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Published: Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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j. riveros

I suspected since i saw it live on TV. Well you don't have to be a sientist to get to this conclusion 90% of the people in the world knew that.
Eventually the conspirators that killed a 1,000 plus innocents human beings will have to clear their own conciousness, so some of them will confess before dying. Truth always win,this is one of the biggest crimes ever, can't think of anything worst. yours in truth. J.R.

Bogus Claims

The string of events required to pull this off is ludicrous. The buildings did not collapse from the bottom up like a building being demolished. They collapsed from the top, precisely where the planes hit. There were no explosions immediately preceding the collapse caught on any of the many videos being recorded of the event or seen by any of thousands of eye witnesses. There were no explosions heard or similar sounds recorded. There are no eyewitness accounts of explosive sounds immediately preceding the collapses, despite thousands of eyewitnesses in close proximity to the site. If you watch the video footage, the collapse doesn't start below the entry wound, but right at it. So any government co-conspiritors would have needed to know exactly which floors the planes were going to hit. They would have had to pull off perfectly executed plans 3x that morning in the face of complete chaos.

While I think it is reasonable to ask scientific questions about the event to help us understand what actually happened that morning, this guy's theories cross the line and are more "crackpot" than likely. BYU made the right decision in letting this guy go...

Good article

Thanks for the fair reporting.


I have always been flumoxed at how boldly the majority of people ignore the evidence that this was some kind of inside job.

Jones analogy to being like Gallileo is apropriate. To believe that airplanes brought any of the three of those buildings down in their own footprints is akin to believing the universe revolves around the earth.


Get a life people!

Poor "truthers"

You are correct, Bogus Claims.

I actually feel sorry for the "truthers", people who can be so easily swayed that even in the face of reality, they will follow the mentally ill.

At least they're keeping track of themselves for us, because *they* are the true dangers to the US.

If you think about it, the "truthers" are much like Timothy McVeigh: right-wing zealots fed by Aryan Christianity and hate talkers who will do anything to bring down the United States.

Please, truthers

If you're attempting to look all "scientific" and "smart", PLEASE learn proper English grammar and spelling. It's also important to know how many buildings were hit by the airplanes, how many people died, the chemical composition of everything that was legally stored in those buildings, and what could have been stored anywhere else.

Thinkin' Man

This is an excellent example of junk science: develop a conclusion, then search for evidence to support it. The scientific method is upside-down here, and that means the conclusions cannot be trusted.

The conspiracy theory is, like all conspiracy theories, literally unbelievable.

Im with todd

Get a live people accept what you have been told and stop trying to think for yourself.

Are you surprised?

Would it really surprise you if Chenney and Bush did blow the towers to start another war for profit? The only companies that are not tanking right now are the war mongers. The evidence will keep coming out and hopefully we will watch Bush get the chair for treason...man that would leave me smiling for a decade.


Thanks for the reporting.

I am a veteran USAF Boeing mechanic and 25+ year Boeing Engineer in Seattle. We've known all along that airplanes alone could not do all this.

If you want further evidence of a conspiracies;
the July 17, 1996 accident of TWA flight 800 fuel tank just blowing up in mid-air by itself is another perfect example of government cover-up.

If someone spills a cup of coffee, Boeing will immediately re-design the coffee holder. To avoid ANY and ALL liability.
But, if a supposed fuel tank blows-up, that same design is in thousands and thousands of other airplanes world wide.
FYI, not a single thing has been done to re-design or fix any of them, because that never was the problem.

Ralph Hughes

There is much more evidence than just what Professor Jones presents that 911 was a false flag operation, as I believed it was from Day One. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it the planes alone did not bring the buildings down. A career as an engineer with jet engines was enough for me.


For me it goes to show how poor of an education you really get while at BYU. Here's a free thinker, one that is willing to give his insights through his research. He is willing to assess a situation without bias and he gets canned for it. Now theres some evidence, albeit preliminary and questionable that helps to back up his theories. I personally dont believe in a major conspiracy on this, however I havent done any research on the matter so who am I to discredit a person who has? A real education teaches you to do research, due diligence, and decipher life and science for what it is. BYU is not education; it is indoctrination, there's a big difference. I love my religion but I despise that school.

