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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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truthseeds - Good journalism!

After I awoke to our awful situation a couple years ago, it was upsetting to notice the corporate-controlled media was a propaganda machine. Yellow-journalism is the norm in regards to 911, the Iraq War, health freedoms and Ron Paul etc. I canceled our newspapers, magazines, satellite TV and began voting with my money and studying freedom etc. Starve the Gadiantons! Articles such as this do restore some of my trust and confidence in journalism. Thank you.

In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the U.S. Now it is all controlled by 5 corporations with conflicts of interest. Why do the corporate media act as cheerleaders for war? The national networks, NBCCBSABCFOXCNNMSNBC, most newspapers, magazines and the smaller cable channels, are owned, funded, and controlled by an interconnected network of large corporate conglomerates and international banking interests, which manipulates and filters out news that does not fit their corporate agenda.

There is also the Pentagon's manipulation of 911 news and Iraq war news by spoon-feeding talking points and manipulating talking points and infiltrating the already corrupt media.

Fact-check, use alternative news sources, question all, research, study, ponder, pray...

occam's razor

Why would a terrorist hijack a plane leaving Boston and fly it for 45 minutes before reaching NYC - this would be a window of opportunity to be intercepted, in other words, an unsuccessful terrorist attempt. It would make so much more sense if the planes flying into the Towers were hijacked as they flew out of NYC airports.


I can tell you exactly when the explosives were planted. The WTC bombing that occurred prior to 9/11 were used as a pretext to plant the neccessary explosives. Remember, a blind muslim fanatic orchestrated it. Only federal employees were allowed near that site for months.

Marty Didier

There's a lot more to this as I learned the details of 911 back in 1996 while in a family who are directly involved in the criminal activity involved in what is happening. The scientific community has done a good job to surface detailed information supporting a planned destruction. I can assure everyone that this was State Run Terrorism. Many of those involved are currently in the news and expect their involvement in 911 to surface in the future.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL


How 'bout this for a conspiracy theory? The Northwoods Documents, which are now in the public realm and available on the internet to anyone, tell how the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1963 submitted a plan to JFK that would create a pretext to a war with Cuba by initiating a false-flag attack on the USA.

This plan called for a military plane to be painted up to look like a commercial airliner. The plane was to be flown remotely over Cuba, where it would be detonated by a radio signal. The false passenger lists would be publicized, and mock funerals would be held.

This conspiracy was not a theory, however. It was a serious plan which JFK did not authorize. Instead, JFK had Lemnitzer removed from his position of Joint Chief.

The USA has had other documented cases of false-flag attacks to justify a war. For example, google the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

Study up on the 1963 Northwoods Documents by googling it.

The official conspiracy theory of 9/11 cannot explain the molten metal found in the sub-basements of all three buildings. Google WTC7.

Occam's Razor

Additionally, if one were to rely on force and heat to collapse the towers and ensure the success of the mission one would use a fully fueled 747 on a non-stop flight to Tokyo taking off from LaGuardia or JFK. Maximum force, maximum fuel, no time for interception. Whoever scripted the alleged series of events did not take the time to put forth the most plausible plan with the highest degree of success. Face it folks, we've been had....

Rusty Shackleford

Conspiracy theories usually miss the mark, the simplest answer is usually the correct one. I think the obvious answer is that the twin towers were originally constructed out of explosives. The terrorists were just lucky.


You people who continue to deny the obvious facts that show the true criminals of 9/11, and those of you posting on here as shills attempting to thwart the truth, are obviously either completely ignorant or a part of the problem. Your name calling tactics are childish and lame. Do your homework. For the sake of your freedom, PLEASE do your homework and realize what is going on in the world around you. The truth will always win.

Bingo Johnny

I thought everyone knew this stuff already. You can tell by the aggressiveness of the shills that this story is hot. Almost as hot as molten steel...

Many thanks to Elaine Jarvik for being one of the few in the media who is doing her job. Nobody likes to change diapers but someone has to hold their nose and do it.


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs places "The Acceptance of the Facts" at the very top. It is part of what is called "Self Actualization." If a truth threatens any of the basic needs, like food, shelter, safety, a sense of belonging, a feeling of esteem in society, then people will instinctively choose not to believe it is true.

