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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Okay, let's get two questions separated. First, is the question of whether there were additional explosives in the towers to make them fall down. Second, is who put them there.
I'm convinced there were explosives used. As to who put them there? Well, that's another question. Might have been Al Qaeda, for all I know.

Thinking that there were additional explosives in the towers does NOT mean you believe that the US Government put them there. As I remember, Silverstein had an extra-national (Non-American) crew of laborers in the building while it was closed to work on the "communication system or something.

Again, thinking there were explosives does not mean you are convinced that Bush or Cheney, or anybody else American put them there. And science can answer the first question, the second may require human confession.


"Did you calculate the total energy the planes would have had when they slammed into the buildings?"

Much, much less than that exerted by a high wind during the storms in NY as a matter of fact.
And forget about the fuel, already. 70% of that was gone in the fireball.

Compared to that building, those planes were balsa wood. Solidest thing in 'em was the main shagt in the engines, and pieces of the landing gear. The buildings didn't even shudder.


While I am not ready to state, "Bush did it." I am ready--and have been so for years now--to state that Cheney, George W. Bush, Zelikow, and various others among and connected to the Neocons, are highly suspect.

If you've read the 90-or-so-page paper, "Rebuilding America's Defenses for the 21st Century," you can find among the signatories some likely candidates for persons who may have played a role in or who had some kind of knowledge about 911.

I believe in fair trials, and emphatically oppose "lynchings." But if you study 911 in detail and its history, and the philosophy of the Neocons, they do indeed seem dangerously suspicious.


Not only that Mooser, but the tower which was hit first fell last. And yes, "the government" didnt do 9/11, a handful of traitors in the gov and likely some Israelis "did" 9/11. The muslims were only patsies, its as simple as that. Again I urge all to Google these-"Dov Zakheim,9/11", Dominic Suter,Urban MOving Systems,9/11" and "Dick Cheney,wargames,9/11.".


Lets connect some dots. The Anthrax attacks-said anthrax came from Ft. Detrick US military base and the main suspect is NOT Bruce Ivins but IS a man named Philip Zack(also spelled Zach in some cases for some strange reason). Do yourself a favor and google his name and the phrase-"anthrax attacks". The same element that pulled off the 9/11 attacks likely also pulled off the anthrax attacks and in neither case is it the mythical "al qaeda". By the way, wheres Osama? Exactly.

Rick: Thanks Mooser

Thanks, that was indeed what I implied by saying the planes did not bring down the building by themselves.

The impact, and all the kenetic energy was gone in those first few seconds. The buildings stood. So, it wasn't the impact from the planes.

Kerosene [Jet A] burns at the lowest temperatures of fossil fuels - 549.5 F the same temperature as you might broil a chicken in an oven at home -- hardle enough to make steel glow red, let alone melt.

And to "Not so fast, Rick! | 3:57 p.m." Being a Boeing Engineer does let me advise in the matter. I've done so to both the FAA and the NTSB many times over the years. Not just for opinions and comment sections on a newspaper web-site.

BTW, Cutting torches used to cut and melt steel are well over 6,000 F, but I'm sure you already knew that too.


Deniers: I invite you to google:

Patriots Question 911

You also might try AE911truth, but the first site provides a better starting place.


I watched as the towers collapsed and my thought was, THEN AS I WATCHED, this is a controlled demolition, from demolitions I had seen in real life. I did not need a scientist or other experts to tell me what I saw on the TV that day. I continue to pray that the perpetrators, whoever they may be, are brought to justice so that the world may be freed from the contamination and fallout.

Wars are being fought, countless people have lost their lives, had their lives damaged and destroyed, countries have been and are being destroyed, while a few have pocketed vast amounts of money.

Certainly evil stalks the world and lurks disguised.


To those who say, "the government could never have organized such a grand conspiracy as 911"

2 things.

1. No thoughtful examination of the evidence leads one to suspect the whole government did it. Rather, the evidence suggests that a corrupt network within the government and corporations did.

2. Here's an example. Bayer was convicted of selling a tainted blood product called Factor 8 to hemophiliacs back in the 90's. Hundreds of people who took it contracted AIDS and or Hepatitis from it and died. Now was that a grand conspiracy involving doctors and nurses, and lab technicians and the red cross etc. etc.? Of course not. All it took was a few psycho freaks occupying a few strategic positions within Bayer, or the Red Cross or government to ensure the proper conditions were present for the tainted material to get into the market, and an unsuspecting health and medical industry to simply do its job.


It is encouraging to see so many people seeking evidence to bring some sense into what happened on 9-11, as the "official" explanation is not convincing. What is really pathetic is to read comments by those who oppose such research, refuse to consider evidence, and mainly try to defend their "official belief" with name calling, arrogance, stupid cutting comments and emotional drivel. Obviously that is all they seem to have, as they don't seem to offer any physical evidence. Very obviously, those who resort to mainly ridicule and personal attacks against the messanger, HAVE LOST THE ARGUMENT! For those really interested, there are many youtube videos and books available showing great strides in analyzing available evidence. The truth will win out, and such effort should be encouraged, in spite of the ridicule and spleen of those opposed to the truth.


