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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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There are 2 choices:
1. The twin towers , and especially Building seven that wasn't hit and had only small fires, all collapsed because they were the most poorly constructed buildings in the world.
2. The buildings were demolished in a controlled demolition.
I have never read any suport for choice one, or any investigation into poor construction. Therefore.....


I'd like to thank the editorial staff of Deseret News for demonstrating the journalistic integrity required to publish this story in an unbiased manner. Excellent work. At a time when many readers are seeking news and information from alternative sources, you have demonstrated that real and honest reporting can still be found in some traditional media. Please continue the excellent work.

billy bob

i recently learned that there was a large explosion in the fields creating a crater just as the 4th plane hit the ground!...wow being a nut job conspirator is so much fun!!!

Utah is so blind

"conspiracy theory"...when are going to learn that sometimes the people in charge of this country makes mistakes??? WTC "Failure" was one of them.
Do you think that 3 airplanes can crash in the most important city in the world like nothing???!!! WOW that was a good movie!!! with all respect to those families.
But we need to see the real facts, this is about a new discovery to help us to know what really happened that day. Dont blame the muslims for everything, it is so obvious that they were help from inside, their job was so easy!!! War was the aswer....wrong answer!!!! good for business, but bad for us!!!

They just put the flag in our faces to keep us quiet and hate others for our faults!!!

Two Explanations?


Your logic is about as solid as is the Professor's logic!


What a joke!

2 choices, eh? 1. the most poorly constructed buildings in the world, or 2. The buildings were demolished in a controlled demolition.

The buildings couldn't possibly have fallen because TWO HUGE PASSENGER JETS, FILLED WITH JET FUEL, SLAMMED INTO THEM!?


You people are just amazing! I hope you all realize how much of a laughins stock you are making yourselves, and BYU, and the LDS Church!


good to see that evidence is still coming out and being talked about


Actually the twin towers were, at the time, the most heavily redundant steel core structures in history, unless, of course, the architects who designed them and the builders who built them were lying and that construction pictures of the steel box column cores are photoshopped lies.

It doesn't make sense that the concrete decking of every floor, all laced with thousands of miles of rebar would all pulverize, rebar and all, and turn to spewing aerosolized dust all at near free fall speed. It splashed down through the greatest resistance, pulverizing everything without really slowing down. Use your head. Kinetic energy, energy in motion, means that in a gravitational collapse the maximum amount of energy you could possibly release at once would result in free fall speed. If the under infrastructure is taken out ahead of whatever is falling that release of that much kinetic energy is doable, as in a controlled demolition. We are supposed to believe none of these structures, which got stronger, wider, and more redundant the further down they got, all pulverized due to gravity collapse without slowing down, sloughing off of the greatest area of resistance all while doing massive pulverization work.


Rusty Shackleford: "the simplest answer is usually the correct one."

Tanabear: "The explanation that can best account for the available evidence is normally the correct one."

You're absolutely right, T, but then again, which explanation sounds more simple?

1) On the same day as a military exercise simulating hijackings, a group of 19 Islamic terrorists who hate us because we are free successfully passed through airport security with most of them never appearing on surveillance video or the flight manifests and successfully hijacked 4 commercial airliners using boxcutters after which they, with no real life jumbo jet piloting experience to speak of, successfully flew the planes into three of their four targets, completely destroying *three* huge skyscrapers with *two* of them and making all 4 of the 6 ton steel and titanium engines on the other ones disappear entirely while causing oddly little damage on impact.


2) the government and corporate media are covering up what really happened that day.

hmmmmmm... seems to me that anyone claiming to accept #1 is either suffering from some kind of cognitive issues OR is not being honest about what they truly think, maybe because they don't like arabs or muslims.


You twoofers don't get it do you?

There are only two real choices to consider for why the towers fell.

1)Al Qaeda has waged jihad against the laws of physics.

2)Al Qaeda got in there undetected and planted their nano engineered super thermite.

If 1) than Al Qaeda added mass/energy to only the top 15-30 floors above the impact zones to crush the towers below overcoming their resistance.

If 2) Al Qaeda got in there perhaps the same way they
escaped from the U.S. maximum security Bagram Air Force Base in Afganistan,or the prison in Yemen,or Tora Bora,or their airlift to Pakistan.Or the magical way Osama keeps slipping away yet still releases his videos in that magical tribal area that can never be penetrated.Hell,they out smarted NORAD for almost 2 hours on 9/11!

You twoofers just hate freedom.Gotta go now! I thought I heard a terrist under my bed!
Quick,burn the Constitution!


student of Prof. Jones

I took a beginning physics course from Dr. Jones and I think he was a great professor. He was passionate and entertaining and was a very good scientist. I read much of his findings and I don't see anything wrong in further studying the evidence.

I think he might have jumped to some conclusions in blaming the government for the conspiracy, however. The terrorists themselves could have planted some bombs, its not like they haven't done that before. There could also likely be a much simpler reason for all the evidence that makes sense, one that does not include any kind conspiracy. Once again, there is nothing bad about looking into it.

As a BYU grad in computer engineering, I think my education at BYU was very valuable and as far from indoctrination as you can get. People who have never taken a class there should not comment on this.


