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Published: Sunday, April 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Again - on the national stage - preparing and qualifying for the national championships, the University of Utah SHINES and represents the MWC so very well. Congratulations to the gymnastics team!!

Red Rocks fan

Congratulations Red Rocks. We'll see you in Lincoln.


Hate to burst your bubble NIT, but there is no MWC in women's gymnastics. Both BYU and Utah compete as independents.


Congrats to the Utes. I question Coach Marsden on his lineupss for vault. He knows the first competitor gets a lower score, even if a difficult 10.0 qualifing valut. Putting Daria up there resulted in a self swiping of points for the team and wasn't fair to Daria either. Did the last minute shuffle affect his judgement ??


Daria chooses to go first. She doesn't want to get cold after warming up. I'm sure Greg would choose to have her compete later in the lineup but he honors her choice.

To CJ too

The above post is absolutely correct: Daria wants to vault first to avoid getting cold. Greg would love to move her up in the lineup, but she is uncomfortable with that idea. She also wants to do floor early so she's usually 3rd.

Too bad

Looks like the utes will face 5 SEC schools in the super six. Thats a tough draw, and will be too much to overcome.


Too bad-You have no Idea what you are talking about. Facing 5 SEC team in the super six. So what. Only 4 team have ever won an NCAA championship. Utah, UCLA, Alabama and Georgia. No other team have ever won anything. Keep bagging on the Utes. 10 times champs. Chump

Too bad

...the tdS has to watch the Utes advance to the post-season while their team watches the Red Rocks at home from their TV. That's a tough pill to swallow.

Zoobie tears are so delicious.


And they are all so darn cute!

RE: MWC 11:22 A.M.

You are absolutely RIGHT!!!

re: Wow

Baskett = So Hot!!!


GO Red Rocks!

Dr. J

Now remind me again why we sponsor a sport where at age 20 participants are 5 years past their prime? Rediculous.

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