A lot of people are not "going there" out of self-preservation. They are in denial and people in denial can be jerks. So, aside from the Benedict Arnold-like paid shills, you are seeing denial, the same kind of fearful bullying and ridicule that you saw back before the Catholic clergy abuse scandal broke. Back then victims of clergy abuse were pilloried, marginalized and shunned for trying to speak the truth by people who felt too threatened by the implications of believing them. To those people in denial on this peer reviewed paper, consider taking it easy; elite traitors have been called out and arrested before in our country and all it did was result in a better country, so, when it happens again it'll be like what happened with the church, sad, but not earth shattering.

Shill Hater

yes, the Shills are restless. it's as if we're telling these pathetic mormon GOP blind faith idiots that there is no God. That's true too, but they won't print it. Shills are indeed fired up.


How many the shills (9/11 DENIERS) are on that massive Pentagon psy-ops payroll ?
Stephen Jones is a true American patriot.
It's a little safer to come out now.
Google some research for yourself.
Wake up America.


@ Jessica,

You said:

"I am honestly unsure of what to think. Here are some random thoughts....Realistically, everything we know about the 911 attacks comes from the media,which probably got their information from the government."

Your caution and doubt is totally appropriate and is true intelligence. When all sources of information are mediated ultimately you must trust your own perception. That is indeed the only intelligent way to proceed.

So please consider, verify, and contemplate this:

In its final report, the 9/11 commission found that the structures of WTC 1 and 2, damaged by plane impacts and fire, weakened until they gave way. The report concludes that no force other than gravity caused the 2 towers to "collapse".

Confirm that. Investigate that simple statement until you are satisfied it is accurate.

Then, do an online search for a you-tube video, using the following key words, "north tower exploding" turn the sound off so you don't hear the commentary, and weigh it against what you previously confirmed.

The 9/11 commission says what you are seeing is only gravity, but what do YOU see?

Best of luck to you.


9/11 was the biggest crime in the history of the world, and we still don't know exactly who did it. Bin Laden is NOT wanted by the FBI for the lack of evidence. To verify this fact, just go the the FBI's official website and check out bin Laden's page. FBI says they don't list 9/11 as one of his crimes because they lack the evidence.

So, the real perpetrators of 9/11 are still at large, and it appears there are two distinct groups of people in USA - - the first group doesn't care about bin Laden or whomever was behind 9/11, and the second group is extremely concerned about finding the perpetrators of 9/11 and are demanding a new investigation into the facts in order to find out who perpetrated the biggest crime in world history.

Given the existence of these two distinct groups of people, those who care to catch the real perps, and those who don't care to look into the facts, I'd say that the group who wants a new investigation is the patriotic group.

Dianne C. Foster

It's rather telling how "ad hominem" most of the critics of Professor Jones are here - circular reasoning which essentially says that to disbelieve the official story is evidence of mental illness. That is NOT how this country was made or how science progressed. Carry on, truthers, and may we finally have light and air again in this country, that is not contaminated with corruption.

9/11 is a shame

Thank you Mr. Jones.


Anonymous: "I'm sure the people who died in the 9/11 attacks would be doing flips in their graves if they heard about this conspiracy. Shame on those who believe it was the US government."

Shame on those who don't care about investigating the greatest mass murder in American history.

Rusty Shackleford: "the simplest answer is usually the correct one."

The explanation that can best account for the available evidence is normally the correct one.


To: TR (5:06 PM): You give an excellent hypothesis about a timeframe during which the explosives could have been applied.

Also interesting, in addition, is that there appears to have been re-"fireproofing" done to parts of the core structures of WTC 1 & 2 at certain times.

It's surprising the lack of imagination deniers show when they imagine the folks applying the explosives to be a big crew of demolition guys marching in with TNT or thermite, etc. It is perfectly possible that most of the people who set the explosives in the buildings thought they were doing something harmless.


Mark wrote:

"I have a hard time believing that we have the requisite number of people in the government needed to carry out such a vast conspiracy who are also willing to kill thousands of innocent Americans and then stay silent for years to come."

Mark, have you never heard of Pearl Harbor? Please refer to "Day of Infamy." Google it.

To Mark

"I have a hard time believing that we have the requisite number of people in the government needed to carry out such a vast conspiracy who are also willing to kill thousands of innocent Americans and then stay silent for years to come."

Have you never heard of Pearl Harbor? Please refer to "Day of Deceit" by Robert Stinnett. Google it.

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