDatas link to Zakheim and Securacom to the saudis shows, both installed after the 93'er bombing (inside job as well, google FBI Emad Salem tapes), and on and on an on...

Paradigm Shift?

Over at 911 Blogger, Professor Jones says that confirmatory work on the new paper is being done in France and New Hampshire. He says he has seen the results privately and that he hopes the confirmatory work will be peer-reviewed soon. That suggests that the confirmatory work is in general agreement with the April 3rd "Active Thermitic..." paper.

His comment about this is under the entry for "What You Need To Know About Peer-Review."


Red particles found in the dust point to thermite explosives used in bringing down the 3 buildings in NYC on 9/11. That is interesting new evidence. But the fact of all those massive dust clouds alone points to the use of explosives. Go back and look at the pictures. Those dust clouds would never have resulted from a structural collapse. A structural collapse would left huge broken pieces of steel and concrete at the base, but the dust clouds were the result of explosives PULVERIZING the building materials into a fine dust. This dust lingered for days over the city of Manhattan. This simply would not have happened if the collapses were purely structural as the bogus NIST report maintains.

Dean Scarpinato

William Rodriguez, the last man out who saved hundreds of people on 911 was in the basement before the plane hit when bombs went off, people died.

There are literally dozens of news reports of firemen, victims and reporters reporting dozens of secondary explosions.

The buildings collapsed into subbasements 6stories deep.

47 central steel columns were completely obliterated. Why, if the "pancake theory" is true are they not sticking up in the air like a record spindle?

Jet fuel is primarily kerosene. It burns at 1400* It takes 2000* to melt steel

Newton's 2nd law of thermodynamics pretty much tells us that steel structures 2000 feet high cannot just collapse into their own footprint in 10 seconds.

No steel frame highrise has EVER collapsed due to fire. On that day 3 came down.

WTC 7 was not hit by a plane and had only small fires when it collapsed just like 1and2 at 5:20 PM. The BBC reports its collapse live WHILE THE BUILDING IS STILL STANDING!

I could go on but I'm out of time. Google it. This is a no brainer. Unfortunately so is 30% of American Society



So many irrational twoofers.

Let ME explain.As we were told,on 9/11, everything changed.

In a post 9/11 world,scattered office fires,as NIST has told us, can now collapse skyscrapers symmetrically straight down at freefall speed.As happened on 9/11 to WTC 7,the 47 story skyscraper which was not even hit by a plane.Why would anyone in their right mind even question this?

In a post 9/11 world:
Nano engineered super thermite produced in hidden caves,or any explosives for that matter,are NO LONGER NECESSARY to completely collapse skyscrapers!Al Qaeda also has waged jihad against controlled demolition companies as they are no longer needed anymore.One has only to light a fire to collapse a building now.

And by the way,the 118 firefighters on the record,the late Barry Jennings,William Rodriguez or any other person who claims to have witnessed explosions on 9/11,are just lying freedom haters who want the terrists to win.Only governments or corporations can be trusted to tell the truth.Those WMDs are somewhere!



I have only one thing to add, which has to do with building 7. According to Sliverstein, because of the damage done to building 7 they decided to pull it, meaning to bring it down with controlled demolition. Then later at 4:00 PM on 9/11 we see building 7 come down but it takes at least two weeks to mine a building the size of building 7. Therefore, building must have been mined two weeks before 9/11? This is the reason the demolition of building 7 wasn't mentioned in the 9/11 report that Cain helped to draft up. Also, it would also take a group of engineers working for Controlled Demolition to pull off such a task as dropping a building into its own foot print, like building 7 and the twin towers. Also why was Controlled demolition in at the New York harbor on 9/10 the day before 9/11? And why did Controlled Demolition remove the evidence at the crime scene of the murder of 3,000 Americans and have the evidence shipped to Germany for the melt down.


Hopefully this leads, ASAP, to the deprogramming of America. Time to wake up.

Reveille anyone?


"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot beleive it exists."

-J. Edgar Hoover
Director of the FBI


It is amazing, sadly amazing: everyone here attacking Dr. Jones uses just words, not logic. Could all the people here diminishing the logically presented arguments with a logical counter-argument? Please, write a paper with the same seriousness that shows something different. These critics here sound like a Bush discourse, with nothing behind... is that the future of the United States? Is this how you build a country ? Amazed, sadly amazed.


"the July 17, 1996 accident of TWA flight 800 fuel tank just blowing up in mid-air by itself is another perfect example of government cover-up."

I worked in aerospace. I have seen Kapton survive 15 hours at 800 degrees in a burn out oven. Not one engineer believed the tank story. Jet fuel is like diesel fuel. It doesn't just vaporize and explode.

Daniel Friesen

If the "wildest" suggestions that government had planned 911 are true, can anyone imagine that it had been planned in the fewer than eight months that the Bush administration had been in power?

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