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Published: Friday, April 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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You just can't stop JR Smith. He can make 3's all night long at any distance in the Pepsi Center. Utah had no answers, and Kirilenko should a apply to be BIG BIRD in the next Sesame Street!


Tonight the Jazz solidified my prediction of an 8th seed and a 5 and out against the Lakers in the first round. This offseason will be very interesting. This team needs a heart transplant. I don't remember ever being so frustrated with a team. Someone needed to put their forearm in Smith's chest and knock him down after his 4th or 5th three pointer...but we'd rather just stand around and watch him hoist up some more. This team is not tough....mentally, physically, they are weak. This definitely has been the most disappointing year I can ever remember. Try and find a positive...honestly, I implore anyone to find anything good about this year. Wait....there is one....It's almost over.

Stockton to Malone

What has happened to our team? At this point I'm just crossing my fingers that we continue to choke and don't even make the playoffs. At least then we can get a good draft pick. Seriously the Jazz are all talk. I doubt I will renew my tickets next year!


Wouldn't it be great if Boozer and Okur worked on their DEFENSE... they look pathetic on the floor. Guess what Booz your little yelling in the face when your man shoots the ball isn't working. How about you move your feet and contest the ball. And Okur just looks like a retard every time his man gets the ball and he throws his arm up after his man has already shot the ball or blown right past him.


CJ is the only one who showed up tonight.


It's too bad these athlete's pay isn't tied to performance...oh I guess it is but only in a contract year. Honestly, wouldn't you feel ripped off if you were the Miller's and your employees were NOT GETTING THEIR JOB DONE!!!! Win a game on the road you SOFTIES!

todd on "Jerry's Kids"

Told you so. Sad. The person you need to pity is Greg Miller. He is caught in the middle, and I do not envy this off season. Frankly, after tonight I would clean house, bring in new coaches and start over. Even if it would take 2 years. Economically, of course not doable and O Connor would not have the guts anyway. STATISTICS- WHY THEY DO NOT MATTER PLUS-MINUS, TELL ME IF THIS SHOWS WHO HAS HEART AND WHO DOES NOT. OUR LEADERS SHOOT 14-47. KIRILENKO 1-10 (AND PEOPLE WANT HIM TO PLAY MORE HEE HEE),. There is many ironic issues. Much Maligned CJ played well the whole game (offensively at least), Korver, Millsap the whole game. Outside of this forget it..Carlos "Boyzer" talked big before "such a big game". "Boyzer" would then miss layups, or go up soft and be "flyswatted". Defense. Even worse. Okur swatting with his arm like flies and backing off. Missed 1000 layups or 2 footers.,(tight rims same for Denver). DWIl COLD AS CUCUMBER. "THE BREV" AWFUL, great lob to AK (ha ha) should have been given more than 1 turnover. More shortly.


For years the black players complained about the all white teams, now the reverse is true. Is it not time to balance the game, and get our bucks worth of highly motivated players, instead of those who put out when they want to?


Clank ... Rebound ... Clank .... Rebound etc.

The Jazz are heading the wrong direction fast.

If this keeps up Boozer can say adios to that big payday he wanted this summer.

jass fan

They might as well pack up right now and go fishing because this season is over. They will probably end up playing the lakers in the first round and we all know what that means.


Pack it up boys, your headed to LA to get it handed to you. I have never seen such a terrible team on the road. Where is the leadership? Where is the coaching? Their just all around horrbible.

WC Jazz fan

No matter how hard it breaks my heart to say this, the Jazz just are not good enough this year to be successful in the playoffs if they don't play defense on the road. I would rather see them be successful in the playoffs when they have a dominant regular season and carry that play into the post season than for them to be a 7 or 8 seed hoping they can be a fluke and upset better teams as an underdog. There has not been any real senior leadership on the floor since Derek Fisher left and that is what is missing.


"I was more disappointed in our defense," he added. ... That's the way I've always looked at it as a coach. But some of our defense it looked like we didn't really want to help each other enough to win the ball game."

Excuse me, but I thought you were "old school" and demanded the followership of the players. You've been well paid for 21 years. Isn't your leadership and your system working well enough to get the players to buy into what you are teaching?

Utah, 2nd seed in the west. I doubt it. We may not make the playoffs. Then what coach?

SLC loves you, come on back for number 22.


I'm not surprised. Good luck Jazz.

frank day

this is a lazy bunch of starters. If they are hitting they may play. They are not working for the
big bucks they are paid. Can Boozer and use Milsap.
It is coach's job to give this guys a boot in the

Not gettin' 'er done

No heart, no defense, no chance.

News Flash

Want to beat the jazz? Play them physically and shoot the three. If the threes go down, so do the jazz. Jazz just cannot/will not guard the three.


that Jazz cannot win on the road against winning teams; that Jazz cannot win the big games, when it most matters;that they have no heart of champions; that they are a one dimensional team.
They are one and done: we have to expect losses at NO, SA and LA. I am not even sure they will win tonight...
I will be very disappointed if Greg Miller does not dismantle this team and its coaching staff during the summer.
It's time for Jerry Sloan to pack out of Utah. Enough said.
This team is just the league's laughingstock, when it comes to road games. It's very outrageous for Jazz fans.

So much for predictions. . .

Remember when Boozer told us how tough they were going to be when they all got back healthy to make a run in the playoffs? Where are all the Boozer lovers out there who still believe that? He played last night like he needed to be introduced again to a layup.

Well Said.

The Jazz are truly the laughingstock of the NBA right now. PJ Carlesimo, as a color commentator was just having the blast of his failed coaching life out there, laughing his butt off all night long at the Jazz incoherence, lethargy and ineptitude on defense.
That game must have revived his miserable coaching career, for at least he found some mediocrity which is less desirable than his own failure.

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