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Former v.p. engages in brief discussion on global warming while in Salt Lake

Published: Friday, April 3 2009 12:04 a.m. MDT

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You know...

to get his "message" out to all of us members at one time.

lost in DC

what a waste of time this story was, didn't say anything.

Why are you all so angry?

Ok, let's pretend for a second that you're right and the scientists are wrong. You win: there is no such thing as global warming.

Even if that's true, why would you be so upset at what the global warming activists are pushing for? They want less pollution, more greenery, and more open space. Global warming or no global warming, those are all good things. Unless you enjoy things like smog and inversion, that is, which I'm guessing you don't. So what is there to get so angry about?


These are all great men. I'm sure they're having an important meeting.


Very interesting. The First Presidency will be very polite, cordial, kind and warm. They'll listen to what he has to say and that will probably be it.

No amount of lobbying on Gore's part will affect whatever position the Church takes on anything. The Church will set it's own position on any issue that it deems important to set a position on.

That's it...plain and simple.

Private Jet

So will Al Gore fly into SLC on a private jet and out on the same? At what cost of fossil fuels and cost to the environment?


Ponder this, Al Gore requests a meeting with the First Presidency but ignores his fellow climate-control advocate, Governor Huntsman. That's odd!


This is a tough crowd of readers ! LOL


That's cool, I like Mr. Gore and the fact that he cares about the Earth, most people close their eyes about Global Warming and what it's doing.And it looks like "Cry Repentance" falls into that catagory cause Al Gore isn't misleading anybody about Global Warming, IT'S REAL!!!! And I think it's great that he wants to meet with the First Presidency.


Their messages are not too different: the world will be destroyed if we don't change the way we live.

BYU Law Student

These comments are incredible. Way to go people. Way to go. You show him...


He's a child of God, too.....


Christ died on the cross taught us you will suffer for teaching truth. People will mock you. It was Christ wh0o said be like the child. A child hasn't been corrupted by greed.

You are a great American and a positive role model for kids. I know, with your wealth, you could hang out doing anything you want. You put telling the truth above personal just like I expect from a son of a senator who made the choice to serve in the army in Vietnam when others went AWOL from the national guard or used there family's wealth to get deferments.

If he's interested in economics,

Maybe someone told him about the welfare system of the church.
Be a good time to learn about food storage, self reliance, etc.
For all of us, really!


Well, it should prove to be a compelling meeting. I'm just thrilled to have such big name people to my lil' ole' Utah. Fer heck sake.


Thankfully, the above Desnews bloggers will not be the ones who meet with the former VP. The First Presidency has much more intelligence, charity, class and wit.


Is this the same Al Gore who killed half of the Tennessee forest to build a wrap around log porch on his incredibly expensive electric mansion?

I Love GLobal Warming

the climate here in Vernal is just too cold for my liking. If we warmed it up a bit, I might can grow items from the seed catalog in "Zone 5" as opposed to "Zone 3."


To all the Global Warming Zealots, the question isn't whether Global Warming is real. It is (at least in the last few years). The question is whether man did anything to contribute to it and whether man can do anything to stop it.

Clearly, not polluting and not wasting energy are good things regardless of global warming. What isn't good is creating a new world order and spending billions of dollars to combat something that we probably have no control over at the expense of other things than we can control (i.e., feeding the hungry, clothing the naked).

tennessee resident

Al Gore kept his lights on during earth hour last Saturday night. I thought he was big on global warning. He does not practice what he preaches

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