Once you realize a few truths in this world, you will be shocked at how simple it will be to forecast tomorrows headlines. Almost like watching a prophecy unfold before your eyes. Open your eyes before its too late. Get yourself a good education in Politics, economics and history. Thank you Dr. Stephen Jones. Following your research from the get go.

RE: Bogus Claims | 7:23 a.m. Apr

I think this article is very interesting. I'm not quite sure what to believe at this point, but I disagree with the assertion that conspirators would have had to know which floors the plane would hit. I'm not an explosives expert, but logic tells me that the explosives could be ignited by the heat of a plane crashing into a tower, therefore explosives could be placed on any or all floors, to be ignited by the heat of a burning plane when the plane crashed into that floor.

I personally believe that a burning plane with a tank full of jet fuel could burn hot enough to melt steel and cause the floors to collapse on top of each other. The presence of explosive material doesn't prove anything, but it does raise questions that ought to be examined.

I'm not naive enough to think that this great country of ours, the greatest in the world in so many ways, has never done anything evil or sinister, because unfortunately we have. :( But these theories are pretty hard to believe, almost unfathomable. Killing thousands of your own citizens in cold blood? Not sure I buy it.


Personally, I am delighted that there is so much wonderful debate and extraordinarily, varied views.

Those views show concern. They convey intelligence.

Most of those views insist that we still question and challenge our Public Servants. And that is very healthy

So, Let's challenge those public Servants.

What do you have to loose besides our freedoms which are already compromised beyond recognition.

But please never dismiss alternative, well researched evidence. Evidence that your Gov't does not wish to discuss

Do your homework, folks. It's all there on the internet ....





To the Boeing Engineer from a Commercial Pilot and Aerospace Engineer .... You are spot-on as are most of the participants/contributors to this dialogue.


Thank you Dr. Jones,

we owe alot to you for bringing these things to light. I didn't at first believe the claims of 9/11 being an inside job, but your authority as a physics professor and your public stand motivated me to take a serious look at the evidence.

Much thanks also to Elaine Jarvik and the Deseret News. For those who still have not awakened to the truth, there is a mountain of evidence beyond what Dr. Jones has uncovered. For starters, try googling "Loose Change" of "Fabled Enemies" and download and watch these excellent documentaries.


Im afraid you are a bit naive. The "country" didnt do 9/11, it only took a small number of people(the official story says it took 19 to pull it off, I would argue it took a few more than that but not a lot more. I find it telling that people like you are ok with the official story needing only 19 but if it was an inside job on some level it would take-"hundreds if not thousands".) and a broken and consolidated media who as usual failed to do their jobs. And you believe jet fuel fires could indeed bring down the towers huh? In the uniform WAY that they came down though? And its not like they fell in pieces, they both fell in the EXACT SAME MANNER. Really? You buy that? And WTC7 too? Really? It should be noted that Silverstien, the WTC leaseholder has deep connections to Likudniks in Israel, including Netanyahu, and that Marvin Bush and a Bush cousin Wirt Walker ran security on the towers up until 9/11. food for thought for when you cant "fathom" it. Google the names i listed in my previous comments. start with Suter.


Also, you cant fathom a faction connected to our government(and a "friendly" gov) killing 3000? After the close to a million Iraqis weve killed? WHy is it that people like you cant fathom that the same political elites who treat foreigners like numbers and kill them in droves to reach their ends wouldnt turn around and kill a couple thousand americans to reach their geopolitical or personal goals? I believe that the people who really did 9/11 did it out of some disgusting sense of duty, they knew we needed a "big event" with large casualties to propel us into the middle east in a big way and they got it. Have you read the PNAC papers explicitly stating that regime change in Iraq would not be possible without a "Pearl Harbor" type event? Cheney,Zakheim,Libby,Bushs brother,Rumsfeld,Perle,Wolfowitz and lots of other top neocons are members and signed the paper in question.


Someone wrote:

"I personally believe that a burning plane with a tank full of jet fuel could burn hot enough to melt steel and cause the floors to collapse on top of each other."

That was, and apparently still is, a common perception. But this is a misperception. The fires in the WTC didn't get to the 1500C necessary to melt steel columns. Metals expert Dr. Frank Gayle said: "Your gut reaction would be the jet fuel is what made the fire so very intense, a lot of people figured that's what melted the steel. Indeed it did not, the steel did not melt."

NIST said in 2006 In no instance did NIST report that steel in the WTC towers melted due to the fires."

Metallurgical tests on samples in fact showed that none of the sample got to more than 600C (NIST 2005, p176-177)

"Even today, the media report (and many scientists believe) that the steel melted. It is argued that the jet fuel burns very hot, especially with so much fuel present. This is not true...." MIT prof Eagar.

The fires didn't do it. Explosives did.


I love that 'google' of all things is being used to back up peoples assertions.

Santa is a vampire! Google it!

I want to believe therefore its true.


it's mathematically impossible for all these structures to (free fall) collapse into their own footprint- to suggest otherwise is admitting your lack of understanding of structural engineering and physics.


What if the real conspiracy is that the bombers put a bunch of that explosive stuff in their suitcases, so that everybody in the US would scream that it's all a conspiracy? :-|

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