Never mind conspiracy theories. Just answer the questions! Why don't they answer the questions? Not only do they not answer, they don't even let us ask. They ridicule us for asking. They shame us for wondering. Respected scientists get fired for doing what they're trained to do -- ask questions and form hypotheses. If they've nothing to hide, why do they suppress the unexplained questions and leave us wondering?


I believed it was a conspiracy waged by fringe elements of rogue agencies since the day it happened. Hell, we already had Waco and OKC, so why not? NOBODY deceives like Mossad, CIA, and MI5/MI6. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

History bears out that 911 is well within the limits of the US's immorality.

No one has mentioned NORAD. Payne Stewart's little Cessna is flying next to one of those fighter jets, but we have FOUR commercial airliners and NOT ONE fighter was able to intercept it? Dang, bin Laden and crew must have some powerful laptops and the best decryption algorithms known to earth.

The cognitive dissonance is deafening. An inside job is beneath our government's morality? Really? Or, it is too great a conspiracy? Really? The most far-fetched conspiracy is the mainstream one.

One other thing. If our government was so ethical and non-complicit, it would do every thing in its power to find the truth. It has done the exact opposite.

Doesn't that tell you something? Why cover up?

Man...WAKE UP!!!


Every person is entitled to his/her own opinion! From day 1, I never believed that it was "terrorists" who flew a plane into the WTC. I believe it was a concerted & diabolical scheme hatched by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, & other sinister gangmembers to justify invasion into Iraq. Blood for oil!! I have considered past history--the American invasions into sovereign nations for a select few Americans' own ends--& I understand the present & will almost predict the future.

Bad Experiment

After reading the article I wonder if the experiment should even be published. How can they be sure that the dust they were sampeling was from the World Trade Center? I would feel better if it was dust that a team of scientists collected shortly after 9/11 rather than taking the word of some ordinary New Yorkers who "brought" them samples.


Student, I appreciate your informed opinion on Prof Jones' competence as a professor of physics. I think you are wrong, however, in assuming he has jumped to the facile conclusion that our government perpetrated the attacks themselves. Prof Jones has not to my knowledge made such allegations. Nor should we assume that explosives must have been placed by middle eastern terrorists. The truth cannot be known without a genuine impartial investigation which clearly has not yet been conducted. It should trouble any person of conscience that wars that have claimed thousands of innocent lives have nevertheless been waged with 9/11 as the primary justification. I believe Prof Jones and Prof David Griffin are such people-we would all do well to emulate their uncommon courage.


"NB | 3:13 p.m. April 10, 2009
Every person is entitled to his/her own opinion! From day 1, I never believed that it was "terrorists" who flew a plane into the WTC. I believe it was a concerted & diabolical scheme hatched by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, & other sinister gangmembers to justify invasion into Iraq. Blood for oil!! I have considered past history--the American invasions into sovereign nations for a select few Americans' own ends--& I understand the present & will almost predict the future."

NB, you're a blind fool, and that is putting it gently.

Not so fast, Rick!

"Rick | 8:48 a.m. April 7, 2009 - Thanks for the reporting. I am a veteran USAF Boeing mechanic and 25+ year Boeing Engineer in Seattle. We've known all along that airplanes alone could not do all this......."

Good grief!, and you being a guy who works on planes makes you an expert in structural engineering, and specifically, the structural engineering of skyscrapers, how??????

That's like me saying that I know everything about dancing because I build the shoes the dancer wears.

Or like saying I know everything about racing cars because I build the steering wheel the driver holds.

Do fly the planes you supposedly work on? Did you design the World Trade Center towers? Did you calculate the total energy the planes would have had when they slammed into the buildings? What are the critical structural breaking point numbers for the World Trade Center towers?

Care to share those calculations with us idiotic people who believe our Gov't, that though flawed, did not secretly plan this murderous scheme?

Misplaced Qualifications

"Ralph Hughes | 8:56 a.m. April 7, 2009
There is much more evidence than just what Professor Jones presents that 911 was a false flag operation, as I believed it was from Day One. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it the planes alone did not bring the buildings down. A career as an engineer with jet engines was enough for me."

Ralph, you and Rick need to hang out together so we can minimize the damage you two would cause.

Again, being a jet engine mechanic in now way qualifies you to make judgements on the effectiveness, or lack thereof, on a several hundred thousand pound airliner smacking into a skyscraper.





Now, if I wanted to ask questions specific to jet engines, like how long would the engine(s) run after slamming into the building....1 second, 3 seconds, etc....I'll call you. But to make an overarching statement that the Gov't pulled this off because, hey, you're a jet engine mechanic, is ludicrous.


Hey, "Not so fast, Rick!"...ACTIVE THERMITIC MATERIAL has been discovered in the 911-WTC debris.

What part of ACTIVE THERMITIC MATERIAL are you trying to avoid?

This is not about claiming anyone knows everything about structural mechanics. This is about ACTIVE THERMITIC MATERIAL in the debris.

Shall I say it again?



If my memory serves, the towers did NOT crumble or implode immediately on being hit by the planes. Wasn't there a long delay, on the order of an hour?
Any kinetic energy from the impact was long since dissipated, the buildings didn't even shudder. Most of the fuel was dissipated in the initial fireball (about 70%, as I remember). And then about an hour later, the building decides to fall down in a way only a demolition charges have ever accounted for.

But please, go ahead and check. The planes hit, there was a long delay, and then the buildings fell.

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