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Published: Thursday, April 2 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Fun little story. Nice picture. Looking forward to GC this weekend.


David attended Temple Square with his band and tour manager and crew. I am sure he wanted them to feel comfortable in what they were wearing. David would never dress inappropriately. He didn't know he was going to talk to Pres. Monson when he went to Temple Square. Oh my, let's worry about what is important.

Congratulations David!!!

David Archuleta, with or without a tie, with or withour a "faux-hawk" is one of the most wonderful human beings on the planet. He is a role model for people of all ages. Before judging him, do a little research and find out what this amazing young man is really all about. We need more people like David; we could all learn a lot from him, not matter our religion, nationality, or background. God bless David Archuleta!


Shall we not forget here that this was impromptu. David has been seen wearing a tie frequently when visiting wards, doing firesides. I'm know David's visit with Pres. Monson was not expected.


Are you people serious. This kid has been an incredible example for his family, church, and has helped raised awareness and money for quite a few humanitarian efforts. He is exactly the type of role model we need out there now, someone who actually lives what they believe, and in the industry he's in that's not an easy thing to do. I've never seen him do anything that would embarrass his church or any of it's leaders. And there is nothing wrong with his appearance, no piercings, tattoos, etc, this was a weekday in an office building for goodness sake.

Thanks, David

Thanks, David, for being a wonderful role model for adults as well as teens.
Thanks, David, for being a living example of leading a life of faith to those of all faiths.
Thanks, David, for being the type of person who's character, humility, goodness and inability to be judgemental shines through for all to see.
Thanks, David, for sharing your gift of voice, that incredibly beautiful voice, for all of us to enjoy.
And last, and least important, thanks David, for having such beautiful hair and not needing to wear a tie to be a really cool, great, sweet guy.


I think it's great that David got the opportunity to meet with the Prophet--a man he probably respects so much. And really, I doubt that President Monson cared what his hair looked like or what he was wearing. He clearly wanted to meet with David and as a result, got to hear his amazing voice. :)


Did any of the complainers actually read the article? He did not know he would be meeting with the president. "were visiting another office in the Church Administration Building when the invitation was extended to visit with President Monson." And that is the way he usually styles his hair, with the top lifted into little peaks. I notice he is wearing a white dress shirt and I'm sure he would have worn a tie if he had known he would be meeting with President Monson, just like he does when visiting Mormon youth groups.


what a wonderful opportunity for a young man who is not only a great talent but a generous, kind role model for people of all ages. His humility and his ability to treat all people with equal interest and regard are just outstanding. He deserves all good things.

proud of the ezample name

I think it would be a great honor to meet the prophet of our dispensation! And luckily a great example meaning David had the chance to actually be in his presence. I wish David the best and hope that he looks to the lord for guidance


I'm not a member of David's faith, but I have met him twice and I can truthfully say that I have never met anyone as polite, kind and attentive as this young man. He is not encumbered by any prejudices. It matters not what color, gender, age or physical appearance...David treats everyone in the same gracious manner. He is simply the most charming person I have ever met. A wonderful example for our young people.

Goose bumps

When he sings, I get goose bumps!


I am not a mormon but i am a member of an evangelical church.But we are using the same hymns as yours. HOW GREAT THOU ART & AMAZING GRACE ARE MY FAVORITES.If David will sing this to one of his concerts,for sure tears will overflow.DREAM COME TRUE...

Cowboy Joe

Yes, he can sing religious songs, but can he sing "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" or how about "San Antonio Rose"? Those songs bring tears to my eyes!


President Monson has met David before and obviously has great respect for this remarkable young man with the beautiful voice. He stood by him (and his faux-hawk) as he so beautifully sang our national anthem at the governors inauguration and shook his hand there.
David is a great example to young and old. He has helped to raise money for several deserving charities and done firesides for youth groups. He is unfailingly kind, tolerant, and respectful.
David was there with his band members to show them temple square and his dress and hair were perfectly appropriate. It was not a sunday, it was not a formal meeting, and he had no idea that Pres. Monson would be meeting with him and asking him to sing. President Monson paid him a high compliment in calling him in when someone informed him that David was there. President Monson obviously must love and respect this wonderful young man and his moving voice which is truly a gift from God.How amazing it would have been to hear him sing "How Great Thou Art" a capella. I can only imagine the spirit in that room.God bless and keep you David.


Kinda surprised by some posts in different ways. I'm not LDS, but I know many who are and I really respect what wonderful people they are. I think its silly to say David wasn't looking appropriate to see President Monson as he was impromptu. I've been to temple square on a visit to SLC once, its really pretty. However when I read comments about the President its a bit unsettling to me to hear things about David must obviously be a great example to be allowed in the Presidents presence (don't believe in a current living prophet) like most aren't worthy. He's a human being. As a Christian I would only say that about God himself. Anyway, love David, he's an amazing human being.


I agree with anonymous here. He had a rare opportunity to meet with the prophet...wonderful for him, truly. I'm sure it was more 'circumstance' than the 'pomp'.

Utah David

What a wonderful way to describe Utah David A..... whatever the point is ...Little know utah are now in the world like the Jazz done for utah what a super advertise for state his church his family and all of us who just ride for the fun of it. Keep going david and expose utah to the world eventually people to ask what's in Utah?, say Mormons, LDS,what? Keep the good work up youre a hero missionary already Man.........


David Archuleta is amazing. And what I wouldn't give to hear him sing How Great Thou Art acapello. This is my favorite hymnn. He looks very dressed up and neat to me. I love the way he looks even if he knew he was going in to see the president(which he didn't). I am sure the president nor anyone else cared what he had on. He is such a caring, wonderful person and singing for them without even knowing he was going to sing just shows how much he cares for people and how talented he is. I love and respect this young man so much. I will support him always.


This is why David Archuleta will never develop into a real artist. The confines of the Mormon Church will hold him back and make him into another Donny Osmond. This religion is so restrictive that it doesn't allow for real self-expression and growth. I used to be a Mormon but luckily my parents saw the light. I love David and his music and will wait to see what he does next but I am not really optimistic that he will allow himself or be allowed by his church to achieve a true freedom of expression.

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