Before you accuse BYU

You better take a closer look and Bentham Open Access.

A quick google on Bentham Open Journal and Bentham Science uncovered a thread at Yale about some disreputable behavior of Bentham, specifically regarding their open access journals. Beware of terms like "peer reviewed." There is enough evidence to put Bentham peer review up there with Wikipedia.

I think the science discoveries are notewrothy and should be further examined. But given the amount of research to the contrary. Nobody should be concluding inside job on this or jumping on BYU for their actions. Publication in Bentham OA journals is a far cry from other science publications.

We need to really check our sources these days as both readers and writers of news. Jarvik may have moved a little too quickly on this by not seeing an alternative viewpoint in her authoring of this piece.

airplane mechanic

Sorry, but being a Boeing engineer or an airplane mechanic doe NOT qualify one to know how a specific building's design, construction, and materials will react when said airplane hits it, any more than knowing how to change my car's oil qualifies me to analyze the stresses on a span bridge due to wind, waves, or a semi-truck. Get real. And being a BYU professor doesn't qualify someone to know that the Government has obviously conspired in this, nor does getting something published in a peer reviewed journal or conference mean that it is correct. I have several peer-reviewed publications. It means very little, other than you presented an idea and showed what you believe supports your idea, whether right or wrong. Many times peer-reviewed publications are later found to be completely wrong.

As suspected

To: Bogus Claims, and anyone who supports his/her point of view
[Quote]There were no explosions immediately preceding the collapse caught on any of the many videos being recorded of the event or seen by any of thousands of eye witnesses. There were no explosions heard or similar sounds recorded...[quote]
I HAVE seen a video of firefighters helping people getting away from ground zero as explosions at ground level were heard, and heard witness (including police and firefighters)testimony, particularly those in hospitals say that AFTER the planes hit, they heard explosions.
So, the fact that you haven't seen or heard these things does not make it fact. Would you mind, then, explaining for us all how 7 went down without a plane hitting it... on the same day, within HOURS of the other two towers? It was a planned demolition, that NO ONE knew about? Don't you think that in all of the mayhem of 9/11 with the two towers they would have called that off? Get your head out of the sand.

Argument is good

For "bogus claims" and "poor truthers", name calling is not a substitute for an argument.

WTC 7 was not impacted by an airliner, but collapsed at freefall speeds symmetrically onto its own footprint. From the paper talked about here, the red/gray material discovered in the dust from the WTC was identical in thermitic behavior and composition to nanothermites. Molten steel was observed many times immediately prior to the collapse and for weeks following the collapse, but a jet-fuel fire, especially fuel rich as the WTC was, does not reach temperatures required to melt steel. Claims that this was aluminum do not stack up, as aluminum maintains a silvery white color while molten. The "poor truthers" have asked NIST for empirical evidence that supports the idea that the WTC was brought down by jet liners alone. So far, there has been none.


This is as true as Book of Mormon Archaeology and our Sun reflecting light from Kolob. Stupidity knows no bounds and fools will believe anything that someone in a position of authority tells them.

Jerry Fletcher

re: Thinkin' Man | 8:08 a.m. April 7, 2009

>>The conspiracy theory is, like all conspiracy theories, literally unbelievable<<

The best conspiracies are the hardest to prove and like the best lies have enough truth in them to obfuscate the issue even more.

I, personally, have a hard time believing the theory put forth by the former BYU Prof or what the alleged truth is/was. As John LeCarre implied in "Absolute Friends"; the Islamic Radicals & Neocons/evangelical right are 2 horses out of the same stable.

The thing that troubles me is how did they know to hit the part of the pentagon that had just barely been reinforced?? It may not be the burning of the Reichstag but it was the catalyst for what became 7.5 yrs of terrible foreign policy.


The author of the article doesn't seem to make an attempt to interview any scientists who might be able to offer alternative explanations for the thermite particles (could the terrorists on the planes have been carrying any explosives with them?). This essentially leaves the reader with the sole conclusion that the only explanation is another George Bush is Dr. Evil bent on world domination conspiracy theory.

Despite what you see on "24", I have a hard time believing that we have the requisite number of people in the government needed to carry out such a vast conspiracy who are also willing to kill thousands of innocent Americans and then stay silent for years to come.

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